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I had a thread for this up awhile ago, but, it seems to have disappeared.
Anyways, I'd like to see pictures of men using girls as toilets. (Please no vomit, I'm not into that.)

There seems to be not a lot of pictures like this which is sad. I guess the demand isn't high enough.


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I do not know the artist, but, you can find this picture on Gelbooru. Maybe the artist is listed there.


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Erica Hartmann


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Who made this work?


Someone called Witch
User from pixiv


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Do you have a link or sth?


From Madoka:
[NG010] Mado Magi (puella magi madoka magica)


From K-On!
[GFF] Miojiru Ryouhin (K-ON!)

From Fate:
[GFF (Kuribayashi Chris)] Otona Fate (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)


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Ah I'm so happy so many people responded with pictures of their own! Keep em coming, guys! <3


Yes! I love toilet girls!


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Dont let the thread with all its good pictures die!


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Where is this great picture from?


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sorry i don't know :(

this is is another pic from this manga


the one above is from Gemuo.Great scat artist with more where that came from.


Search for "Heitai Gensui" on the sadpanda site


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