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Looks like Namiroji is at it again.

Who else is hyped?


File: 1450460797360.jpg (200.27 KB, 496x700, 151216-2.jpg)

Sample 1. Looks like it's going to be classroom based.


File: 1450460820993.jpg (209.43 KB, 496x700, 151216-3.jpg)

Aaaand sample 2.


I'm game. It seems to have the usual stuff for this series as stated - toilet, farting, embarrassing omorashi and gaman.

Announced for 3rd day of C89, December 31st.


Looks like another great one.

But shouldn't we condense these Namiroji threads? Really don't think we need a new one for each book he puts out/contributes to.


You're right, still waiting for a convenient "move thread" feature for the OPs since mods are rather unresponsive.

*hint hint* silent large image derps *hint hint*



Just go to the discussion board and suggest a feature. Or, something I was told to try in the previous incarnation of the site; write "merge threads" while reporting it. Granted, I don't know if we have many mods and if one might just see a report pop up and delete the thread without checking the reasoning.




File: 1452313968775.jpg (51.83 KB, 600x462, uskudoh-img600x462-1451708….jpg)

Samples ripped from the Yahoo! Auction from Japan


File: 1452314023574.jpg (45.73 KB, 600x450, soru92-img600x450-14519735….jpg)


File: 1452314048571.jpg (44.03 KB, 600x450, soru92-img600x450-14519735….jpg)


Any updates on this one?


No updates on this ? No one scanning ?


Please someone upload this.


Still waiting for this one





Anyone with plan on uploading this to exhentai, nhentai, or e-hentai?


Go on the Don't Eat It 2 thread, a user named rippy77 says he has it and will upload it sometime in the coming weeks.

He's already uploaded the others on exhentai, so its a pretty good bet that he'll upload Haisetsu Shoujo 9 as he said.


Still waiting....


Still waiting for someone to upload this


Still waiting for this one


does anyone draw chubby girls as well as Namiji?


Namiroji's works have some inexplicable, transcendent qualities to them. The artwork, while quite decent, is nowhere near the technical merits of, say, Ohigetan (or nisemididoronokai and Masamune Shirow for non-scat artists) but it's the way the story conveys emotion that sets Namiroji to the top tier artists. It probably has much to do about the fact scat isn't portrayed as humiliation and degradation, but as a sign of mutual affection. That's quite rare.


Speaking of Namiroji, are there any examples of doujin in which the fully-clothed girl shit herself and we are treated to the x-ray view of her panties and the inside of it?


This and the fact Shiina Nami draws mutual yuri scat. Haters can't use the degradation argument here, it's all pure love. It is indeed rare, I've only seen a dozen of artists do this out of well over ten thousand scat artists.


No one is uploading Haisetsu Shoujo, then?
Such a shame


I mean Haisetsu Shoujo 9, the one previewd on this thread


Upload/repost samples on sadpanda and wait. Potential scanners are unlikely to ever visit gurochan - slow, dying and still half broken with similar threads in need of a merge being constantly bumped by the same requesters.


Still waiting for someone to upload this




I thought someone on the other thread claimed a long time ago that he already has this doujin but yet hasn't uploaded it ever since.


File: 1479980838320.jpg (54.69 KB, 460x284, SJHMmeme.jpg)

Also, if anyone has raw translations, I can typeset.


Still waiting for Haisetsu Shoujo 9


The wait for Haisetsu Shoujo 9 scanlation is real


Looking for a namiroji pic where a girl in knight's armor holding a sword is squatting while there is a pile of mushy poop behind her


File: 1480880511629.jpg (235.84 KB, 1036x1498, QBEX002.jpg)





It says the gallery got removed, so use this link instead:



UWD has some nice scat doujin, now if only someone could translate this


Could anyone can export to e-hentai?


File: 1482172517668.jpg (361.38 KB, 602x850, 60453991_p0.jpg)

Haisetsu Shoujo 10 preview.


File: 1482172537479.jpg (228.47 KB, 531x750, 60453991_p1.jpg)


File: 1482172550265.jpg (208.57 KB, 531x750, 60453991_p2.jpg)


File: 1482172562656.jpg (208.23 KB, 531x750, 60453991_p3.jpg)


File: 1482172597847.jpg (201.01 KB, 531x750, 60453991_p4.jpg)


And this is the last one. Here's hoping Haisetsu Shoujo 10 appears faster than 9..


Sweet, just saw this as well.
Speaking of HS9, if you want to MO a copy, be quick, Tora just restocked and it won't last especially at this price.


File: 1482239292745.jpg (431.31 KB, 606x850, 60454179_p0_master1200.jpg)

Can someone please get his Idolmaster Cinderella Girls books as well? They're mostly text, but there are also drawings. Also, maybe someone could translate the text.


Still waiting for HS9 scans





desperately waiting for haisetsu shoujo 9


theres 2 new old novels on sadpanda


Same here


I imagine the latest we are going to get it is in like 2-4 years when the artist releases another tank that includes haisetsu shoujo 6-11 that is buyable through digital download like the tank for the first 5

time is the most cruel


I would like to mention all 3 of these are out of stock

why can't shiina nami just put the stuff on melonbooks dl and the like after 1 year or something

this is fucking suffering


File: 1486055173760.jpg (62.98 KB, 322x450, resize_image.jpg)

all the chocolat Freude novels(1-5) have also been missing in action since the dawn of time everything is sold out

I think there is a copy on doujinrepublic though( they have worldwide shipping)

if the other novels are any indication I would guess half of these pages are artwork (so around 50)


There's someone who goes by the username Rippy77 who claimed to have bought Haisetsu Shoujo a long time ago and was gonna upload it in the following weeks. Yet until now we haven't heard from him.


File: 1486137007466.jpg (57.02 KB, 322x450, resize_image.jpg)

>Last Active:26th October 2016 - 22:45
he is just a really long holiday r-right?

anyway, I hope all the novels pop up at some point as well, I think there are like 8 that are missing in action (pic related)


I am thinking about translating this.

do I just leave out the chapters already translated by other people and upload the chapters one by one?


File: 1486227854282.jpg (520.48 KB, 1057x1500, 011.jpg)

does this give anyone eye-cancer? not really a typesetter


File: 1486238126492.jpg (54.13 KB, 521x303, fuck.jpg)

Nozoite wa Ikenai NEO! Ⅴ samples up

I looked into the comments and first thing I find is pic related

"is it true that this is your last anthology work? you always proved precious high quality yuri scat work so it would be really sad. the samples were also wonderful and I want to read it,but I don't want it to end after that. Makes me feel really conflicted."

"If you say it like that, it really does make me feel sorry......The anthologies will continue, but this is the last time I will contribute to them. given the chance, I would like to continue doing yuri scat as a doujin."



That sucks. I liked his the best because of the yuri. I like scat. Bitches getting fucked by dudes after shitting does nothing to enhance the experience for me.


the post doesn't really imply that the artist will start doing hetero shit, its more like deciding to go full indie


He just want to focus on his doujin jobs, doesnt mean he will quit scat doujins, that's all.

That's quiet a pity, his job boosts up the quality of DNP and DNE series.


i love you. please finish



Thank you so much! you don't know how long i've been waiting for this stuff to be translated while everyones been freaking out over HS9


I never said it did. Just that every other work in the anthologies usually features a dude, but he only did women and I appreciated that.


oh yeah, I totally agree. It also helps that they all actually act like yuri characters in that everything is sweet and innocent as fuck. any other artist would probably turn it into hardcore degradation



i think this one is still due for translation


time to get drunk and contemplate on what I have become.



Praise Pepe


Of course everyone is hyped for HS9 AKA the doujin in the OP.
I just hope Rippy77, the one who claimed to have owned one, isn't in some serious trouble. And if he is very busy the entire year, I hope he'll get a free time to drop by and "say hi" to us.


Here's a translated passage ; >

2: It looks like they won't stop talking no matter how I wait...
I have to cross there on my way home, but...
3: I'm not fit to be seen dressed like this...
4: It's only a short distance to the house... I really have to rush. I'm desperate to go to the bathroom...

2: I didn't have a movement yesterday so my stomach feels heavy.
It looks like a large amount of faces...
6: Mm, a little hard...

1: I'd better bent down to poop easily...

I think Hinako couldn't endure and decided to poop in the shadows while she imagine that she is in restroom.


it really does feel weird asking you to translate all these erotic as fuck doujins. they can get quite cringey as well so idk how you handle it haha


heres my favourite from the tank:

tbh part of the reason i'm doing it is to draw attention to the artist, since that might help with scans of past or feature work.
even if people get triggered thats better than not knowing the artist at all


thats a good point. i feel like too many people are just expecting HS9 to just pop up when the reality is that not a lot really know the artist or there isnt enough people that are willing to scan lately.


Hey translator, if you're still here, I just want to say thanks, you're doing all of us a great favor.

Not just a small favor: could you also translate Satomi Hidefumi's doujins? He probably makes the best vanilla scat doujins, next to Shiina Nami. This doujin (starts at is still one of my favorite doujins of all time.


File: 1486704017232.jpg (600.33 KB, 1057x1500, 108.jpg)

On a long enough timeline I'm probably gonna do it, thinking about saotome mondonosuke aswell. No idea when though, basicially doing this shit on impulse. Plus theres still like 5 untranslated Haisetsu Shoujo chapters left after I'm through the tank. That is assuming of course I don't die in a car crash or something similar.

random normies downvoting my galleries because It doesn't appeal to their fetishes also doesn't help



Does score even matter? I've voted them all as 5 when I saw them anyway if it helps. A small suggestion though, if you're the one TSing too. Use centered text rather than left aligned, it looks much neater.


File: 1486802299803.jpg (277.54 KB, 1057x1500, 197.jpg)

It only matters for people who use advanced search options instead of default, but more stars look cooler. this was the last untranslated chapter from the tank. only took one week


Thank you for your work on this, it's amazing! If I can ask a question, seeing as you think about translating other artist, do you have Otokawa Kazuki (Pirate Patrol) in mind too? He make some awsome doujin, but they really rarely show up anywhere. I've only seen 4 scanned and 2 translated even tough he made alot more.

Anyway, 5 stars to everything.


File: 1486881922120.jpg (304.1 KB, 1107x1600, 086.jpg)

I quite like that artist so thanks for reminding me. I even considered buying some of the stuff that hasn't been uploaded yet from melonbooks DL, but it's DRM protected and I don't want to bother the guy who cracks it too much.

also: Haisetsu Shoujo 5 is chapter 4 of the 1-5 collection, and Haisetsu Shoujo 4 is chapter 5.
every chapter also has a different name from it's original release.
really makes you think.



If you had to, you could always see if another person could crack it, or just get the books and then hold off for a while until the one guy is available to do the remainder.

At any rate, it's nice seeing all of the stories get proper translation, as the previous ones have been few and far between. Would even be fun to see some of the small sets that have text get translated. Of course, I'd love to see the books with the text-only pages get an English treatment, even if it was just a text file that one had to refer to for every page. Being able to fully understand the little stories of these works is very nice, so it's much appreciated what you've been doing lately.


Still waiting for Haisetsu Shoujo 9


You're a fucking champ, dude. I'm such a Shiina Nami fan, seeing as they're one of so few artists that makes manga where pooping is the main focus, without that over the top ahegao shit, and without the shit just being a side effect of getting assfucked too hard or something. It's so great to just read a little story about a cute lady taking a nice dump.


well I think the only stuff still untranslated now is the chapter from Nozoite 5 that didn't make it into the tank for some reason(which I'm gonna do at some point) and of course the new neo 4 chapter, but this one has almost no dialouge and someone posted a pastebin in comments already.

the novels too I guess, but Nami only did the pictures on the ones that have been uploaded so I'm probably gonna skip them.

point is, get ready for the suffering of having this artist be ignored and get no uploads for the next 100 years.

also, if anyone actually knows this artists gender feel free to tell me.


I agree. Not nearly enough natural dumps to be found in any media form, not just manga. Even in the Do Not Peep series, when the girls have an all natural dump (and the series contains some of the best natural dumps I've seen anywhere), they can never have it end there. A guy must come out of hiding (if presence is not already known to the girl) and rape her, somehow causing the girl to always take a 2nd, forced dump as big as what she just did minutes ago. This occurs in almost every mini story and it annoys me so much. It kills the realism. I hate it. It's like the main publisher or whatever has that specific fetish and insists it must be available in abundance in the works. The repeated raping alone is bad enough, but I digress.


it's just the publisher trying to atleast get a few normal people to buy their shit, and I hate it too.

Nami is the purest scat artist. somehow even manages to give all the different stories their own feel even though it's just girls shiting.

I don't know who wanna replace Nami with going forward, but it might make or break the anthologies for me. the least they could do is replace a few of the guys with futas, throw me a bone here.


I seriously wished for a hentai that has natural pooping scenes, no weird enema experemts, no shitting after having an extreme anal session, no having objects stuck up her ass. Just a normal girl, on a normal day, sitting on the can with a great view of her anus spraying shit down, or having to shit outdoors would be fine too.


Thanks for all your work, Pepe. It's much appreciated. Here's hoping you get around to Pirates Patrol at some point.


i wish they make a pants poop only hentai would love to see that




Fuck yes, I'd also love to see some translated Pirates Patrol work.




the artstyle on the faces in this changes to one that was more present in way older works of the artist in some pages, wonder if this had to be rushed.


Bumping for Haisetsu Shoujo 9


I think we are all fucked anon


looks like spain is getting enlightened too. If we still get no scans in the feature after all of this my faith in humanity is lost.


Yeah, it's a shame Rippy77, the user who claimed to have Haisetsu Houjo 9, hasn't uploaded it yet. I wonder what has happened to him.


from my experience the only thing that can seperate a man from his porn are dramatic life changing events and death.
either case would probably mean we aren't getting those scans.


Such as becoming too devoted to his religious belief thus making one to abstain from porn?


Japan has 8% tax included in prices, tax expected to become 10% in April so adjust prices accordingly

排泄少女9 - 324 JPY - refilled

排泄少女10 - 324 JPY - sold out - in stock

なかよしトイレタイム - 648 JPY - in stock

流川より愛を込めて - 400 JPY - nearly sold out

rest is in pepes pastebin


this isnt namiroji but do you think you could translate this?


pains me to see how cheap these are and there still being no scans


I hope someone will be able to buy Haisetsu Shoujo 9 and upload it. I doubt it will pass customs in my country.


that one has a lot of text outside bubbles, which would be hard for me to edit, which is why I did those gay white overlays in one page of watashi no suki na koto

although I could probably drop a pastebin at some point that can be posted around if anybody wants to do it, worked a few times before

anyways, I might have memed something Nami related. only copypaste if you accept the possibility of despair:


bump for hope


actually i think this should be translated instead. looks better and will be way easier


actually, I'm pretty sure all these guys are bots or some shit.

this why we can't have nice things.


All three are bots. Set the minimum rank to Rank C or higher; if higher tell people to PM if they bought it but can't claim because their rank is too low.


File: 1490318934847.jpg (354.49 KB, 806x1100, 62062674_p0.jpg)

pretty gay shit tbh

anyway, fresh new picture from nami's pixiv.


I've seen bounties wait forever for a scan because of ridiculously high quality expectations on sadpanda - and here. Some people would kill for what others would call porn for ants or garbage scans.

This is also what kills any incentive for a scan since it's a damn lot of work, time-consuming and annoying to do over and over again. Buying the books itself is easy.


well, the galleries are gonna keep generating credits so I might aswell throw them on there. I don't think scans are gonna appear the normal way considering how long it has been.


Waiting for Haisetsu Shoujo 9


Try beating the highest bounty with 17,501 Hath to let people know you "really want it".


What happened to user Rippy77? Last year he claimed to have bought HS9 and was gonna upload it and yet he hasn't uploaded it yet


File: 1492191339213.jpg (42.1 KB, 600x450, Bbump.jpg)





wt...she shit herself again!!!


Is it from Haisetsu Shoujo 9 as well?
If it's from a new book, then someone had better get their hands on it and upload it instead of neglecting it like Haisetsu Shoujo 9


9 and 10 are still buyable, It's just that nobody wants do it.


As stated in above comment waaay above, someone has already got their hands on HS9 and promised to upload it. It's just that something must have hindered them from doing so.


File: 1492432524062.jpg (37.74 KB, 600x450, bumpP.jpg)

these two images are seems to from HS10
source is Japan google
sorry for bad grammer (한국인임...)



Looks like she was trying to have a sneaky poo, but almost got busted and had to yank her pants up and try to hold the rest while she found a proper restroom.

Looks like that didn't work out for her.


which leaves is in a situation that is just like if nobody had bought it.
for all we know rippy77 died in a car crash or something.
I really hope thats not the case because his other uploads got me into this artist.


It seems that Shiina Nami is going to publish an omnibus of Hinako's story(HS6-10) and then you'll be able to buy the digital version.
What is important for us is just enduring.


And hoping that someone actually ends buying the digital version and upload it


If its getting published on books.dmm like the tank and tabete/nozoite I'm gonna buy it personally. I think all that stuff might have gotten managed by the people behind the anthologies though, dunno how It's going to end up now.
If it gets thrown on pixiv booth Im out of luck since they don't want my money
not to mention the omnibus isn't actually announced yet and people just think there is going to be one because It would make sense.


You'd be doing gods work but watch out for censorship. Pixiv booth is the only one guaranteed to have digital stuff uncensored unless censored by artist themselves.


For future reference, a font like Wild Words would probably look better. The one you've chosen is better suited to action manga or yelling rather than storytelling.

/font OCD


Do you have any source that might hints toward the the existence of the omnibus?


there was one for 1-5, and 6 onwards has been following the same set of characters so It would make sense to release one once the "storyline" is finished.


We Need A Hero.


Of course I do.


>"I'm supposed to publish the omnibus of Haisetsu Shoujo 6-10 by next year and also I'm planning on selling the digital data."


>Comment made in 2016
That implies we're getting the omnibus as late as the end of this year


Beats not getting it at all bro. Stay positive.

Been waiting for a scan for 8 years and it eventually showed up after all this time. Think about how happy my dick was. It literally cried tears of semen and my balls became motherfucking drums.


just pretend It's not getting released this year.


And let's hope there is a contributor that will volunteer to buy the digital release and upload it


File: 1493421416467.jpg (269.6 KB, 496x700, 62624500_p0.jpg)


Shiimusu is an urination-only convention if I remember right so that's not really surprising.


NEO! V digital release on the 23rd.


Will it include Haisetsu Shoujo 9?
Will someone scan it?


File: 1496330767963.jpg (244.12 KB, 560x420, RJ200850_img_main.jpg)



Still waiting for someone to upload Haisetsu Shoujo 9


Bump for HS9


I put the pee spin-off on sadpanda.


I hope someone will upload this



I love you my dude

 No.17674 this needs to be translated

 No.17675 this needs to be translated



go straight.




Still waiting for HS9


someone asked nami on pixiv about when the omnibus will release a few days ago, but there hasn't been a response.


OK, then. Hopefully we will get informed sooner or later.


7/15 official : Namiroji won't release new book for C92


That means we can only rely on the upcoming omnibus, then?


Omnibus has no confirmed date so there could be something between c92 and then.


Still no news?


nope, never responded to the comment. I think Nami is enjoying the additonal free time that comes from no longer being tied to all those anthologies at the moment.
In other news, DLsite has revised their stance on scat recently(no more mosaic on scat) so Nami tried to submit some works, but DLsite still wanted censors around the anus during the shitting so Nami decided against it. fucking DLsite


Censoring scat in doujins (and in eroge) is stupid. I challenge someone to find me a real Japanese scat video in which the poop is censored. I'm sure there's at least one, but I've never found it.


>>18036 >>18040

Even if I agreed with you censure depends on the laws. You can't blame DLsite or others for this.
If Nami doesn't like that he has to sell his works only where censure isn't a thing.


No hope for Haisetsu Shoujo 9, then


the first omnibus is buyable through pixiv booth so that really wouldn't affect it. Nami could easily sell everything on pixiv booth or melonbooksDL, but probably can't be bothered to create digital versions just for those websites when DLsite still gets the most traffic.


Still waiting


new novel with nami art confirmed. not that we ever got the old ones, but still.


Waiting for HS9


Rippy77 haven't uploaded HS9 yet


File: 1502781089201.jpg (130.28 KB, 1024x576, DHEXLyIV0AAVVaa.jpg)

wish I could have been at comiket this year. fucking hell.


File: 1502812359570.jpg (14.35 KB, 400x300, btsku.jpg)


no new nami work next comiket, going to be busy with personal affairs at that time and wants to take some time off to recover from exhaustion and reorganize the schedule.

Omnibus dream is probably dead for this year if I had to guess.


The dream of seeing HS9 is ruined


just think about how happy you are going to be when it finally releases in 10 years.


Nami commented on the blog post that he hopes to get the omnibus out quickly, but a release this winter seems to be difficult. various fixed need to be made ( and one new story added too if I had to guess). in positive news a digital release is still planned.


Either 2019 or 2020, then




All sorts of possibilities


What is the name of the manga with the girl sitting on the toilet and the #3 on it?



It's a novel with a few nami pictures.


That's not just any girl. It's Chieri Ogata from The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls.


Without you, nobody cares


Learn English


Here's the full version of HS10
Sorry if it is in Chinese, this translation group was based in Taiwan

I can help translate the dialog into English if you want
e-hentai. org/g/1131480/ebe5a88e03/

Remove the space between . org


how about raws stop getting held hostage every time



Can you please translate this into English also?



Sorry but I'm not the one who uploads the manga, but I could translate the text.
(The translation goes from right to left)

Page 2
Hinako: What are they talking about for so long?
I have to take the path to get home...
Hinako: It's hard to get on the street if I am wearing like this
Hinako: Almost there... if I don't hurry up... my stomach will...
*stomach rumbling sounds*

Page 3
*farting sounds*
Hinako: This is bad... If it keep going on...
Hinako: Why this always happens on me
Hinako: Although... what happened just now is my fault

Himeko: Thank you, Hinako-san for helping me recently
Hinako: What do you mean?
Himeko: That time at the toilet near the park, I've felt a lot better after that
Hinako: Ah, you mean that? That's not something to thank me about
Himeko: Is it?
Hinako: Himeko-san... you seem to feel comfortable when talking about these
Himeko: Haha...
Hinako: Oops, sorry

Page 4
Hinako: Speaking of devil... I feel like doing so right now... I will go to the toilet near the park now
Himeko: Oh, really? Then we will leave here...
Himeko: That's great... I start to have the feeling too... Now I don't need to think twice before using the toilet...
Himeko: Hinako-san is around here... I need to get away... Maybe here?
Himeko: Too much accidents happened to me recently... I had observed the locations for toilets along the way to home... Thank God

Page 5
Himeko: I didn't poop yesterday, my stomach is bulging
Himeko: I think I will poop a lot today
*farting sounds*
Himeko: Ugh... that feels hard

Page 6
Himeko: If I bend down like this, will it come out faster?
*farting sounds*
*peeing sounds*

*sounds of forcing it out*

Page 7
Himeko: So much better
Himeko: Feels like I have more to come
*loud farting sound*

Himeko: Hmm?
Himeko: Ah...
Himeko: Damn it, I got it all over the outside
Himeko: Ah...
It sticks to my skirt too...

Page 8
Himeko: I can't get home like this... What should I do
Himeko: Ah, this is...
Himeko: Just wear my bromma outside
Himeko: It doesn't feel right if I walk like this outside...
Himeko: I think it's fine as long as I don't make eye contact with other

Himeko: Although I can hide here for a while
Himeko: I can't hide here too long
*stomach rumbling sounds*


I messed up at page 3, last dialog, suppose to be Himeko saying Oops, sorry.
After page 4, both characters have their name swapped.

Anyways, here's part 2. For this part, all dialog comes from Hinako unless stated.

Page 9
I messed it up... I should come out from the toilet that early...
Leave now, please... It's... leaking...
*stomach rumbling sound*
*farting sound*
It's bad... it's going to come out...

Page 10
*sound of forcing it out*
Himeko: Uh...
Himeko: That's felt so much better
Himeko: Should Hinako-san be home now?

*farting sounds*
*sound of holding it in*

Page 11
*farting sounds*
Fast... faster... It's... not done yet?
Maybe... I can do it here...
No... Of course I can't do that...
*farting sound*
This feeling...
No... it's coming out
I can't... I can't...
Hold it... any longer...

Page 12
*farting sounds*
No... no way
At least better than doing it in my clothing...
It... it's coming...
The girls: Goodbye~ // Bye bye~
They finished?
They will come here...!
*sound of poop crackling*

Page 13
*sound of more poop crackling*

*poop crackling intensified*

Page 14
They left...
I can't do this any more...
Not anymore...
*stomach rumbling sound*
Ah.. ahh... I have to poop again...
If I run... maybe I can made it on time...!
Nobody's here
Well (呦西)
*heavy breathing*
Why it is so difficult to go home...
Just a little more... Keep it up...

Page 15
Almost there
Just... a little more
Hold it...
A little more...
*loud farting sound*
*farting sounds*
It... leaked... out...

Page 16
*farting and pooping sound intensified*

Page 17
I already...
made it this far...
But still the poop comes out...
How much more accident would I feel better for myself?
I think it won't happen next time... right?


Good news, mate. Now if only someone owned HS9 as well.


Another good news, with a bad news

The good news is someone from the same group that translated the HS10 (臭鼬娘汉化组) claims to own HS9

The bad news, he did not reply. Will need to wait until he reply.


somebody might as well typeset this because I'm done translating. never should have started LUL


I hope he wouldn't end up like rippy77, who claimed to have HS9 and gonna upload it only to end as a false hope.


Damn, you're done translating? Fuuuuuuuuuuck.



Something happen, Pepe? You've been a huge boon to all of us to say the least. Would be a shame to see you step down.


Thank you for not only posting this here but also translating it and also possibly tracking down HS9 too. It's much appreciated. If nobody steps forward I don't really mind slapping together a super shitty (no pun intended) typeset.


what happened is that I already get upset when RAWs of stuff that I'm not even interested in don't get uploaded , so I'm just going to quit now instead of some random point in the future for an even less valid reason


Source on the claim?


I hope he would upload it, though


File: 1509093673090.jpeg (151.74 KB, 894x767, 91AC0435-8B94-4657-BFAA-F….jpeg)

From the chinese scanlation group


File: 1509094017182.jpeg (280.33 KB, 757x1379, 01A54A61-460E-4954-8BE7-C….jpeg)

And here’s Bug-chan, with all his glorious collections


That means it's gonna take a long time before seeing HS9


>busy translating games

if only it was possible to upload raws.




Could be worse if those games would probably take half a year to translate.


Same user has just uploaded the Chinese-translation of HS6.

Getting closer HS9, perhaps.

e-hentai .org/uploader/axl4884>>19539


File: 1509296281796.jpeg (183.2 KB, 891x928, FB769572-EA7F-42E3-9760-1….jpeg)

Good news guys! That will marks the end of waiting! HS9 (Chinese) will upload soon on e-hentai! I’ll be translating that to English for ya.


Wow, christmas came early for that one guy who was spamming threads whining about HS9 months back.


>one guy



The prejudice is strong with this one


All aboard the hype train


Keep us updated


File: 1509603857388.jpg (200.74 KB, 595x900, 65690449_p0.jpg)




m8 its literally on the fucking pixiv


Good news but I wouldn't get hyped on it. A long time Rippy77 promised to upload HS9 and yet he hasn't given us any update.


Awesome. Any expected upload date?


Don’t worry, I’m not dead
The group leader promised to upload translated and raw version to the e-hentai site about few days ago when I try to ask about it

It’s just the matter of days before we all getting what we wanted


Let's hope they don't end up giving false hope like what rippy77 did.


>the matter of days

or weeks


or months


there really is no point in getting upset now when we have already waited for years anyway. even in the worst case scenario nami will simply release the omnibus next year.


Or years.


I smell rippy77


Looks like another false hope lol


HS9 should be up in this week.


File: 1511161729213.jpeg (260.57 KB, 891x1302, 3CBBCCAC-60A6-4E4E-96CC-3….jpeg)

Acknoledged, currently working on HS 9


Thank you Zes酱 and Bug酱, finally, after 2 years of waiting (since this thread), we have what we were all waiting for.

The 排泄少女9, Haisetsu Shoujo 9

e-hentai. org/g/1144375/43210e73d6/

Remove the space between . org
I will be translating the dialog to English, after I done ;)


btw, the raw is also posted


Now we need <Chocolat Freude> novel series, <シンデレラの秘密の時間>novel series and <なかよしトイレタイム>, a collaboration with Satomi Hidefumi.


A lot of Hidefumi's eroge are up on DLsite and other sites, and they still haven't been uploaded to Exhentai. Could an hero do us a favor and buy them?


I posted a bounty for HS10 RAW.


Finally, the moment we had been waiting for. Thank you very much, guys.


The English transcript for HS 9
pastebin. com/zRSDm6d4

Remove space between . com


we finally got what we wanted and now this thread will die


Nami is just chilling creating SFW love live content and attending various concerts, It is to be expected.


HS10 raw posted


thought about making a bounty for some of the novels as well, but those are sold the fuck out everywhere.


Shame. I really want those iM@S books.


3 new pictures on namis pixiv.


HS11 confirmed for C94.


I thought HS10 was the final part


seems to have decided to do more after not being sure. probably means HS12-15 are also semi confirmed if the release schedule ends up being similar.


File: 1533490438492.jpeg (400.96 KB, 567x800, 00D02839-BBDE-4D14-B688-E….jpeg)

New IM@S book from Namiroji for C94. Unfortunately we’ll probably never see it like the rest of them.


File: 1533490452338.jpeg (86.97 KB, 319x450, 919174C2-8BFD-42E3-B3E1-D….jpeg)


File: 1533491603601.png (49.38 KB, 633x492, w.png)

unfortunately the average hentai crowd just doesn't care about novels that much, and a lot of the old novels are completely sold out which really does make it unlikely that one day somebody scans the whole series.

In good news however, Nami just confirmed on twitter that if everything goes according to plan the digital version of HS11 should be available for purchase at the same time as the physical version on booth melonbooks DL and pixiv BOOTH.

so as long as one you guys has a valid visa/mastercard to use on pixiv booth we should not be memed this time. (I don't)


the physical book goes on sale on the second of september at comic treasure 32 btw. unless there are further delays.


Haisetsu Shoujo 12 is coming


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