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Looks like Namiroji is at it again.

Who else is hyped?
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Awesome. Any expected upload date?


Don’t worry, I’m not dead
The group leader promised to upload translated and raw version to the e-hentai site about few days ago when I try to ask about it

It’s just the matter of days before we all getting what we wanted


Let's hope they don't end up giving false hope like what rippy77 did.


>the matter of days

or weeks


or months


there really is no point in getting upset now when we have already waited for years anyway. even in the worst case scenario nami will simply release the omnibus next year.


Or years.


I smell rippy77


Looks like another false hope lol


HS9 should be up in this week.


File: 1511161729213.jpeg (260.57 KB, 891x1302, 3CBBCCAC-60A6-4E4E-96CC-3….jpeg)

Acknoledged, currently working on HS 9


Thank you Zes酱 and Bug酱, finally, after 2 years of waiting (since this thread), we have what we were all waiting for.

The 排泄少女9, Haisetsu Shoujo 9

e-hentai. org/g/1144375/43210e73d6/

Remove the space between . org
I will be translating the dialog to English, after I done ;)


btw, the raw is also posted


Now we need <Chocolat Freude> novel series, <シンデレラの秘密の時間>novel series and <なかよしトイレタイム>, a collaboration with Satomi Hidefumi.


A lot of Hidefumi's eroge are up on DLsite and other sites, and they still haven't been uploaded to Exhentai. Could an hero do us a favor and buy them?


I posted a bounty for HS10 RAW.


Finally, the moment we had been waiting for. Thank you very much, guys.


The English transcript for HS 9
pastebin. com/zRSDm6d4

Remove space between . com


we finally got what we wanted and now this thread will die


Nami is just chilling creating SFW love live content and attending various concerts, It is to be expected.


HS10 raw posted


thought about making a bounty for some of the novels as well, but those are sold the fuck out everywhere.


Shame. I really want those iM@S books.


3 new pictures on namis pixiv.


HS11 confirmed for C94.


I thought HS10 was the final part


seems to have decided to do more after not being sure. probably means HS12-15 are also semi confirmed if the release schedule ends up being similar.


File: 1533490438492.jpeg (400.96 KB, 567x800, 00D02839-BBDE-4D14-B688-E….jpeg)

New IM@S book from Namiroji for C94. Unfortunately we’ll probably never see it like the rest of them.


File: 1533490452338.jpeg (86.97 KB, 319x450, 919174C2-8BFD-42E3-B3E1-D….jpeg)


File: 1533491603601.png (49.38 KB, 633x492, w.png)

unfortunately the average hentai crowd just doesn't care about novels that much, and a lot of the old novels are completely sold out which really does make it unlikely that one day somebody scans the whole series.

In good news however, Nami just confirmed on twitter that if everything goes according to plan the digital version of HS11 should be available for purchase at the same time as the physical version on booth melonbooks DL and pixiv BOOTH.

so as long as one you guys has a valid visa/mastercard to use on pixiv booth we should not be memed this time. (I don't)


the physical book goes on sale on the second of september at comic treasure 32 btw. unless there are further delays.


Haisetsu Shoujo 12 is coming






File: 1578700233331.png (1.2 MB, 1267x2048, Screenshot_20200110-184823.png)

What's going on with the latest issue? I tried to purchase it on both several times with a card I've used on Booth before, but it won't accept the order

Looks like Namiroji has abandoned pantypooping.


At least he didn't go the diaper route like Tsuttsu.

Speaking of diapers, it seems their fans are a bit of a close-minded bunch: I once commented that Tsuttsu should do less diaper stuff and got a ton of downvotes for that, despite me saying that I like his works.


I miss the desperation plot that ends up in panty soiling.


Better than see always the same plot like happen with other artists. (Chinzurena? Sanbaizu?)


isn't an english version out on nhentai?




Still, are there any artists left focusing on this fetish?

Saotome Monodosuke tends to add a page or two here and there but nothing special, Atelier Lunette focuses on diapers with the same fucking story every time (but that precious doujin about age regression in the main character's mind), Pirates Patrol has vanished, Strawberry Milk Studios is rarely uploaded if ever, and Ameyama Denshin has vanished too.

Shinjima Saki was a God, but he seems to be stuck into a cycle of rereleasing previous works…


you want my opinion, go for the western artists and creators that do EFRO
the japanese artists are kinda fucked up, with loli, guro, futa, blackmail, bondage, the works



That's why I said "focused on".

You can, with a bit of luck, find a doujin here and there that contains panty pooping by some random authors throughout the years, but the dedicated artists have changed their main themes or have outright stopped working.


Did Pirates Patrol really disappear? I know they deleted their blog, but a (new?) work just popped up on DLsite just a few months ago or so.


Like? I rarely found good Western artists into Efro. Also, most of them are on Patreon.


There's also this one by athu

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