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Pictures of girls "at the brink" (ie: "touching cloth", the point of no return. The transition point between "desperation" and "accident").

Bonus points: picture of girl's anus with the imminent load peaking forth.
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TeniousOddity's Tumblr. Just posted this 2 years ago and never finished it.


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This topic is quite broad.

- omorashi/desperation: when they really have to go
- crowning: when just the top/head of the shit pokes out
- soiling: when they go with the clothes still on
- improper toilet use: when they have to go so much that they miss


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What's the source on this?



Can get a link that doesn't involve me having to go through the exhentai song and dance?


I'll never understand why you guys have problems with exhentai.

You have to search: [crotch] Chiiki Kassei Survival RPG ~Ume-chan ga Kita!~
[crotch] 地域活性サバイバルRPG~梅ちゃんがきた!~


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