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Let's bring back are good old fashioned toilet thread.
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translation please?





It's a commission I got from Shay Firered in the /aco/ discord. It's Tenenbaum from Bioshock. Hope you enjoy it!~


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Go away, Harry-Topper. No one wants you here


I kinda like that considering I'm British and Autistic like him but i don't have a DeviantART or any other social site account (even back when Harry-Topper himself was on DeviantART) also I'm more of Microscribbles when it comes to doing artwork myself but they're not on the internet


Source please?



scat in toilet manga pages from this artist
hashtag seems to be toilet art tag in japan, "good toilet day"


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she dropping somethings .


Has she already dropped her somethings or are they still coming out?


she is "dropping"


act's work including fanbox was just posted on e-hentai. act's pixiv is hard to browse unless you are manually saving everything, and the artist does a lot of toilet pics


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typical toilet around my flat .


Do you live in one of those flats/apartments that's just a small room with stuff cluttered everywhere like what that they have in Hong Kong and Tokyo?


this one is pretty decent , there are worse .


furry artist blpanda actually finds a lot of hentai art of women shitting, mostly on toilets but sometimes outside, that i have not seen by typing "トイレ" into pixiv. the tweets are labelled toilet use but all of twitters search functions including advanced search are terrible, and scrolling through the feed itself shows me a lot of shit i don't want to see.

here's some of my better finds:
extended toilet fart scene with bowlcam view
images from that dlsite train excretion with videos of the accident scenes
just have not seen these scenes on e-hentai.
one of the manga scenes
pretty good eromanga scenes



what ever happened to microscribbles?


I think she said that she wasn't feeling very well and her nearest health centre just closed and she has to to take a several hour drive to one that's still open


Micro had health issues and a falling out with a member of the scat/efro community iirc. I can't remember who but I remember hearing of it. I miss her as well. Not the most amazing artist but she had a lot of great work


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Unforeseen consequences


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Can someone edit this with poop coming out her ass or something, all I see with this are pee edits.




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Bored in class so I drew thiss .


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Here ya go!


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File: 1578025621310.png (289.97 KB, 1366x768, MH3A.png)


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File: 1578026934100.jpg (2.19 MB, 2400x3000, WW1.jpg)


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I think it's time I stopped…


I was only just after the first pic you posted which was a video that used to be on YouTube years ago that had them farting in tune to some music and the uploader said that they made the pic themselves on Photoshop but I'm also trying to find where or what Webisodes they got the pics of the characters from as I think the toilet background is from the end of the webisode where they let some frogs loose?



I don't know anything about it I just googled for Monster High toilet pics and fell down a rabbit's hole of doll toilet pics!


i didn't actually want Doll Toilet pics I actually liked to see or wished for people to do Fan Art/Rule 34 toilet pics of the LEGO Friends, Ever After High, Bratz, Polly Pocket, Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, Barbie life in the Dreamhouse and Miraculous Ladybug characters (even though most of them are Toy/Doll franchises) like the Equestria Girls pics by Succubi Samus above


Sorry buddy I think you're gonna have to pay an artist


i wasn't talking to you, i just wanted or wished for any Fan/Hentai/rule34 Artists on the internet to do toilet pics featuring the characters from those Girl Franchises but then again most of the pics would probably look terrible or some the artists won't even want to do one due to it being too disgusting and creepy for them


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A toilet art I found in a website


Thanks for being so specific!



fuck off. they're posting art for you to fap to. More than you're doing for this thread

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