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Let's bring back are good old fashioned toilet thread.
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quick doodle .


Are you Zombie1808 because i want to know have you've done my ideas yet?


Oh hi there , its me . I took too many request and overwhelmed . So I think Im going to stop here , busy drawing other things .


File: 1566884140862.jpg (1.27 MB, 3775x3327, Silence 001.jpg)


File: 1567885803530.jpg (1.82 MB, 3070x4130, 76597781_p0.jpg)


File: 1568040760035.png (143.73 KB, 937x364, 76705360_p0.png)

Full picture?


File: 1568132314942.png (407.35 KB, 1789x2300, Lemon_Zest_by_Micro.png)

Lemon Zest EqG fanart by Micro


File: 1568132338882.png (144.8 KB, 680x770, Lemon_Zest_by_Succubi-Samu….png)

Lemon Zest EqG fanart by Succubi Samus


Do you have anymore succubisamus works?


Now that will be a challenge since succubi samus is sensitive on his work being shared and whats worse you have to message him personally to get his other scat alts and never post it anywhere


I also forgot to mention that you might have to buy it


How come Western artists seem to be much more mad at their art being posted than Japanese ones. And to be frank, most Western art isn't good to begin with, as in a lot of them look really poor quality.


culture ?


Succubi Samus' EqG toiletart was on Derpibooru last time I checked. I only saved Lemon Zest.


I аm looking for a girl who has a desire to decapitate me :) I'm serious, not joking, dо nоt be shy, write to fakemail lexb.gromov@gmail.cоm or discord mr.Parker # 0248


I'd actually find it pretty hypocritical if that were the case. As in, they get so upset that people are reposting or sharing their art, when technically these artists don't own the rights to the characters they're drawing in the first place.


File: 1569095347012.jpg (597.32 KB, 882x1077, 76893432_p2.jpg)


File: 1569176754008.jpg (1.59 MB, 3564x4246, Quake ! 001.jpg)

Me drew this


really like how normal this scene would be without the quake


Is there an alt version without poop?



File: 1569677107992.jpg (7.85 MB, 3663x4644, Nina4.jpg)

My commision for other



you're so good



You're so talented


I have a deviant art account with the same name . check it if you like .


Hot art! Taking requests?


Yeah I do, but for now I'm busy . talk to me via email please .


File: 1569747318562.jpeg (219.71 KB, 1800x2400, 1919799__suggestive_artis….jpeg)

Succubi Samus again!


File: 1569747349234.png (644.35 KB, 1780x2600, 2103248__questionable_arti….png)


File: 1569747373263.png (836.11 KB, 1490x2576, 2127957__suggestive_artist….png)


File: 1569747417209.png (867.06 KB, 1900x1400, 2095828__questionable_arti….png)


File: 1569747440884.jpeg (545.13 KB, 2300x1933, 1812960__suggestive_artis….jpeg)


File: 1569747486234.png (1.13 MB, 2400x3098, 1740536__suggestive_artist….png)


File: 1569747595085.jpeg (266.07 KB, 1900x1916, 2138249__questionable_art….jpeg)


File: 1569747629895.png (1.1 MB, 1900x2201, 1936329__questionable_arti….png)


Can anyone imagine someone doing pics like these but with the LEGO Friends, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Polly Pocket, Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls, Barbie life in the Dreamhouse and Miraculous Ladybug characters?

but then again the Monster High one has kinda already been done but I can't find the video anymore


File: 1569812000698.png (412.06 KB, 1674x1702, cat shit.png)

Kinda felt like sharing this somewhere, but not somewhere super public. Pretty sure none of my internet friends know about or will be coming to this website, so you lucky guys get to see this


File: 1570401454703.jpg (2.02 KB, 125x51, 1446449413207s.jpg)

Does anyone have that Mabel diarrhea request art from this /co/ thread?


I'm gonna be frank here: almost all Western scat art looks like shit. As in, they look terrible, and the MLP ones being posted here are no exception.


In your VERY subjective opinion.


Wrong. Shadbase is awesome. There are many great western artists, but they don't draw scat things.


touhou fairies shitting on toilets


File: 1570622472290.jpg (1.11 MB, 2943x3514, o2 001.jpg)


awesome work


always glad to have some contribution to our scat lover community .


File: 1570918893189.png (1.54 MB, 1462x1999, received_46824508066219572.png)


File: 1570982138716.jpg (4.86 MB, 2592x3987, bb4d3d721619010b5249c94102….jpg)


have you done my requests I've gave you a while ago of the pics featuring an attractive fancy lady in her bathrobe reading a newspaper on the toilet while her hot relaxing bath is running and a Unformed Schoolgirl (not in a Sailor Fuku uniform) happily reading comic books (not a manga) while on the toilet?


now I'm remember , totally forgot about it . I have drawn nothing but toilet girl recently so I think I'm gonna stop for a while .


File: 1571105750812.png (591.59 KB, 800x448, 1560626288559.png)

Anyone knows where this is from?

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