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this is a thread for scat or efro images that are considered "lost" in some possible form

either it be:
-never been shared before
-a never before seen variant of some set of images
-found but reposted in a low quality resolution (looking at you unsung_soldier)
-found but at risk of being lost due to where it was shared (i.e. deleted blogs, purge happy artists, any drawfag content, "leaked" stuff you could actually share, etc.)

lost of valuable stuff are dissapearing at a fast rate, so its good to preserve.
if something you don't have but know its indeed lost by memory, type what you can remember.


that said: this was an old commission piece Tekuho did ages ago, apparently the filename implied main piece was a scat one, but i wasn't able to obtain in most of the places i could search.

if you're the commissioner or someone who had the variant as well, would be nice for somebody to finally share it.


whoops, meant "lots of valuable stuff"
but you get the case

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