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File: 1584398064659.jpg (946.01 KB, 1365x2048, Ribbon's Big Pile Of Poop ….jpg)


Look At Ribbon From Kirby 64


it's cute


thank you Anon


your welcome ;)


Fuck. Off.



he just… never leaves, and it's like he's refusing to take the goddamned hint, holy shit
why won't he leave us alone? look, here's another one of his godawful sites:


he even has a fucking pixiv, this is getting too much

Lac, Kirb Scat, whatever your name is, what the hell is your issue? Why won't you just leave the scat community and take your MSPaint shit with you? Can't you see that nobody wants anything to do with you?



If I can add…

Leave, or at least get a FUCK TON of art lessons?!?! Your art is, at best, childish. At worst, your art is ABYSMAL!!



C'mon, man enough with the self-congratulations. The only person you're fooling is yourself.


This fucking ass pictures never disappeared….

just GTFO, nobody cares about your so called 'arts'!


fuck off quizno


You drawn so much but your skill progress very slow , I suggest proper and serious learning


reports don't seem to work on this shithole site (pun intended)
what's taking so long?



As much as I want him gone too, he hasn't DONE anything to warrant a report. No doxxing or phishing, no death threats or posts of suicide, no links to illegal pornographic material… he's annoying, but hasn't done anything to warrant a report.


he IS spamming and lowering the quality of the board with his clutter even making several new threads of his garbage.

fucking lawfags and their cucked rules, just do it already.
permaban this shit fuck

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