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So I made this telegram channel for scat
Feel free to join


I remember seeing another Power Girl toilet pic like that one which used to be on deviantART a few years ago but it had Power Girl in normal clothes shocked to find out that she has just destroyed a toilet behind her which happens to be the one she was sitting on whilst reading a comic book


would be interested if there was any kind of tagging
right now i like the content, even though i have the pics from it alreay, because it's efro type pictures. but if anyone can post and no one can tag then it's going to be like only a little time before more hardcore people join, turn the channel into hyperscat, messing, and coprophagia, and then post complaints under every more subtle scene about how it's too soft and to fuck off with it.


My initial intent was just to make a random dump of scat images and videos. Tagging them would give me some extra job, I'd need another admin to post with me then.



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