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I have no idea how to play it, but supposedly the goal is to get the girl to take a shit.


hey, it's a different anon here, i tried downloading the demo, but the moonrunes wouldn't render properly, i was using a locale emulator as well


I had to install some kinda RPG thing called Wolf


good news, i got the game running
bad news, i still don't know how it works
i can make the sensible deduction that it's played with the mouse, though, judging from his other game he has on BOOTH
i'd love it if someone can crack this nut


honestly, the full version would probably be better to crack instead, i feel like the limited amount of actions in the demos are causing this confusion


No poop in the demo.


It is impossible to get her poop in demo because the timer is too short. (Tried this and there is just no way around 20 seconds, not counting the breathe mode where the girl strains to poop)


From what picture translation say about the dialogue in demo, the girl has been constipated for a week, and her stomach was feeling so tight that she had to get it out. If she couldn’t relieve herself, she will just say that her stomach is going to go crazy and then the screen will fade back to main screen.


Based on his previous game, probably, we also have to click on some part of her body to trigger something.


Not the case this time, you just have to mash that red button until she eventually poops, that’s all.


hmm I was hoping for a better idea than, smash buttons until she goes.

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