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This thread is to post anything that has scat and is a hentai/animation VIDEO. Please dont post links to pictures but you can if its a little sneak peak of the videi
I'll start.


Here's a video of a must see animation
And the animator's profile


Phantom has his own discord channel where discuss animation and other scat related fetishes.


I know but he posts all of his videos on thisvid and if you want to discuss something by messaging him he will reply. Because when i messaged him what animation is he gonna do, when is it gonna be made and so on. He will reply but wont give you a lot of spoilers.


Yeet, lets get the party startin
(Fart, Japanese, translated)

(Pantypoop, Animation, Diarrhea, Hyperscat)



what actually is this game
says it's crotch but does not look like his art, and this doesn't look like stuff i saw in the "we have no rice" gallery on exhentai


oh he has a new one and no one noticed, and it does not have a gallery on exhentai


Not out yet to have a gallery. Also I hope they changed type of game. Last one was quite long and repetitive.

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