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Trying to share and find bbw scat. Especically human bbw stuff, which seems to be super rare.


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Constipation or big belly stuff is ok too. Just post some big girls pooping.


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Fabulous animation! Who is the artist/source?



I think I saw that on twitter. Artists name was dogslickme.


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Thanks! Found him on and Here are a couple more by him.


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Another by dogslickme.


Typo: should be


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A nice big-ass drawing.


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It's really weird how rare it's to find art of girls getting turned on by shitting, or just enjoying the relief the comes with it (altough there is at least 3 pics here that apply to this last point). There is so many crazy fetishes mixed with scat but this one aspect seems to be even more niche despite how simple it seems.


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Good thread
Don't recall the artist on this but I believe it was sourced from Pixiv several years ago.


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Artist twitter, don't recall where this was posted.


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This one is the same artist but I don't know where the rest is.


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I can't remember the sauce for this one.


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Found it on Majalis gallery on ex-hentai

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