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Now let's just hope it stays that way.
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All 4 by DangerKing11 of Newgrounds!



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this is quite surprising for me to see pics like these with this character in them as I drew a pic just many weeks after the first trailer of Pokemon Sword and Shield came out of her sitting on the toilet and the toilet was an old British style (or a stereotypical Northern England style one if your British yourself ) outside toilet in the back garden with brick built walls and a high tank and pull chain style toilet in it and the toilet building had its door open exposing herself to the audience and she was not very happy about it.


Do you still have that picture or at least a link?


I still have the picture but it's not on the internet its still hidden in my sketchbook as my parents would go mad if they found the picture or even see it scanned onto their documents and i don't know how you upload pics like that from your documents to the internet

also the pic was a slight parody of Hentai toilet pics that feature Anime and Manga characters using Squat Toilets which we all know are traditional Japanese style toilets and Pokemon Sword and Shield is set in what appears to look like Britain and to some a traditional British toilet is a cold Brick Built building with a high tank and pull chain toilet at the back of the house


There should be a remake of this with ALBtW Zelda


File: 1576923596481.jpg (407.91 KB, 1156x1108, Kirby Girls Pooping 💩.jpg)


It's cute, I like Kirby


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the person who did this pic stole my idea and that idea was what I've just described above with her in an old British-style outside toilet which again was a slight parody of pics like these


File: 1577277535769.jpg (338.76 KB, 1050x955, Ribbon's Cute Feces 💩.jpg)

Ribbon Poops More For U



Does anyone have the picture when Mei from Pokemon (I think) takes a shit on Rowlet? There are three pictures.


File: 1577387810738.jpg (1.59 MB, 1964x3297, 78459735_p0.jpg)


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We Need To Keep It Alive, Ado & Ribbon Pooping For U



File: 1577693781850.png (739.84 KB, 880x1136, 78301551_p0.png)


i need a pic of her shitting


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File: 1579023134003.png (1.16 MB, 827x1169, kinhasuArt.png)

The uncensored version had extra jpg compression so I made a splice


Anybody got sources on these (If so specify which post you are giving a source for)

ANybody got an archivre of all thios guy's stuff? Never been able to find it all in one place.

Also, same for shadman, since a few people posted his stuff


File: 1579043965633.jpg (75.96 KB, 309x432, no_source_05.jpg)

Anybody have a bigger copy?


File: 1579380901028.jpg (2.86 MB, 1447x2047, 78891774_p0.jpg)


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