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As of now, there is a pedo trying to sell their sick crap in every board on Gurochan. As we all know, pedophilia is AGAINST THE LAW all over the world and whoever is doing this needs to get their ass banned from this place before it gets shut down AGAIN.

Mods. Get pedoanon out of here NOW.


there's literally a loli thread lol, no-one cares



He's talkig about a spamming troll who's trying to sell shit showing real minors being raped.


>real minors
Imagine believing that they have real minor and/or real rape. KEK



Your point?


3DPDniggas need to get shot


I don't know what the fuck is going on.


>Your point?
If it isn't entirely obvious to you (and clearly it isn't)
Since they likely have no
>real minor and/or real rape
they're just another spammer and thus
is hilarious. There isn't any priority/emergency/etc. You're just gullible.

This whole thread was pointless and stupid from the start. You report spam (in a normal way) and move on. Starting now threads like the sky is falling… LOL. The person who made it (you?) is an idiot. At least you created some unintentional comedy.

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