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Hey /s/

So you may not know me but I was the guy that setup the original Club Iceburg. You are more than welcome to come back my scat friends.

So to explain somethings about what's going on right now:

About 4 months ago my beloved server was thrown under the bus by another fuck ass mod from another server. I asked them if they wanted to join my server and they reported my server to Discord for hosting loli/cub porn. Fuck that guy. I ditched the secret hosting scene for something around the last 4 to 6 months. I didn't want to come back, but I decided to come back because I've been going in and out of other fetish and porn servers only to realize that the mods are strict nazi assholes. fuck those guys.

so you are more than welcome to come to mine, again. If you were there, welcome back. Yes, I'm Pika.jpg, anon.jpg, this is my 2nd account again. My original 2nd account was banned. Can't log into it. If you've been looking for me, sorry, I forgot about this site.



I will also keep this thread in my tabs so people can ask me things here.


and how are you're so sure your server won't have nazi moderation either?
we're fine with Nyoubooru and Scatbooru and the people are friendly there.


The nazi comment isn't towards anyone here, it's towards another server I am technically in. Well, it's not meant just for scat, it's meant for all fetishes. Because we didn't before and we won't now. Sure, we had to ban a few people back then but it wasn't that we wanted to, but because they acted up like crazy, raids and shit. Every server I've made or am an admin in, I don't do much in, people come in, they are happy and so on. Most people fear mods in servers to the point where they get banned.

I've watched mods blanket mod cause they don't like someone, I wont do that at all. You break a rule ok, if you don't, ok. I wont say "it looks like [this] so it's [this] now" cause that's not fair.

also I was completely unaware of the site having a discord but it makes sense.

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