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More interesting stuff for you guys can be found at Im to lazy to copy all that. TIme to watch some shit.

 No.25513 is the new version. is now descontinued because of some issuses with bots.


nice, do ya know some other pages like this?
I mean is fine as well, but most stuff is "furry".


>I mean is fine as well, but most stuff is "furry".
That's kind of the appeal of the site Mr. Holmes


>Kuntslammer can't host loli even if he wanted to pull a Tenboro due to EU bullshit
feels bad



What's a Tenboro?



its where you have a tendon problem, which last for 1 week after getting a lot of donations.


Hey, head admin of Scatbooru here. I've recently been doing a lot of work on the website, and I have fixed all of the known problems with the site. We've also had a makeover, so the site looks a lot better now, although a couple of things are still WIP with that.

 No.25836 appears to have died
in other news nyou.animegirldesp now has ssl if youre looking for a story host


not a surprise. uk isn't a good choice for a porn site.



That and from what I seen, their discord server became the main priority, given how Kunstsammler always talking about it.


this was weird too, who hosts a site in the uk for fetish porn purposes? terrible privacy and censorship laws


okay the UK booru died
but why can't the old site just reopen temporarily?

because i'm not going to be the one to open a new booru to gather the newer/discovered content


and what if the Discord server dies due to "possible" unsolicited drama?
some people don't want to deal with Discord trannies you know? they just want their "ease of access" scat gallery


A big problem with scatbooru is/was a lot of stuff being tagged with "tag me" and nothing else.


No wonder why I wasn't getting access to the site. The EU with the Article 13 and such.


Right, just to clear something up. I made a mistake, but the site will be back up as soon as I can sort all of the legal stuff out. The focus of the site will stay as the site, the Discord is only there as an enhanced forum. I'm sorry about the site going down, but it was due to personal reasons.
If all goes well I'll have it back up within a couple of days.



I Won't hold my breath. I doubt anyone around here will.


About the legal stuff by the way, the UK has recently rescinded their fetish porn laws, so that won't be a problem. It was a personal problem as to why the site went down, and it'll be fixed very soon.


It's back now. DNS fuckery might make it a little while until you can see it, but it's all set up again.
Sorry again for the downtime, hopefully this is the last time it happens.


File: 1569262827067.jpg (358.02 KB, 667x1260, 052a38dd6971ef6918af4259df….jpg)

We weren't supposed to host loli on the old booru tbh, the host transfer doesn't mean we will be able to do it in future.
Gotta use Sankaku for loli scat sorry.

Right now theres no problem hosting the site in the UK. If there ever is a problem like say, the UK banning scat, then we will switch domains then. It would be as effective as the UK's older porn laws (which only applied to irl porn produced commercially anyway).

The old site had major security issues along with being extremely limited in how much we could really do with it, believe us we wouldn't have switched (and took on hosting costs and the hassle of it) otherwise.

Yeah this is still an issue, but one that most small boorus have sadly. We've also got
over here uploading resized versions of originals for some odd reason.


A good news for us that UK change its law. Thank you guys for restore the site.




😲 i loveeeee scatbooru

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