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There's this artist who goes by the name StrikeAnywhere. They used to do scat stuff but they have stopped upon becoming more mainstream, or so I thought. Now I'm learning that they are apparently still posting scat stuff under the name StrikeAfterDark.

The problem is that when I try and find the page where they post this stuff I can only find their main page, so I'm asking here if anyone knows where it is.


You might get more results in /fur/


I hope you find it thats some really good looking turd


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I have found more just not from the source


it was on his tumblr
but you should already know that shit's gone already

i can repost his stuff on the new scatbooru if you want, but im just telling you that now because /fur/ry stuff can't be posted on /s/ unfortunately

and if you want him to post scat stuff again, i suggest you go ask him about it. i think he'll bother as long he find a good "dumping ground" to do it, hahaha



>i can repost his stuff on the new scatbooru if you want

Do it. Please.


okay then, i'll have to reorganize first
if there's a bit of a delay, sorry. im always like that

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