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Was wandering if anyone could create some sort of guide or walkthrough for this game if possible? I would be willing to help if needed.


there's some scene's from crotch's other games on thisvid, some of them are private.

think more gameplay videos would be good. hard to get these things running and it's never worth it, i don't really like anything from them besides the bathroom scnes


Yeah, been trying to search for some gameplay, havn t had luck really finding any. FOund a guy whose guy gonna do a english translation of the game, that being said don t how long that will take him. How many bathroom scenes have you done? Cause Im stuck trying to figure out how to do those..


Pillar has some starting tips for this game on his blog:

Between these tips and an English-machine-translated version of the game which you can find here (, it is not too hard to get started. In addition, the difficulty of the game is lower than some of Crotch's earlier games, in which your characters are constantly hungry.

If you just want to see all the cutscenes, wander the town until you find a shady-looking shack with billboards out front. In here there are dozens of machines which allow you to watch cutscenes you've previously viewed. However, if you go into the area on the right side, walk right up to the security camera, take a shit right in front of the security camera (use the menu option to shit where you are standing), then talk to the monk in the main room, he will give you the option to unlock all the cutscenes right away.

There are some good cutscenes. I especially like the main character farting and crapping herself in the pool, taking a massive dump in a toilet that doesn't work, and eating too much sushi in the conveyor-belt-sushi place and shitting in her seat. I also like the main character's stomach sounds before the normal pooping cutscenes.

However, I wish there were more farting content in the game. You can fart through the menu, but there are only two cutscenes for this (although they are pretty good). You can make the main character fart by eating sweet potatoes, but the fart sound is small. Let me know if anyone has more information about farts in this game.

If you like fart and scat content and don't need detailed cutscenes, I recommend circle Big Ben's works on DLsite, especially his upcoming Scat Fantasy game. I love eating a bunch of sweet potatoes in the demo for this game and making my character involuntarily fart.


Thx so much for the tips, you don't how long i ve been trying to search for answers to do this game. Anyway I ve got a couple of questions that maybe you could answer.

First being I unlocked the moped but Im still stuck with the dumb cat, how do I get rid of it?

Second I did that cheat that unlock all the scenes in the blue house, can I still do those quests in the story or are they automatically finished when I do the cheat?

Third srry long post, have you done the outhouse of the outdoor pooping/pissing scene behind the bush cause i would like to figure out how to do those in the story.

Thx!! :)


You said there is a shady looking shack with billboards, how do I get there from my home? I get lost too easily in this game.


Just take the stairs located north of your home and you'll be in the arket, just go straight until you head to a bridge and go straight and head across the street where you'll find the blue building with the sign.


What RPG Maker do you need for those Big Ben games? I keep gettin the failed to load screen cuz its missin an tileset or something


Those Big Ben Demos arent workin for me. I keep gettin the "failed to load: img/title1" thingie

Don't know how to fix it, tried changing the file name, gettin an image that fits the dimensions and makin it a png. Nothing



Weird. For me demos are working perfectly. Maybe you haven't unpacked it properly or download is somehow corrupted. First, is your system locale japanese? Most errors like this are when a zip or rar file is being unpacked in different locale.


Yea I've changed the Locale and when I boot up games like this Ume-Chan one or eight marbles or other games from crotch they work. Its hit or miss most times but for every Big Ben Demo I downloaded none of them worked. Kept gettin the error that an img or somethin couldnt be found



Does anyone know how to get rid of the cat you walk with to get the moped in Ume-chan?


That's really weird. RPG MV doesn't need any RTP, so that's not the culprit here. And the locale is set properly, so, again, not a culprit. Can you show a screen with the error?


Was wandering if anybody could help me out with this game?

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