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This thread is the male version of

Looking for scenes from comic books (superhero, vintage porn, etc.) of men defecating or sitting on the toilet.

Feel free to look at examples below or in the female variant for inspiration.

First scene is from Deadpool: The Infinite Gaunlet issue 5


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Here's some porn comics by yaoipoop on patreon. This is from his comic: Hipster Dump


File: 1557163052758.jpg (71.31 KB, 364x500, tumblr_oij30zwJeX1vpvj1jo6….jpg)



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Here's another comic "Hipster Meets Jock":


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Non-porn comics: from Invincible issue 1


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Invincible issue 118


File: 1557163183094.jpg (365.11 KB, 1041x1600, RCO021_1469390168.jpg)



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From Spawn #256


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The one and only Deadpool (when healed and hot) is taking a dump in Deadpool Vol 2, issue 58


File: 1557163372870.jpeg (323.77 KB, 1092x1501, 93d469904f05734b.jpeg)

Another yaoipoop comic "Jock meets Hipster"


BTW, this is for American and western comics (porn, graphic novels, etc.) so no manga or Asian hentai please


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Yaoipoops' Skater meets Snob


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Yaoipoop's Skater Dump


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From the Mexican porn comic Las chambeadoras, unknown issue.


File: 1557249301036.jpg (217.16 KB, 1200x683, 1527134047734.jpg)



issue is 308


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Yaoipoop's Jock Dump


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We see Deadshot on the toilet in New Suicide Squad issue 21


weird manga about a boy hero who always needs to find a bathroom
not sure i understand what's happening here


This is for Western comics, but I do like it


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A funny comic with Shakespearean icon Hamlet on the pot and reading a Hustler-type magazine


>>24876 do you happen to have the full comics?


I just post the poop scenes. The rest is dialogue.


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From Least I Could Do webcomics. Shedding some light on a controversial topic


>>24927 I'm interested in that, is there anywhere you downloaded them from or I could find them?




and please contribute to the thread. Vintage porn comics, graphic novels, webcomics, whatever. Just has to be Western (American, Mexican, Canadian, European)


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A funny webcomic


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From the webcomic Bearmageddon


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Cont. (with some wiping)


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Googled "Roman toilet comic" and here's what came up


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