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Could you help me by giving hints of scenes of girls farting? Valuable manga, anime, comic, hentai and cartoon series. Scenes of girls farting on defecation also counts! In case of animes and video media, tell the time of the scene where the fart happens.


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Manga name: Tameshita Girl Dai
Volume: 6
Autor: Yamada Kosuke


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Manga: Riman Gamble Mouse
Volume: 3


Always wanted to know which manga that scene with the ninja girl farting is from. Anyone know please?


Hanjuku Ninpou Chou


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Manga: Riman Gamble Mouse
Volume: 3


you mind telling us what the OP is from too?



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Mangá name: Jigoku Sensei Nube Neo
Volume: 6


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Manga name: Jigoku Sensei Nube Neo
Volume: 12


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Manga name: Tenchi o Kurau
Volume: 1


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It was she who fart in this scene


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6Teen girls fart and pooping compilation


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There's a ton of resources on if you search up manga or comic in the search bar. Some are even translated

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