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Scat was the first thing I masturbated to, for years it was the only thing I masturbated to and despite changing my habit in the last couple of years probably 99.99% of my fapping sessions have been to scat.

I have decided to quit scat and so far I'm doing well but I am wondering if this shit has given me behavioral problems or brain damage or something.

Should I quit scat all together or just don't touch it for a year or two?


The way I see it, it's just a fetish. Yeah you may have the odd thought or two about doing something, but at the end of the day its still just a fetish, just the same as any other. It's not going to make you any less of a person then you were before you got into it.

If it really bothers you that much, then maybe quit for a month or so to see if its still a prominent fetish.


The only thing I can't understand is how the hell it is possible not to get bored with one single fetish in 2 years? Is it some kind of autism or something? Or you actually got bored with that after all and it is no longer giving you any satisfaction?

I don't see any reason to quit it, especially if you do not have any replacement, but you could try to expand range of your interest and add some meaning to all that stuff. maybe instead of just fapping you could try creating your own content like writing stories or making pictures?
I don'd see any benefit from quitting.


What they said.

I've been pretty much jerkin it to anal, rape, and scat for 10+ years. Can't cum with a girl unless I'm thinking of scat. Quitting scat wouldn't change that.


>>24398 some people are just hardwired for certain kinks. Sometimes other stuff will be nice or interesting, but with a true fetish, there's little control over the arousal and it never goes away (except maybe after massive brain damage). In fact, going away from it for a while can actually make a fetish stronger, because the brain is desensitized to the images or verbal fetish triggers. That's part of why many people who are ashamed of their fetishes have a kind of binge/purge cycle where they'll avoid it for a while (sometimes even getting rid of physical objects like porn collections) and then starting all over again.

Do I wish something else could get me off as hard? Hell yeah. Scat is messy, unpopular, hard to do "right" in real life, and potentially biohazardous. But it's also been turning my gears since before I even knew my junk was for anything more than peeing with, so at this point I've come to terms with it, mostly.


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I can understand why you'd want to quit. I got a girl who really wants me to fuck her but I'm sure from all these years of exclusively masturbating to only omorashi or scat I'm either gonna go soft or have to really imagine other things turning her off


Kinks cannot be hardwired because many of modern kinks did not exist just some time ago LOL

But otherwise normal people get bored by everything. No matter how much you like it after some time you will get bored and either you will need to increase intensity or move to something else. You are not supposed to go away from it you just notice that you do not like it anymore. In fact, it even works with drugs as eventually you just notice that taking them is a totally useless waste of time. At that time some try to increase the dosage until they croak and some just drop it and move to something else.
If you fail to develop other interests by that time you will be screwed.

this is not so much about some kind of fetish but specific personality type.
some people are attracted to people and some people are attracted to things or actions or other stuff, and people are just tools.

I can see it even here as different kind of users who are obsessed with certain characters and do not really care wahst those characters are doing and another type of people who are into what those characters are doing but do not give a shit what character it is.

If your girlfriend does not arouse you, you are the later type. Women don't like that. They want to be objects of your desire themselves. They dislike when they need to make some extra effort to arouse you. In fact, this is even considered disorder in psychology as "fetishism"
So do not blame your preferences blame your lazy girlfriend who is probably not willing to do anything more than get naked.

Either way, for everyone with such problem my recommendation is to stop trying to get off.
Do something more creative do even something what you are not really interested

If your girfriend wants to fuck, you still have a lot more appendages on your body than your dick and they can work just as good or better. Also, there are numerous household items that can be used. Male penis is also known to be the worst device for making woman orgasm so not a big deal if it is not getting very hard.


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>>24630 by "hardwired" I mean they're part of your brain and pretty much impossible to change. The reason there are "new" kinks these days is because there is new stuff; however, people are still people, so their brains randomly fixate on stuff when they're really little, while their pyschological "love maps" are developing. Scat fetishes are often a sign of difficult toilet training or a childhood illness at a crucial moment, but can also be a sensory crossed wire, because the anus and genitals are really close together, the anus is a very sensitive area, and in addition males are prone to having their prostates stimulated while defecating, especially when constipated. (Scat + similar are probably very common fetishes; they are thought of as niche or extreme because people are generally ashamed of them and unwilling to talk about it.) But while fetishes are definitely formed in early childhood, sexuality is often latent before puberty, so a child with a developing fetish usually experiences mental satisfaction from the fetish object but little to no physical arousal.

For example, I have definitely been fascinated by epidemic scenarios, diseases, and diarrhea since at least age 4 or 5 (that's just how far back I can remember), probably due to a nasty stomach bug that disrupted my toilet training when I was 2 (which I can't remember, but my mom says it happened), but I did not experience genital arousal from it until about age 11. Then, while fantasizing about expelling diarrhea, I noticed (with some annoyance!) that I "felt" the "imaginary" sensation "in the wrong spot." I did not know much about sex and did not know how to masturbate, so I assumed I had just confused the sensations of shitting and peeing. I learned how to masturbate several months later, and while pretty much anything remotely sexual will get a 12-year-old off, the most pleasurable were scat scenarios, or even lists of words for diarrhea or digestive illnesses. Having absolutely no idea what pornography was beyond "pictures of bad things on the internet," I'd read the encyclopedia articles for cholera or dysentary while masturbating. I did not even know what fetishes were until about a year later, when I found a medical encyclopedia–lots of excitingly nasty diseases, and a full-page cross-section of heterosexual "coitus"–which had entries like "paraphilia" and "coprophilia," which, btw, was also the first time anything had told me I should be ashamed of any of this. (Before, I was worried about going to hell, but just for masturbation, not what I was masturbating to.) The full manifestation of my fetish did coincide with puberty but predated full orientation-based sexuality; while I'd had kiddie crushes since I was maybe 9, my first overt sexual attraction to another person was age 14, nearly two years after I started masturbating to scat scenarios.

tl;dr, a real fetish is a permanent fixation formed at an early age that causes involuntary dopamine and other neurochemical release in response to fetish triggers, leading to mental satisfaction or fascination and, except sometimes in children, involuntary sexual arousal. Unless the fetish object is a type of person, the presence of the fetish commonly supersedes sexual orientation or other limits of attraction–for example, a heterosexual man will often be aroused by fetish content even if it contains a male subject, or someone with absolutely no pedophilic tendencies may masturbate to fetish content with loli or shotacon, despite being unaffected or even repulsed by it in other contexts. In some cases, it may be difficult or impossible for a fetish-haver to become aroused without fetish material or fantasies, which may cause personal difficulties, but often fetish-havers can still experience arousal from "normal" sexual situations and do not experience sexual dysfunction in the absence of the fetish.

(tbc, apparently it was too long)


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>>24665 continued

Modern psychiatry doesn't consider paraphilias (fetishes) to be mental illness unless they cause excessive guilt or anxiety, social difficulties or sexual dysfunction, or harm to self or others. When they do, the treatment focus is on reducing guilt and anxiety, solutions to the social difficulties or sexual dysfunction, and finding safe ways to express the fetish and resisting harmful behavior–not trying to change or eliminate the fetish, which doesn't work. There are rare reports of people changing orientation or sexual preferences after strokes or similar brain trauma, but obviously getting rid of a fetish isn't worth inflicting something like that! These reports also suggest that fetishes and sexuality are indeed innate, part of brain structure, and formed during early brain development. Since any fetishes you may have are part of your brain–a feature, not a bug–you can't give yourself brain damage by indulging a fetish, unless you engage in risky activities (such as choking, blows to the face, certain types of drug use, or coprophagia (which can lead to infections that in rare cases can spread to the brain)). Unless you are masturbating so much that it interferes with everyday life or relationships, or doing risky activities to fulfill your fetish, there is no need to be worried about having one, and "quitting" the fetish, except for a short period (1-2 months) to defamiliarize yourself with erotic materials so they become more effective, is probably unnecessary. Most cases of excessive masturbation or hypersexuality/compulsive sexual behavior aren't actually "sex addiction," but symptoms of other problems such as anxiety, OCD, PTSD (especially from sexual trauma), mania, depression, or even neurological or hormonal problems such as persistent sexual arousal disorder (PSAS, sometimes also PGAD, persistent genital arousal disorder). In some women, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) can manifest as mania, hypomania, and/or unwanted arousal. Pornography use itself does not cause "sex addiction," and abstaining from fetishes or masturbation/sexual activity may make mental health worse. (For males, it is also better for prostate health to ejaculate at least 2-3 times per week. Besides being dubious reasoning and bad science at best, "nofap" can literally give you prostate cancer.) If you're experiencing any kind of compulsive sexuality, investigate other physical and mental health problems before deciding that sexuality itself is the problem.

>>24395 OP, it's fine to take a break from scat if you want–ultimately, it's your decision!–but it probably doesn't need to be as long as a year, and trying to quit it permanently will probably just make you miserable. While it's normal in our culture to feel shame about fetishes, particularly ones like scat, fetishes are not bad things, and shame is usually a thing to try to get rid of over time, while still retaining the caution appropriate to staying safe in a sexphobic/fetish-phobic society. If you want to diversify your tastes in porn, think about why scat appeals to you–for example, loss of control, messiness, sadism/masochism, and humiliation are common themes–and see if any of those aspects also show up in other types of porn. For example, if you're into scat where someone loses control and messes themself, you might find forced orgasm porn appealing. Meanwhile, if you're more turned on by the scat being messy and getting everywhere, you might also be turned on by cum marking or bukkake. In general, scat fetishists tend to prefer buttocks to be emphasized in other types of pornography. Really, though, best of luck with coming to terms with your kinks, in whatever way works for you!

(Note that what is "kinky" is highly culturally contextual, and while most people have some kind of sexual fixation, some of these are normalized by society and aren't culturally considered kinky. For example, it is common in the West for men to be fixated on breasts to the point that it would be considered a type of partialism fetish if it were another body part, such as feet, in rare cases even to the point of breasts being a trigger for premature ejaculation. However, since in our culture breasts are considered very sexual, such men are considered fairly normal for the most part. Meanwhile, other cultures, especially in tropical areas where wearing less clothing is common, consider the idea of finding breasts particularly arousing compared to other non-genital parts of the body is considered abnormal or ridiculous.)


I was talking about the different issue: medically fetish is the situation when you are attracted to something else than a human being.
A normal man is *supposed* to be attracted to a woman as a whole, not to some kinds of features or items.

This causes problems in relationships because people do not get aroused just from seeing each other but they require something different as for example you may only get aroused if your girlfriend is wearing panties and you focus your attention on those panties but kinda ignore her herself. Or he may focus on her feet, breast some kind of other body features. If that happens, she will very likely get upset since women want to be the center of attention.
Medically philia is not just an attraction to something but the fixation on that thing exclusively. So someone who likes both children and adult women is not a pedophile, but a person who is exclusively attracted to children and shows no interest in adult women is a pedophile.
Generally, the same rule applies to all psychiatry all disorders are extreme expressions of some single issue which consumes entire personality. So psychologist is not supposed to take away that issue from his client (or there will be nothing left), but to add more interests.

Even if your "love maps" start developing in your childhood brain is pretty flexible here and you will almost definitely develop new interests over time even as an adult (or lose old ones). We can observe this happening all around when new kind of things get introduced and become pretty popular. As for example anal and vaginal prolapse which was totally nonexistent 10 years ago and now almost every respectable porn star does that.
Just recently pussy hair was kinda the main feature (as that hair itself was the erotic thing) and all porn stars were over 30 but now mainstream turned into fetish itself.

So either way the solution is to develop new interests and not to try to get rid of the only thing you have without any replacement


OP here
This is actually difficult. I have already burned out several times either in attempts to go cold turkey or shift between scat and other stuff. First time because I simply could not resist the temptation, second time because it was almost like my sexuality stopped working. I could fap to other things, but it is almost like I didn't mentally crave it.

So I really did end up brain damaged :/

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