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#23980 source?


>>24028 by the artist ちー丸


Hey all! I don't know if any of you know me, but I wrote a couple of stories on Lit. Most of them ended up lost to spammers but one still remains and the rest are over on Nyou fiction.

Anyway the point of my message here is a simple one, to ask if you guys might want a shota scat story similar to my loli ones. I had been planning on writting one for a while but never got around to it (the demand for my loli stories seemed pretty high too) I just don't want to go through with writting something that will get more hate than love (there is always some anti gay sentiment floating around)


I personally would love to read it!


>>24042 more stories is always better man



Any scat story (loli or shota) is better than no story, at all.


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Does anyone have any macro fart or scat pics?


23980&23981 source?


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