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i can understand /req/ being unhelpful. who's browsing it. no one can tell what board anything on there is from.

on the other hand who wants to post something a beggar pleads for, often without thanks or getting complaints from them

i kind of think a stronger banhammer would be good. 4chan has a rule that if you do not post at least six images related to your thread topic you are banned. that should be here. and there should be a stickied guide on how to use saucenao, get a pixiv account, and beat the panda because if you can't do those you are doomed to being a beggar.




There aren't moderators or rules here.
Req is a section for furry & guro where scat is always ignore.

People who ask here for something need to be educated, but there aren't thousand topics. I guess a request can stay here.

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