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another toilet-related rpg that now has a 20 hour trial that looks at least really funny if not super graphic, has some kind of plot where demons stole the towns toilets and you're on a quest to get them back so people don't just shit everwhere, or something like that accoding to google translate. apparently you also have to use the piss option to solve puzzles.

once again I cannot get it to run despite having applocale installed and having followed the instructions to put AUDIO from the second zip in the WWW folder in the first, it fails to load japanese-titled script in the JS folder even when running in japanese admin


I don't have pixiv account to try it, but some games made by RPG Maker will work only if you have RPG Maker installed in your computer. Also, you need to read the kanji in the name of Audio/Image files inside subfolders.

I suppose you downloaded a rar/zip files. Check inside subfolders (audio/SE for example) if you can read japanese kanji. If no, you have to solve this problem before extract the files on your computer.
NTLEA or Applocale can't rename those files.


okay i guess this is what i'll do later

game is downloadable on dev diary


Bah.. he made a stupid zip. Rar file doens't f*ck up the name of the files if they are in other language.
I hope you can find a solution because if you don't want to change your system in a Japanese OS you'll have to delete this game.

I have a notebook with japanese settings and I can try there. Anyway he used a RPG maker version who works without uses of applocale or NTLEA.
You can start the exe file when solved problem with kanji in the name of files.


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Not sure if this error is related to your post but after extracting the audio file into the game file I get this whenever I try ti open the game.


Audio folder goes inside folder www.
Anyway it lags a lot. Story: you are dream like in bloodborn and have to pass a maze inside mounts to reach the city, killing lots of enemies, stealing them blood to recover your HP.
I didn't find a way to reach the city ..........
Am I playing a hentai game or a shitty pseudo copy of a masterpiece?


Ah no. when you reach the city the game switch to Ace Attorney and you have to find a culprit of something.
Of course, no hentai scenes.

Sorry bro, I deleted the game because it sucks!! Don't waste your time over it.


The Ace Attorney-like part is only the first part of the game. After it, you do end up controlling characters. There are battles, but the game's problem is that the encounter rate is way too high. Luckily, the developer said he's working on a fix.


wow amaging lol


sorry this game is so lame

i find the idea of toilet scenes in an rpg pretty alluring but they never do what i really want them to.

maybe i sould make my own... but that's a lot of work.

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