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This one is from 6teen, as the show has a number of toilet scenes. Also please refrain from using fanart because I want to keep it official.


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Episode aswell


hm, they changed the sound effect in this language, it's more graphic in english
from the lemon-aids walk


>>22462 is from the first episode of the Bounty Hunters cartoon. Idk which time but the scene occurs at the very end.


>>22457 Is this a real scene from Mr. Pickles? I can't find it anywhere.


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let's all request them to do more of that, like have her react to YouTube comments on the toilet or something.


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Producing parker dee on toilet


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Parker on the toilet



Dora the grownup 5


Can't share link.


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Jesus, calm down. The guy's just posting related content.


they're spamming horrible photoshops.


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Robot Chicken S9E15



Checked the episode and it ain't there.


I ve been trying to find that robot chicken scene forever, does anyone know what episode it is in?


I think it's 14 not 15 the internet fucks thing up from time to time. It's call why is it wet?


Hey can you time stamp the scene, been trying to find, still no luck


It' after the mister bubble skit i know that much i can't find it either.


wat ep is the mr bubble skit in?


Its Episode 14 for sure. I found it on at 8:14. Just make sure you're viewing it through Server 2, because for some reason, Server 1 links to the Walking Dead special


Dude ur a top bloke!!



Thought I should try and keep this up. I saw a few new family guy ones. In Family Guy - Quagmire Wants Lois Bad 3:22 Lois mentions that after the steak she had, she's gonna lay down on the toilet, its only implied but you get her holding her stomach a little.

And in this Family Guy - Peter uses Women's Restrooms (Season 16) 2:50 Peter's in the womens bathroom at a tennis match, where you can see two pairs of feet moving while grunting, kinda like a tennis match too.
Tried to put the link there, but it counted as spam for some reason so just copy and paster the names i put here on youtube,

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