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American comics where girls can be shown using the toilet?
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She-hulk on the toilet


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Serie Verde 5



Wrong board.


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Necron Magnus


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like magnus's art style and wish he had done a more toilet scenes. i really like the villainess in the necron comic.
love how detailed this ass is.


Has anybody found las chambeadoras 258 ? I'll upload eight more toilet scenes if you do.


most of the uploaders on exhentai who did mexican comics have not posted since last year for some reason. the one or two still uploading do not upload mexican comics. haven't seen them on other avenues either.

not sure how to buy and scan them - and i could not right now - but i think that's the only choice. googling "chambeadoras 258" only brings up fake ebook sites and this thread unfortunately.


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falcolight dropped a huge elvifrance lot on exhentai, found at least this bathroom scene

in another one (incube 75) a rat crawls up a woman's butthole and then bursts out her chest, that might be something for the /g/ crowd


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File: 1535052514000.jpg (96.45 KB, 600x843, s569771106.jpg)

from ziki, doctora Vender tu Hijo y Morir
there's a fish in the sink, her gf immediately puts that fish in her vag


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de sade issue 152, let's all poop together
probably other issues have shit content. it's a de sade comic. will go through what's available at some point for content.


File: 1536953704570.jpg (168.11 KB, 746x930, 007.jpg)

Aca Los maistros34


Mamabliss bellystuffed “university of poo”


File: 1546713254083.jpg (140.85 KB, 1131x1596, x088.jpg)

bizarre comic from exhentai, petit paul


File: 1546713287817.jpg (139.08 KB, 1131x1596, x089.jpg)


File: 1546713372796.jpg (122.6 KB, 1131x1596, x090.jpg)


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bonus piss


Is there a link to the males?


Can someone please make a seperate thread for male scenes in american comics, like the ones made by Leone Frollo?



You can make the thread yourself.


And I'd make that how?



By pretty much doing the same thing you do in this thread, but on the /s/ Index instead.


If anyone is interested in male toilet scenes from comics, please feel free to join me here:


which issue is this?


307. Cont means continued. All those pages are from the same comic. The woman is the one using the toilet there, her boyfriend is just keeping her company.



Not 307, issue 308.
I keep fat fingering my mobile keyboard.


I think he's going too. I translated and it seems like he needs to poo too


Is there more of this on exhentai ? Forgot how to work around the sad panda thing, so I want to make sure it will be worth the hassle again.


Theres more of the comic but that's those are the relevant pages from it to /s/


Does anyone know the source ?


File: 1558166943901.gif (108.49 KB, 520x735, sd25.gif)

From a webcomic "Same Difference" by Derek Kirk Kim


File: 1558168898216.jpg (193.86 KB, 672x967, MJBivouac - Velma_Doing_he….jpg)

relevant, although not a comic


When y'all gonna make toilet pics of Shaggy and Fred?




actually it's not a webcomic but a published comic with multiple awards for something with a shittin scene that detailed and gratuitous lol


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Muses8 my hot neighbor issue 4 0r 5

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