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I need some hentai recommendations for pants filling and soaking


This thread needs to be active! I am majorly into the pants filling aspect of scat!


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This one here is pretty nice as it has both diarrhea and pants soiling. Mixing those two makes one of my favourite types of scat.


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Hey my dude. I have a fabulous recommendation for ya! It isn't strictly hentai, but it has very good drawn out images. The site is called ScatBoru. Once on the site, search panty_poop in the search bar and you will get thousands of results dedicated to girls filling their panties! It's a dreamland! Especially for people like you and I! There are more than 50 pages dedicated to this when you search, so you won't run out anytime soon. This site is really FILLING my porn folder! Go check it out, man! It's great! Just be weary of traps and chics with dicks! There are some! Unless that's, erm, your thing! Good luck!


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