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put your pov/close to pov, stuff in here


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is loli n' stuff allowed?


>>22168 yeah its allowed bro, i don't care that much about it


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k then


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for people who like furry ws


Read the rules


>>22179 oh sorry dude i didn't know, is there a way i can delete it then?


I don't see why we have to be stuck with the gore sickos over on /fur/ anyway. It sucks.


I don’t understand why we have to be stuck with the gore sickos in the first place


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Please tell me you have an extra hidden Tumblr account somewhere..


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Does anybody know if this is from a game?
If so which one, and could i please get a link for it?


One of famous Kuso games. Maybe the longest one.


kuso6.exe failed to execute


Kuso's games will work only with Locale Emulator administrator mode.

Also, don't delete the archive file; sometimes these games crash and windows delete automatically the exe file.



thanks that got it working


Whats the name for the game


Whats the name for the game

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