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My favorite shit

I also made an discord channel for scat



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Sorry about the double post


TheHiddenMode made this one.


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Or this one by someone... I can't remember whoo....


delet this


Go back to 4chan


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By Ohigetan


fuck that guy holy shit
the more we ignore him the faster he will disappear


It's better that no one remembers who made this.



Why's the guy so despised, though?


Attention whore that fishes for compliments with the bread-and-butter "My art is bad" or "I should stop posting" statements. Looks the other way when given advice and would rather make excuses whenever someone points out flaws in their art, all the while claiming that they are improving despite not having changed since they've started.
Their art and anatomy is all-around bad, so it's just annoying to see it and the small handful of white knight desperate folk that actually find it actually acceptable. It's a damn shame because the artist has REALLY good concepts, but has horrible execution.

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