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it's on an unihabited island again
stars lesbians
there's a demo


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I hope to see some animations this time.


Sweet. I’ve been waiting for this. Hopefully this fucking site stays up long enough for someone to post a link.


In the meantime. Anybody have the previous two games Crotch made?



I have all three of them full save, but in Japanese & Chinese language.



Go ahead, please.

As long the games are functional there's nothing to worry about.


dear unsung_soldier:
if you download the dlsite link and extract it, you can go through the files and see the other cgs if you want to see the scat related cgs for upload. you don't have to play the game.
crotch's other games have cg galleries uploaded to exhentai as well, search for crotch on game cg tag


New version of RPG maker will compile every files inside the subfolders into .pyo extension. You have to play for the CGs.

And there aren't any galleries.


good thing this is not new rpgmaker then


It appears to be out now.


It is on hentiai-share but my stupid f*cking browser blocking me to open a link with kanji inside.

I can't stand these google based browers that upgrade themselves with stupid strictly rules.

ulmf thread, has google drive link


I played a little and it's difficult than other games from crotch.
It could be better. Difficult to understand why a rock gives damage when attacked.
I hope for a translation pack from ulmf site because is difficult to understand everything.

How to switch from blonde girl to red one? Is possible?


You don't: this is an RPG so if you talk to her, she joins your party and you play as both of them. But you can't switch between the two.


No, you can't switch characters, You can only ask her to join.
Actually, this game is much easier than the others. Cleared the game yesterday, if you got any question, feel free to ask.


>>21507 could you give us a rough walkthrough? no details, i just honestly don't know what the hell am I supposed to do at any given time or what's the "objective" for unlocking cgs


I want to try again to know what have to do but seems I have to speak with bald man to unlock something. Thank you.


Most of the cg will unlock when two main characters get level up.

If you want to clear the game, you have to go to the snow mountain and get the instruction of the raft.


Is there a place on the island where they use the bathroom or no? I cant find anything, do you have to build it?


You have to find a page of the survival guide and it will tell you the pieces you need to build one. IIRC it’s 5 sticks and 5 leaves. I think you have to buy the guide in the airport before you fly, so if you didn’t, I don’t think you can’t find it.


Sure about that? Considering you have the option to skip directly to the island, I think the pages exist even without buying the guide.


Not sure about that. I bought the porn magazine and food but I found only the first one inside my inventory when on island. The guide page could be in the inventory only if you buy it. Need more tests.


No, you don't have to buy it in the airport. According to the map I posted, "yellow stars" are the places where you can get the survival guides. "トイレ" is mean "Toilet", once you collect the guide, you can build the toilet next to the base.


"Rrezz" at ulmf has announced to made at least a partial translation a few days ago. Today nothing new.


Where did he say that?


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New Crotch game coming soon. Creator says the demo should be out by this weekend.


I wish they would move away from the survival elements, makes the games so bothersome to play, making me constantly chug items.


Survival isn't a problem. An Unbalanced gameplay is.



Nice, a milf. It's good to have an adult protagonist for a change.


The demo is available for those interested (follow the link and click the purple button that says 体験版ダウンロード). The full game is slated for a late March release.


Just a heads up, it doesn't appear that you can poop in the demo, so y'all might not want to bother.



We are intereste, but why zip!? It lost the encoding format and now the name of files, written in japanese, are impossible to use. This sucks!


what program do you need to run these rpg games on win10?


RPGVXAce RTP, maybe.


I didn’t upload it, I just found it there. My PC is in Japanese so I had no problems unzipping it.


cgs are up on exhentai.

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