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He was apparently one of the old timers (Waaaaaay back) who made great stuff. Does anyone have more of his work?


I wouldn't say his work is "great stuff"...



I remember Jupiter well. I’d just like to know where he went at this point.



OK, I know this has been asked before, but how does one access exhentai? All I see is a sad panda.


I just replace "exhentai" with "e-hentai"



Thank you so much!


Have to have an e-hentai account, be logged, clear your cookies, and then it should work. If it doesn't, there are Chrome plugins you can use, still need an account though


Are there any more pictures of his besides that one link? I know he supposedly had a prison series as well but i've never seen any proof.


I have been obsessively googling combinations of toilet, woman, and art since 2004 and I have never seen a prison series by JJ. If it ever existed it's probably lost forever,


You're not the first person to suggest that. Jupiter himself just kind of vanished one day according to MicroScribbles, although we was supposedly already in his 60's back then. Hopefully some more of his work will turn up. I wonder if he wrote an stories to go along with his art....


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I guess I've got more than all known because I have images not in those sets


Please post them. I'm want to see what other art he has


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E hentai galleries jumpin jupiter


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