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The poop goddess. I'm thinking of making something but I'd like the source material.


File: 1510453217366.jpg (320.16 KB, 1280x1024, shalahsama_a.jpg)

By the way, the source is 2 carat. If you have any more info on the character, as opposed to the thread, I'd like that too.


File: 1510453489657.jpg (402.84 KB, 1087x1000, 15906618_p0.jpg)

Tao of 2carat, rather.


i challenge someone to make a SFW version of Shalah, so they can see her glory without puritan moderation blocking her light


Was it "shalah" or "shasta"? I don't remember.

Her priests never wash and bathe in filth to venerate her, what more is there to know?


I remember there was a version of the second image with text, I'd like to find that inage again.


Try the Wayback Machine. Should be from summer 2014. That's when I read it, anyway. (On a Nintendo 3DS web browser, of all things lol.) I think it was "Shalah."

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