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This released this week for anyone interested. Google translate says:

"I produced a short animation of married toilet voyeurism. Characters are five young people, Arima, Hosokawa, Matsudaira, Nijo, Naito. All will urinate / defecate, so please refrain from those who are not good at that. Movie playing time is 7 minutes."


yeah... I bought it at the day it came out. It's just a video of these girls using toilet, pissing, farting, and pooping. The view is set under the toilet.


Can someone share the video?


"It's just a video of these girls using toilet, pissing, farting, and pooping"

Well, that's what we're here for, please share?



Would be interested in seeing too. Please share?


BUMP! Please someone dropbox this? :(


Not that guy, but here you are. Be thankful, I honestly do not think it's worth the price they're asking.!xSRmwCTC!MUS2x6M0psVX8cdazFjdhwRAh0FlKs1B93_flFL6dec


Bless you; you've done a great service to us all. I do agree, even one of the older kuso games had better animated scenes (albeit on one angle) and more characters.

And judging from the lack of trailers we should've all seen it coming, but hey...its animated, and its always welcome.


Thank you man that was very noble of you



Wow, this guy was REALLY scrimping on the animation and sound effects (the farting and "greasy crackling" was pretty awful... also no grunting from the girls???), and I SAW a short animated preview on his Pixiv page of one of the girls squatting over the toilet, fully animated; none of this motion blur shit. He got REALLY lazy.

I'm happy you gave this to us man, I really do. You didn't have to do this, but you did a "necessary evil", anyways, and I'm happy you did... But I feel bad for the suckers who bought the download, now.


I think it is a decent animation. Kuso games used worse poop sounds (mumu's games aren't better) and rarely grunting sounds are used inside games.

If you are talking about some projects like one made by SMS you have to think that they are on a different planet, development speaking (they made doujinshi too).
Also it is the first animation from this artist.



>I think it is a decent animation.

Compared to this...


... it's cheap, lazy shit! He took something good, and lazily "stretched" it out.


Sorry, I don't have an account on pixiv to watch it.
Anyway I know that there are better animations but involving scat are few and the one in this thread isn't bad.
If you played some "Castle" games you know what bad animations are. :D


Well, the link in question is literally the same one angle (from the same artist who made the animation) but with more frames (and no substances coming out of either orifice)...this "animation" basically stretched it 5 times its size, drew less frames for each character, and sold it for 10 bucks.


Oh, a good way to make money with less work.
Maybe he tried to sell animation from dlsite instead CGs.
I can only hope to see his better works with poo and pee in future :D

Thanks for explanation.


File: 1510413215990.gif (1.85 MB, 640x466, 62871048.gif)


Here's a gif of what he linked.



Yup. That's the one. If he animated his thing more like this, it'd be WAY WORTH the money!


You're very welcome!
I agree, but I also think he could've made the poops a bit more varied. They were all extremely similar, except for the last girl with the apple... Also, I don't think he quite knows how anuses work.



Lol. Yeah I agree. An anus swells, peels open, and crowns. It doesn't open like an apertured door XD


He released a new video for anyone who cares:

Apparently it has a blowjob then a shitting scene going by the description. Also the spam protection is annoying as fuck trying to post a link.


Regarding spam protection you have to substitute the "tt" in the first part of link with "xx". An automatic system will change them again when you post it.

I like these videos, at least we have them instead of single CG.>>21454


I see. Guess I'll test that out:



Neat, thanks for letting me know.


Anyone manage to get their hands on this yet?


Bump for this.


Hey other than this artist did anybody also find artist who do this because i think there are alot but since theres a language barrier for some of us its kinda hard who makes these animations and who dont.


Videos are most difficult files to find because nobody share them.
On dlsite you can find 2 or 3 three artists that make videos with scat, but I didn't find any on share sites.

I guess we'll never watch them until buy.


Got any links to those artists who do animations?


thanks for everything


File: 1526764820507.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 445415221.png)

It's very badly animated. The seems to get out of your screen and the shit floats


Tokyokyoto produces efro animations.


I like the artwork but cant understand it. How much does it cost exactly?



If you're referring to it's 1200 yen which is about 10 dollars.


Um no im refering to the works of tokyokyoto


If you get all the animations, it's about 6 dollars, but separately they are about 2 dollars each.

I've been waiting forever for someone to leak the new one...


File: 1527612600403.jpg (179.87 KB, 620x451, 05afc19c-3157-4638-aa85-61….jpg)

Can someone share the video?


File: 1527612763537.jpg (155.61 KB, 620x465, 822e6c6f-3013-4e60-920d-fe….jpg)

Can someone share the gamefile?


Hey does the this video really look like the actual animation of the game or is it just for show?




I found a video of that in thisvid heres the link


Also can someone find me a gamefile for Seiheki Dominansu by Msize. Ive been looking around the internet but cant seem to find it at all.


thank you and If you find the game file, please upload it.



Whoops. Here's the proper link:

Don't know how I fucked that up.


Thanks! Lets hope this one works because im sure it would get taken down. If anyone wants it get it quick so we fellow watchers can ask for assistance in the future.


File: 1528640366563.jpg (155.61 KB, 620x465, 1527612763537.jpg)

Your link is not this game.


That’s not Seiheki Dominance that >>22588 was asking for either, now is it?


can someone post a non torrent ver?


Its better as a torrent, if it were a download its could take longer plus it also has a hard time working on phones if you download it.


File: 1528706013174.jpg (155.61 KB, 620x465, ]]].jpg)

I want this game file :-(. Do you have it?


File: 1528706021360.jpg (155.61 KB, 620x465, ]]].jpg)

I want this game file :-(. Do you have it?


Well is you want us to find it we need its name. Finding it using the picture provided wont get us any results.


It was on hentai-share when played it but I don't remember the name to search again.
Not a great game IMHO, but it worth a try.

Please, if you have link from dlsite I can check on hentai-share if still exists.


It says To Aru Mikoto no Funben Choukyou (Sukatoro Play) - とある美琴の糞便調教スカトロプレイ


It's also found in the OP's Booth link



Go to dlsite and tipying とある美琴の糞便調教 and search. Than you can get you want link.


Can you give me the link of the hentai-share site?


hey how can you properly run seiheki dominance game. i got it out of its zip but it somehow cant run. does it need some kind of launcher or some other kind of tweaking



It's a Japanese game. 99.99% of the time you need to be running Japanese system locale on your PC.


Is there some kind of emulator that runs or behaves like a japanese system or im going to have a game that wont run and would give me an error sign with two codes and ghe name of the game.


you can change your system local to japanese in settings. go to region and language then click on the additional date,time,and regional settings button.then click change location.then click administrative and finally click change system local.
does anyone have a mega,dropbox,mexashare,ext link other then a torrent?


for the seiheki dominance game*


No and it was better as a torrent. And if you did download the torrent your gonna need WINZIP for it as it is a form of compressed file named a dl. Also tell me if it works on your PC when you adjust it.


it has been uploaded to the hentai shareing site now so i can download it in rar format.ill tell u if changeing the system local works. it normally does


and it works


Is there any Visual novels like seiheki dominance? I like the scat version so much.


File: 1558294554365.jpg (196.87 KB, 560x420, 1553112892252.jpg)

Does anyone have this animation? If someone had it, could someone please create a download link? Tq



It's on the guys Booth - hxxps://

I've not found a download thus far but maybe someone else around here can help.



Scat/Piss Animation


Another animation, 8 minutes long with scat and piss. Hopefully this and the previous one get uploaded by someone.

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