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I'm trying to play this game and I hope someone else here can help me with that. It is a 3D game made with Unity and there many spots where pee, poo or masturbate.
I found 5 "maps" in free mode but I'm not sure if have to kill a certain number of monsters to unlock them or If I have to find some codes to use inside tutorial room.
Also I cannot understand how to unlock the achivements with CGs in the initial menu.

This game is a TPS (Third person shooter) with FPS (First person shooter) part if you push F on keyboard; to play you need a good graphic card and at the moment I can play only with 10 frame per second. This game is difficult, due to horrible camera movement and quite invisible viewfinder. Also, the monster are too fast with puzzling AI which allow them to stop near you and do nothing.
Unity itself is a problem when allow monsters to go through closed doors or spawn behind locked doors (outside playable map).

Poo and pee scene are quite good but to see something you have to fight against the two system camera because it clashes on objects and is anchored on the head of our heroine (censored). There are many outfits for her with many options but needs to pay for them with coins gained by killing monsters.

I found this game on hentai-share.


I expected a porn game with a cute anime girl shitting and got creepy mutants who were screeching like chimps rushing me down as I ran in panic.

How do I get the scat? I can get her to pee in the toilet in her house but only get her to wet herself at a urnial.


Can you share the game’s files all in a single folder?


Look for foods like what appears to be yellow fruits (potatoes? apples?), as well as potato chips. Eat enough of them (but not so much as to make you puke), you can unlock the option of defecation if you go to the toilet.

Torrents are out there.


How do you even shoot? Whenever I try to fire my gun, it just vibrates. No bullets come out.


Also, is there anyway to poo other than the toilet in the house?


Can anyone give a rundown on the controls?


Btw is it possible to fix the camera? It really is horrible.


Shooting is quite simple: you have to aim and shoot. Yes, you have to push two (wow TWO!) buttons to do it. There isn't any fast shooting. (push F for FPS) NOTE: to kill the monsters fast you have to shoot them on legs.

If you push ESC on your keyboard you'll see a menu on the left. The third choice is the configuration menu with two panels. First panel is for adjusting camera: first bar is how fast camera moves with mouse and second bar is how fast character turn around herself with guns.
Second panel is for audio (three bars on the left) and buttons binding: mouse and keyboard. NO gamepad. ç.ç (Unity supports them...)

To unlock some pooping scenes you have to shoot yellow mojos (gummy one, for money and buy clothes) and collect porn sketches/drawings on floors/wall. Also there are some maps (one is on the green chairs near metro) to know the special pooping spots.

Last but not least you have to use the numeric keypad inside tutorial room using the numbers on whiteboard. What combinations? I dunno. I found only the one for "Very Easy" (mode? task? wave?) like wrote on whiteboard.

Do not push the red button outside your room... really... don't do it.


I found something interesting.
A video about yellow mojos for money. (He is playing in Free mode, no monsters.)

I hope to find a video about drawings and sketches...


Could you explain how to do the special pooping scenes, at least?


Could someone upload build 4? Builds 3 and 4 had a number of bug fixes but the only downloads I could find are up to build 2.


Well... I read some twitter information about this game (on dev's account) and seems you have to "use" different clothes on different pooping spots to have special scenes.
If you need the spots I suggest you to go in free mode and found the maps because isn't east to explain where to find them.
For example: one is near/under the helicopter parking place, on the right of bridge, next to grass. Other one is on the hill front of helicopter parking place. You need the maps to understand what i'm talking about.

About the builds I have the one from hentai-share. Sorry but don't know how to obtain the last release.


If you have money, you could buy it from DLsite. Then afterwards, you could upload/torrent it somewhere.


Anyone know how to fix the resolution thing? The game only comes with one resolution, which is far too big for my (underpowered) laptop. And I can't resize the window at all.


No need to be smug, dude. There's a bug where you legitimately can't shoot. You have to grab a different gun or respawn to fix it.


Can someone give me some hints on map locations? I managed to find two in the metro, but the rest elude me.


the downloads that i find for eliminator always end up having missing files or just don't work, can anyone direct me to one that does work?


Just look for torrents.


I found the links on hentai-share and used them from mexashare. (beware of popup).

I don't remember where to find other pieces of map but you can watch this video for some hints.


mega plz


Could anyone upload build 4? Seems most of the bugs have been fixed in it.


A file that is broken for me is sharedassets1.assets, could anyone upload theirs?


Stop begging fags, I found it by following Anonimo and just going to hentai-share and searching Eliminator


I guess replacing a broken file translates to giving them the entire folder.


I can upload all the assets files but you have to confirm me that you have the 1.01 b2 version of the game. Different versions of assets files will not solve your problem.

Anyway, I found a way to improve the performance of the game:
- set to OFF the last three parameters on second panel (right part) of config menu
- add some space between the camera and character using the first bar on the same menu (left part) after the three bars for sound

Also, avoiding combat near the hill or inside too small places. Now I can reach 16-20 fps and the game is like... another one. :D

Q: I found all the codes from whiteboards but how to unlock the door under escalators in metro and the metal door inside our room?


Ive tried to download the game, and get iit running, it just did buggy stuff though...
(Ive somehow got it so far running that i could start the game even though i dont understand japanese) All i could do is falling out of the map that was just pink.

Anyway im sure that its not the performance of my gpu or cpu.

Do i need japanese Lokale?

Could someone pls repost a free download place that i can try to download a version that isnt... that unplayable.


No, you don't need any japanese "translator" to play this game because of Unity.
I suggest you to check if your computer can run Unity programs properly.
Maybe some components can help you...


How do you poop? I have tried eating as many chips as possible to fill the gauge full but the girl still not pooping


Can the characer poop/soil herself?


You have to go to the toilet, push E and then push the button for poop (first option); if you didn't play the game and kills any monsters I suggest to use the bathroom in your room.

She can piss herself in front of urinal only when you drink at max (blue bar).


I do have 1.01 b2 of the game, so I'll appreciate it greatly if you can get me those asset files



If your blue bar (peeing bar) is also full then it would be the second option for defecation "排便"


Well, that shows the actual pooping locations, not the maps. As I'm sure you know, you can't actually use the locations until you find the map- even if you go to the exact spot.


Someone share a dropbox for the full game please? I can't find it anywhere, I got one link but there was a virus :(


Is there anyway to play this game on lower settings or anything that will increase my frame rate? I would really love to play this game but at the "Fastest" setting I can only achieve 3fps v____v


Here is the asset1.asset. 330Mb total so you'll need time.


Thank you so much


Could someone post the download links? Those hentai-share links are terrible, most of them are already expired and the mexashare links are no good either.

I was only able to download from the second mexashare link and the file had some video in it instead of the game.


Can she be killed while taking a shit? :)



I used the MexaShare links in this particular page but just know that the sharedassets1.asset file is broken and needs replacement


Yes; I was pooping when my head left my body for a better future without monsters and blood.

Thanks to our saviour and lord Unity which allow monsters to attack me behind the doors like they aren't exist...

Ps: you can play without head.


this is awful.


Can someone just upload the pooping scenes in the game?


I've been playing the version from hentai share just fine, good thing I backed it up when I tried that new asset file because afterward I replaced the one already in the game with it my game wouldn't load.


I clock in a whooping 3 FPS when I play this game. Yaaaaaay.

I followed >>19518's advice on turning off those parameters and I'm still locked at 3 FPS.

Does anyone know how to reduce the graphics or anything else to the absolute bare minimum to improve performance? I want to try more tactics before I call it quits and just delete the game off my shitty pc.


Check this thread guys: It has fixes for some of the problems you're having as well as cheat codes.


How to change screen resolution?


Not found, my dude.


ULMF is currently having problems with its Ubuntu server. May or may not be back within the next few days.


Why did you change the asset file if you were playing? I uploaded that file for who have a corrupted file.

You have the same problem I have with computer in office. I guess we don't have a graphic card that support this type of game. At home I'm using the integrated card with CPU and the game works. (i5 in my case)


Can anyone give any cheat codes?


I was able to find a cached version of that ulmf site and found an uncensored patch as well as a list of cheat codes. to access the cheat codes, u have to press the page down button in game, the cheat codes are as follows:
"Player Vomit"
"Teleport 0"
"Teleport 1"
"EventSystem_ShowPassCode 0"
"EventSystem_ShowPassCode 1"
"EventSystem_ShowPassCode 3"
"Player_ChangeMainWeapon 0"
"Player_ChangeMainWeapon 1"
"Player_ChangeMainWeapon 2"
"Player_ChangeMainWeapon 3"
"Player_ChangeMainWeapon 4"
"Player_ChangeMainWeapon 5"
"Player_Cloth 0"
"Player_Cloth 1"
"Player_Cloth 2"
"Player_Cloth 3"
"Player_Cloth 4"
"Player_Cloth 5"
"Player_Cloth 6"
"Player_Cloth 7"
"Player_Cloth 8"
"Player_Cloth 9"


Here is a link to the uncensor patch:


Thanks. Have a link to any patch that would fix the window size problem? At least with build 1 it only comes with one resolution, which is too small to fit anything.


Is there anything else you can do to improve performance? Like some way of changing the resolution, turning off visual effects, etc...

..or are you just simply fucked if you have a shitty pc?


>>19588 >>19591
I have to say that didn't find any differences between "Fast", "good" or other possibilities when play the game. Also, game itself start at 1280px. It seems start with standard settings.
Inside the configuration panel (in game) there are two parameters you can change:
- windowed / full screen
- resolution (1280*720)
If you use full screen the game will open higher than the monitor... :( I suggest to don't change it. I can only suggest to stay far from character to gain some fps.

Regarding 3 fps I guess if you don't have a video card accepted or recognized by Unity you will not able to play this game. I hope for a patch but developers are solve some problems on maps. You can read it on their blog.

>>19586 >>19587
Ah... My hero! Is this patch for beta2? We are still hoping for beta4...


>>19592 the client version i have is v1.0.1


No, it doesn't work on beta2. I got all pinky with that patch.
I don't remember where to see the code of beta for the game. The one on hentai-share is beta2 and the one on torrent was beta1.

Last release is beta4.


Can't access the cheats, I'm hitting the page down buttons and nothing comes up. Can you not access them when you're at home?


Cheating bar is in upper part of the game: it is a dark horizontal bar where you write the code. If you are moving character with "WASD" on keyboard you'll read that letters there. :D
It works everywhere even when the game is in pause but if you send the command in pause I'm not sure it works.

Q: Is it me or Kaede (character) moves herself without push buttons? Or is my keyboard...


Still not seeing it, I'm really hoping its not because of the resolution.

When it comes up for you, how far up is it? Is it past the FPS bar?
For me the FPS bar is at the very top of the screen.
I'm using the v1.0.1 version btw.


It's definitely the resolution problem: I have it too.

Speaking of resolution, is there any way to fix it on my laptop? No matter how I mess around with the graphics settings, it stays in that cutoff thing where I can't even see all of the HUD.


Can you link to this cached version?


I still can only find 2 of the maps :I

Does anyone remember even remotely where they found they other ones?


File: 1508831669671.png (5.69 MB, 2688x1512, door.png)

Anyone know what the deal is with this door in the subway? Any time I try to open it, it gives me this message in moonrunes.


From what I recall it's supposed to send you to some bonus running stage (referred to as the isekai , [異世界]). Don't know how it's unlocked but perhaps try killing yhe hidden girl, or try opening it and sticking around.

Be careful: once you do enter the stage, you can't stop running.


This is the door for "store" stage. Developers put inside some parts of the game like two monsters model, a train, a bed, etc...
You can still play the wave of monsters opening a common door.
I don't know how to open it but I guess you can do that after collect all the maps with spots for poo/masturbation (5 pieces on 2nd whiteboard inside tutorial room). I unlocked it without kill many monsters, without collect other porn pages and without drink much water. Only completing maps spots and after ate 50 pieces of chips/apples.


>>19622 >>19623
Less than 1280*720 you cannot set it. If your computer doesn't reach this resolution you can't play. You can't reduce the sizes of the game clicking on the borders like other programs. Like I wrote before if you try to set fullscreen resolution (in-game option) it will appear bigger than your screen. I guess there is a bug there; that's why I suggest to don't change the resolution than the lower one.

Regarding cheat bar it is under "fps" bar. At the moment I cannot upload any image but if you see the first image of this thread (cover of game) the cheat bar is on the knees of the yellowish kaede in the title. It is very long and cover 80% of the width of the game.


File: 1508923890272.png (4.39 MB, 1920x1200, Clue 1.png)

found a clue on another board in some building while jumping on the roofs


OK guys found some interesting things in this game you can say its spoilers...

so password for 1st keypad at safe room where you start is written on the wall 0921
password for 2nd keypad on board in training room is 1033815
there's and building you can reach by jumping through roof and there's hidden stuff there wont tell you what they are just look for it your self
password at keypad on board at that building is 103124 "you can find that password through cheats or on the hill at experiment room where developers tested stuff written there".
at the same building there are 3 doors one of them has keypad password is 0921 creepy stuff there.
and lastly found a way to enter that door in the sewers underground, to get inside you must type in the passwords on every keypad you find and you must find at least half or more collectable items on map like the green little doll that you shoot and give you points or manga pieces and erotic posters.
etc nice game little boring on waves, enemys do change here and there but no by a lot.
hope this will help for those who wanted to figure those little secrets.


File: 1509049926844.png (28.95 KB, 1921x1102, Why.png)

Heyho fellow scat lovers, i cant get the game running... Do you need something preinstalled? Everytime i start it it looks like that. It can be started but all i can see is a creepy pink colour everywhere and i can move around a bit. Seems like the graphics arent loading. Any suggestions?


You have downloaded v1.01 beta2 and changed the assets0 file with the one uploaded here to remove the censorship which is for beta4. It doesn't work.

You have to restore the assets0 file from beta2 or find the complete beta4.


Have a link for beta4?


im not good in finding anything connected to that game... Google doesnt help... HELP ME. I dubble the link request


Bumping for build 4


Bumping for build 4 in hopes that it might run better than build 2.


I bought the game, the only thing build 4 does over any of the other builds is when you shit, it stays around for a little bit instead of disappearing right away, and the western toilet animation is fixed for pooping.


So i managed to uncensor on whatever the current build was on sale at the moment


I read some tweets from the developer of this game but next updates will not be about pooping.
He is working on new monster, a spitter, like the one from L4D2 (not a great monster in that game). He already developed a new light machine gun and (if undertood correctly) a new sniper rifle.
Also he completed the possibility to go up on radio trellis.


Can someone upload build 4 for us please? Im so addicted to watching this girl poop


Anybody have any pointers on the special pooping maps. I found 1 on the green chair in the subway and two on the second floor of the subway near a pillar, but I am completely stuck regarding the whereabouts of the last two.

Subway? Outside? Inside? Helicopter? Any help is appreciated.


In my previous post I linked a video from bilibili site: at that link you can watch 5/6 videos where someone play the game and unlock all the spots and other collectibles.


Anyone got the link for build4?


Is there any option to actually have her pull her panties/pants down when she poops? I hate the fact there isn't as far as I can tell.


As far as I can tell, at least with build 1 that only happens if she's wearing just underwear, the school uniform, or the maid uniform. Not sure if that's changed in the later versions.


as fas as i know, build 3 got some new toilet animations for the default suit. not sure about build 4, dev just stated each update with fixes gets new bugs. still i would glad to see if someone can share build 4.


bump for build 4


>>20368 >>20370
Guys... there aren't links for beta4 and developer wrote about an update for the end of december. (maybe)
We have to wait for it so don't bump this thread every day.


I mean, couldn't someone buy build 4 and Mega/Torrent it, or something?



Why don't YOU buy it yourself then? Simple


Too expensive, no credit card. Also people here have been asking for links before and people tend to deliver. This isn't 4chan. Besides, Anime-sharing has failed us too, in this case.


Yeah, shame there are still people with 4chan attitude in this site.


Something tells me @20381 might be a 4chan anon, given their attitude and choice of words.

In any case, could someone upload build 4? An anon here already bought it but didn't upload it.


It doesn't matter how many times you'll ask for beta4 because only one wrote that has it. When he uploads the game (if he wants to) we will have the links.


we'll see if there are new uploads for the upcoming update, since build4 (including build3) seems to have just some new animations for the default suit and fix to complete the achievements, which seems to unlock a new option for the default suit that takes off the middle part instead of making it transparent.

btw, using the debug code to unlock all the achievements doesnt count, since you'll get an additional cheater achievement.

i cant say for sure if the new option for the suit after completing the achievements only shows up in build 3 and 4. i tried both in build 2 and day 1 version, and both have the bug that prevents to unlock the last achievement. but its quite funny that day 1 version actually runs more stable that build 2, except the shooting bug.


if anyone wants to uncensor the game(not the blown off body parts of monsters and kaede), but have the different build version of what other people had provided for download, you can do it yourself by getting the Unity Assets Extractor tool. after that:

1. start the tool, then go to File / Open sharedassets0.assets in the game folder(make a backup if you want)

2. after that there should be some kind of a list of everthing in that file. somewhere at the 10th position should be "MaskArea"

3. click on that, then click on Export Dump button on the right site and save the text file somewhere.

4. open the text file with editor and search the line with "_BlockSize". the line below that should be something with numbers. change the value to 0.000001

5. save the changes and repeat 1. and 2. step

6. make sure you have marked the "Masked Area" and click on Import Dump button and select the text file you have exported and edited.

7. save or just replace the original file and you're done.


After tinkering with the game for a few minutes, I found a few settings that could help you increase the game performance.

Click on Esc button. Then click on the third button from the top (Settings). There are two tabs in settings: Controls and Graphics - Sounds

The tab we are interested is Graphics - Sounds tab, from there, the settings from top to bottom is:
Main Volume, Sound Effect Volume, Voice Volume
Windowed Mode, Window Size (Resolution), Show FPS, Graphics Quality, FOV, V-sync
SSAO, Bloom, Depth Of Field, Noise (?), Anti-Aliasing

For the bottom 3 buttons: Back, Preset, Recommended
To optimize the settings:
Slide Graphics Quality to the left, Turn off Noise, Turn off Anti-Aliasing

To my knowledge, the game resolution settings is not usable. The whole game settings will reset to default after quitting the game.

You can set your own *window* size by using this method:
Create a shortcut for the game executable. Right click on the shortcut and click Properties. At the end of the Target textbox, append -screen-width 1366 -screen-height 768 at the back. Change the number to your preferred resolution and click OK.


By the way, I got ~40 FPS using the settings above. Below is my PC specs:

AMD Phenom II x6 1055t
GT730 (GDDR5 2GB)
Running at 1366x768 window size


so nobody will provide us with links for any of the new builds :(


Beta5 (i guess) will be ready this month or max next like I read on twitter account of developer. We have to wait and hope for new links.


developer updated the game to 1.1.2 (i guess its build5), here is the google translate for the new stuff in this build:

· UI English support
- Fixed bug that config was not saved correctly
· Fine adjustment of shaders
· Add enemy character
· Add sniper exclusive mode
· Two types of achievements added
· Additional bonus illustration added one piece
· Added light machine gun
· Version change of development engine

since the shader of this game eating the memory like theres no tomorrow, maybe this time we can expect more fps at this build


I'm praying for more FPS!! I hope hentai-share will upload newer version.


Anyone want to buy build 5 and upload it on Anime Sharing and elsewhere?


about fps, i got constantly around 60fps with gtx660. everytime i start the game, i have to change the config, since it doesnt save the config. i just have to change the graphic quality 2 or 3 times to the left at the slider and choose the middle one at the vsync option (the first one turns on the v-sync, 2nd disable at tries to cap at 60fps and 3rd disable and cap at 30fps). no need to touch the right side of the config window, since the slider will disable them anyway.


Otokonoko has uploaded the newer version.


Can you ask them to upload it to Mega, and/or upload a torrent of it too? Considering those are more convenient.


Mega and Torrent are convenient for us not for him.
I used mexashare to download the game and it worked good. It opened some porn advertisment and sites but didn't find any virus or spyware.
You have only to be fast to close them. Also, mexashare doesn't have a limit on kb/s for download. (only some minutes between download)


-screen-width 1366 -screen-height 768: these parameters will change the sizes of window of game but not the resolution of the game itself due to a not smart configuration inside Unity.


There's already 2 torrents of the new version on Nyaa so you shouldn't need to be using shitty fileshare downloads anyway.


hey, I'm trying to do this for the new version on nyaa but i cant get the file to open! every time i try to open the sharedasssets0.assets the unity file tool says unable to open file. can you help?


If anyone was able to uncensor the latest release on nyaa please share your assets file with us!!!!


I can reach 20 fps and it is playable now.
It's sad that only the military suit is improved... when I change dress Kaede isn't so good.


Uhh, i can't find any _BlockSize inside dumped txt


Which tool are you using? The one Google found me isn't working.


seems like the version of the extractor tool doesnt work as good as before with the new game version, but still i managed to uncensor it.

if you dont know which tool or version of it you'll need, just google with Unity Assets bundle extractor, and you'll get a result which leads you to a forum of the game 7 Days to Die, thats where i got that tool.

scroll down a bit at the first post there, and you'll see some download links. just download the version 2.1 and 2.1d, and extract the first one somewhere and then extract the second one and overwrite the files.

after that open the assets0 file and some window shows up before you actually open the file. just select the 2nd one and follow the steps i posted earlier and you should be fine.


File: 1512733623825.jpg (79.74 KB, 640x411, extractor.jpg)

on the left is the list where you have to select before opening the asset and on the right where you have to change the value of the dump file(it should be somewhere above the middle of the text file).


actually, forget everything i said, i'm not good at english anyway.

here is the uncensored file. just overwrite and have fun :)



what graphic card do you have? 20fps seems not enough now that the config works better than before.

but certain things in the config still doesnt save properly like SSAO(the most performance killer), so you'll need to change it to lowest or whatever else and back to off. other thing is just anti aliasing and vsync. for vsync i have the second one which locks the fps at 60 and dont know if your graphic card can handle the anti aliasing. and of course for the main quality option, i have it 3 times to the left from max at the slide.


btw, anyone knows if the new monster have "weak points" like the others? they seems like kind of wasting bullets for me, while they do huge damage if they hit you with their puke or if you step on the puddle and the machine gun is kinda useless too. it just plays like a slow version of the smg where i cant hit a thing :/


I don't have any. I'm using the one integrated with i5 CPU.

Be careful when you shoot against the monster which explodes. Its sprite isn't different than common monster even if the head is bigger. You can see this bug when you play the sniper game. I guess new splitter monster could have the same problem.

Anyway, no extra or different poop scenes.


Man, if only there was a way to use this modding wizardry to make her poops bigger..


Not so easy. You'll have to work on Kaede's model to modify the movement of her anus or will be a mess.


I just wish I could pee anywhere, instead of just the toilets.


In the game or irl? Because I agree either way


i agree with u guys on both of these points. here are some things i wish were added to the game:
-more toilet use areas
-ability to pee, poop, masturbate anywhere
-ability to fart
-pooping in the bed
-more vomit scenes
-futa option with ability to cum


It is a TPS game not a scat game. From one tweet of its developer there will be another update but nothing regarding scat/pee/vomit.

I suppose we have to hope for a better future.


True that. I'd hope just making a larger amount come out at once wouldn't be nearly as difficult, however.


In that case it will be a loop of the original animation with the same "moan" sound from Kaede. I'm not sure if it would be great.

Anyway there is a special room inside the game we can't use: the one with bathtub inside Kaede's room. If we can't have extra pooping spot I hope to see some special scenes inside of this room. (diarrhea, for example)


according to developers blog, it seems hes not working on any updates, but he posted an result of some voting about unity engine and unreal engine 4 and it seems UE4 won the vote. maybe we can expect a new game with UE4 which is much better than unity in my opinion :)


Yeah, but is possible to make porn games with UE4?


Not that guy but I don't see why that'd be an issue. The only reasons Unity sees such wide use because it's easy to use (from what I hear anyway), and more importantly, it's free unless you go for the pro edition. There's no reason why UE4 could not be used for H-games, it's a game engine too. In fact, as far as I know, there are some H-games made in UE4 already.


I was asking because there isn't a free versione of UE4 and you have to register on it site to test a trial version. I suppose it could have some limit on use.
I tried once Unity but it crashed without reasons when open... I guess from what I saw in internet that it is easy to use for who doesn't know code languages like c# or .Net. Anyway it sucks for low efficiency.
I'm playing a quite good game called Deep Space Waifu, but some freezes are without answers. Also it doesn't provide any "person" pack to use and is rare to find good artists that want draw for a H-game.

I want some time to try Character Creator.


There's no trial version of Unreal Engine 4, the one you get to download after registering is the complete software. Only after reaching $3000 gross revenue per product are you required to pay royalties for the sales.

As far as user license goes, there doesn't seem to be an explicit ban on erotic or pornographic material, unlike e.g. CryEngine and Lumberyard.


Anyone here getting Kaede's transparent legs when using the "underwear" costume? Is there a fix for this? It happened in the latest version.


How to make Kaede to not pull down her panties when using the toilet?


Have you bought a naked Kaede. If yes then select it and then underwear. Works for me.


Any news on a update for this?

Or is it dead?


Can someone upload a video or pics of the toilet scenes in the game?



I agree with this, please.

I can't run the game with my rubbish computer.


Any news?


Last time I read something about this game its developer was thinking to upload new version of this game on steam. But Steam seems ready to delete all the games with nudity.
Also, in this new version could not be any scat scenes.
We have to wait the end of June / first week of July for more news.

PS: He know about us and our links to download the game.


Only got this game a couple of days ago and I'm really enjoying it. I want to tell my friends about it, but idk how I'd explain the scat and pee lmao


A new version of it will be on steam soon. (from twitter of developer)
There will be two characters and many weapons. Maybe without pee and poo actions.


the game looks like it got updated, can anyone upload it?


Now it is in UE4 with extra character. I hope it could work better than previous engine.


anyone know how to get the bed in the room?

chinese seem to know but i dont know what he said


Still without it. Maybe completing some achivements.

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