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Any bestiality scat/piss hentai?

It's hard enough to find rl vids/pics but zoophila with femboi/girl hentai characters pls.

This is my fetish.


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I don't have much because there ain't much out there (Prove me wrong, I'd love it)

But there is this one guy who loves to commission Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon in these kind of scenarios


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You said it was “hard enough to rl vids/pics” so you are implying that there is some if so where might one find such vids/pics?


Very little exists unless you are looking for male content. There is much more of a home-grown scene for that stuff.

This is the only female stuff I know exists;
Lord of the Dung 2 & 3 by Sweetmook. AFAIK there exists no copy of LotD 1.

Various stuff by Kinky Thai with dogs. Not worth the effort IMO since the dogs are clearly mistreated.


Thanks man I do know there was also a subreddit for this stuff but I cant remember what it was called


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Escape from dead city Mia day 2 480 TC


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