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Let this thread be about elf chicks. And that includes elves who are clearly fucking elves but aren't explicitly called elves for whatever reason (looking at you, Zelda).


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It's not really an elve, but add her some "pointed ears" and you have one. :D


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The elve girl is on the left, right ? No ?


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Do Pokémon count as elves? Hmmmm. *thinks about it*


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She isn't an elve too but this art's very cool !


>>19018 It's could be the subject of a philosophy test. Does Gardevoir, Kirlia and Ralts can be assimilate to fairy world ?


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That's a pretty specific request, but here's a perfect match.


If you've ever played Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal they do.


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It's so sad that there aren't more WoW scat draws. Especially with the females Night and Blood elves. Or maybe with the gnomes...


Yes, I agree with you. ;-)


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I don't know if someone can do a work by a my request. Or if someone knows someone who's do that.

But I need a draw for a work (and also for my pleasure ) but my drawing skills are... How to say ? ...equal of archery skills of a cow.
So May the odds be ever in my favor !

I'ld like to see a Night elf (from World of Warcraft RPG) on her knees, crying, wetting, and pooping her panty on Sylvanas feet. During the burning of Teldrasil. I thought of a draw in two parts : one with the elve by face, looking at us but a little up, with tears in her eyes. And the second showing the panty, messed and extanded by shit.
The presence of Sylvanas can be just marked by a shadow on the elf and the ground.

But all freedom for the artist, twas just an idea.

P.S. : I post a picture of a Night elf to serve model, especially for clothes. Of course the artwork isn't mine, you can see the Jaasif's works on Deviantart.


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