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Hello. This is the OP of the previous thread for lolicon/rorikon scat material. I've decided to make this new one for titling reasons (as well as others). Posting in this one is preferred over posting in the old one but do as you will.

This thread is here for users to provide and/or enjoy lolicon scat material, including but not limited to urination, defecation, flatulence, etc. The lolis should not be womanly or appear to be over the age of 18, hence loli or lolita.

Tasteful futanari/trap content is welcome. Oversimplified chibis and shotas are not. (Futa/trap lolis must appear feminine enough to be considered lolis in lieu of shotas.)
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It's in the original filename:
(C72) [Takitate (Kantarou)] Mahou Kyuushiki 13 Yellow - Magical Classic 13 (Creamy Mami, Magical Emi, Fancy Lala)


Anyone else surprised there isnt any scat related hat kid r34 yet? Tis a shame


agreed :(


Well god damn i guess my prayers have been answered in another thread. I'll look around and see if i can contribute


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I couldn't avoid to think on Arale after read what's about this thread.


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Pirates Patrol released two loli scat doujis late last year that haven't been scanned yet. I'd buy them, but I don't know if the only vendor for them is physical or digital.




File: 1552765415568.png (1.61 MB, 2000x2500, 73712821_p1.png)


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Who's the artist for this one? I love it!


Artist: Yuu Arimura



This sauce is delicious, thank you!


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Annie, I miss you, add me back on discord. You never really told me why you left Iceburg


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You know sometimes I feel bad wanking to pics like this, because the artist put so much effort into the scenery… including where the pee hits the water. So much detail for me to simply wank.


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Hey guys! Anyone know if it's safe to post loli content on pixiv if you live in the UK?

Do you just put down that you live in Japan or something like some other artists I've noticed do?


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wish there were more like this one.

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