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Noticed there doesn't seem to be one.


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And that's all I have right now


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Nope found one more


Aaand one more I found


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Didn't work?


Ive been trying to find these in pixiv but can't seem to find any good tag just via
online translator


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That gif, does anyone know what its from? Its one of the best depictions of vomit I've seen, even if it is just translucent liquid.


That one's from "Mysterious Girlfriend X"
It's not her vomit btw, it's her saliva.


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What would be some good tags for searching pixiv ? don' know where else to find vomit stuff anymore, especially since i hate belly punching and semen vomits and rather like motion/seasickness and just regular puking in general


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>>17843 there isn't much on Pixiv, unfortunately, especially if you don't like stomach punch. (It's the ejaculation metaphor/disease thing that does it for me). The first thing you'd search would be 嘔吐 (type おうと and it'll show up in autocorrect or just copy paste; it means vomit). 下痢 (げり, diarrhea) sometimes has vomit along with it. A lot of the time it just gets lumped under スカトロ(すかとろ, scat), unfortunately, but that's a huge tag of mostly other things and it's going on 1050 pages (at pixiv's stupid 11 results per page thing). It's really annoying, that people don't give a shit about tagging anything properly, because scat is a huge category and for most people, various subtypes will be "meh" or "fuck no" while just a couple will actually be like "fuck yes," and there's no way to tell without looking, if all it's tagged as is "scat" or "スカトロ."

My current goal is to go through all 1050 pages and then go back and catch what got posted while I was doing that, and save all the ones with vomit, diarrhea, or "sloppy" soiling that aren't just completely horribly bad or involve eating shit (personally grossed out by it), and…dump them on exhentai for the benefit of others or something. Plus whatever actually good omo I find, too.


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>>17843 Also 船酔い (ふねよい) means seasickness, and 乗り物酔い (のりものよい) means motion sickness. 病気 and probably 酔い just mean sickness. Basically, use Google translate for individual words related to puke.



thanks a bunch, wasn't sure where to find those since most i got was punching but ill give these a try.
I even went to tv-tropes and searched for vomit indiscretion and looked through the stuff it had, some were pretty nice especially that one comic empowered but they were hard to find and cant remember where exactly.


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Who is this artist?? I'd really like to know, it really resonates with me.


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Thank you so much


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