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At the suggestion of some, I have decided to start a topic here for my scat work. I will try to update occasionally, in the mean time, here are a few new scat-oriented versions of some of my work. If this breaks any rules, go ahead and remove this thread.


File: 1489857056311.png (652.3 KB, 1797x1440, 6teen Caitlin's Shit.png)


File: 1489857084358.png (537.91 KB, 1500x1440, 6teen Jen's Shit.png)


File: 1489857169014.png (640.75 KB, 2052x1440, 6teen Nikki's Shit.png)


File: 1489857191744.png (520.18 KB, 1428x1440, Candace's Scat Hijinks 1.png)


File: 1489857213585.png (516.02 KB, 2351x1440, Candace's Scat Hijinks 2.png)


File: 1489857248488.png (1.02 MB, 2455x1440, Kim and Bonnie's Bathroom ….png)


File: 1489857301914.png (841.53 KB, 1692x1440, Trixie and Pacifica Popula….png)

Time for some older stuff...


File: 1489857339864.png (647.36 KB, 1147x1440, Caitlin's Shitty Day at Wo….png)


File: 1489857364460.png (538.26 KB, 1920x1080, Caitlin and Jen Scat & WS.png)


File: 1489857395149.png (662.68 KB, 1547x1233, Dipper Has Been Spying On ….png)


File: 1489857426434.png (252.28 KB, 928x1300, Starfire's Quick Poop.png)


File: 1489857458205.png (529.59 KB, 1440x1220, Raven Squat (Scat).png)


File: 1489857504367.png (775.7 KB, 2465x1167, Starfire Get's Her Birthda….png)


File: 1489857528083.png (274.94 KB, 1360x1080, Supergirl's Epic Shit.png)


Great to see you back on here, had lost track of where you went after WWOEC went under.

Will you be uploading your stories on the /lit/ board as well? Those were great.

Really nice pic. I actually had a Phineas and Ferb idea with you in mind; basically something like this, with Candace shitting in her backyard, but with Phineas and friends riding in some microscopic ship stuck in one of her turds as part of a zany adventure that took them through her body and ended with them leaving through her ass.


thanks dude

keep posting some shit, even old ones



RandomRandom made fics?!?!?!?

Also, HEY, RandomRandom... Miss me? heh.


Unless there was another guy with a similar name, yea. There was a Kim Possible story with her eating some of her own crap to test out a device Wade made for her. And he was the one behind those two Harry Potter stories, namely the one with Hermione, Ginny, and Luna shitting in a contest.



Holy Hell. How did I NOT notice that, at all (If it was him)?


Hey RR can we expect to see anymore ladies from total drama?


Glad to see you took the suggestion RR :) It's good to see you here, we look forward to your amazing work as always! :p


File: 1489896318950.png (545.58 KB, 1390x1080, Kim's New Toy (Scat and WS….png)

Yeah, I did make some fics. I started a thread a while back featuring most of them. I have also been working on a Raven/Starfire one off and on. It primarily focused on Starfire being a futa and getting "tortured" by Raven early-on. Nothing too drastic. However, now it is starting to get to the more extreme stuff featuring scat. I'll probably get around to uploading it here soon when I finish the latest section.

Again, I will try to upload some new stuff off and on. My spare time is pretty limited.

(Another old one uploaded here)


Looks good! Thanks man!


Glad to see you back RR. I for one am happy to see you back. Would love to see links to all your stories too.



Awesome dude.

Normally, at this point, I'd post the Wonder Loli scat pic you made me, but since this is YOUR thread, it's all in your court, dude. I will not steal your thunder. :)


Hey RR, weren't you working on a Jinx scat pic in the WWOEC days? Id love to see you finish that off one day.


File: 1489953406195.png (545.84 KB, 2216x1440, Raven's Little Accident.png)


I suppose I can attempt to finish that one.

(Here's another scat version of a previous piece by me.)


Wow! This is an amazing piece RR! Thank You! ^__^

I look forward to the Jinx piece if you decide to work on it :p


Speaking of the fics, wasn't there one you said you lost? I recall saying something a while back in /lit/ thread before it 404'd about having a file for a story of yours.


I second wanting to see your fics

love your art btw


Anyways, RanRan, if you wanna slip some ideas by us, we'd be more than happy to hear you out. Sometimes I crave anime, sometimes I crave Western. :)


Hey RandomRandom, I THINK I have a hunch what the answer for this next question is... but I wanna shoot it by you, anyway (maybe you'll surprise me)...

Any thoughts on Sticks the Badger from Sonic Boom?


I have a ton of ideas, but not a lot of time. I'm currently working on Jinx from Teen Titans and I will try to finish it tomorrow. As for a possible idea I have been considering: Artemis from Young Justice. (Season 3 coming soon!) I kind of want to keep the details under wraps because I want to surprise people.

Unfortunately, I am going to stick to characters I know pretty well for now. I appreciate the suggestion though.


try You're Under Arrest with Miyuki Kobayakawa and Natsumi Tsujimoto they have no scat pics yet any body want to try go head you would be my hero


File: 1490466726720.png (324.79 KB, 1276x1440, Spying on Jinx.png)

Jinx as requested.


Maybe make another Terra scat pic if you want. Or maybe Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo.


Great work RR! In my opinion, you make the best western scat art. Glad to have you here on Gurochan.


I love Terra. Any Terra scat pic??


Have you considered trying something with desperation? I'd love to see your take on a girl struggling to hold back a monster turd.


:o Made me speechless! Thanks RR!


Fantastic! I am glad to see you have an outlet here on Gurochan been following your art since you started and its awesome!


Can I request a scat blowjob? Example: Starfire sucking on Ravens long turd while still in her ass or something. I love kinky ideas with an already massively kinky fetish!


how about hyperscat?



Fucking AWESOME! Love the shape of Jynx's ass, in this one, along with the "clay-like" consistency of her shit (that on-ground piece, half-way up).


He's done it, but roles switched.


Hey RR could you try doing a marceline or beth tezuka scat pic THAT WOULD AWESOME AND WORTH IT they're both hot in my standards


Hey RR, Could you do Powergirl and Wonder Woman pooping together?


File: 1490640160953.png (412.35 KB, 1400x1263, Terra's Bathroom Break Upd….png)

A lot of requests here. Sadly, I can't say if I will get to any of them any time soon. I am currently working on a couple of new scat-oriented pieces though.

(Older Terra pic uploaded)


File: 1490648537359.png (243.03 KB, 1260x1080, Wonder_Loli_s_POV_Squat_Sc….png)


Eh, fucking, gonna post the Wonder Loli pic (which I STILL love, btw).

Bombs AWAY (figuratively. lol)!!



"Fucking" was SUPPOSED to be "Fuck it"... ugh.


Really? Scat oriented? I'm getting really excited for that...


Any new scat pics from RR is enough to be hype! Doesn't matter if you can do requests or not, just keep the chocolate factory in business.


I just saw this at the booru

PLEASE do more jynx as you do with raven and starfire

Its fucking rare to see this stuff


I was wondering RR have you heard of Abby archer from grossology its made by the same people who made 6teen I was wondering if you make a scat pic of her just saying...


I was wondering RR have you heard of Abby archer from grossology its made by the same people who made 6teen I was wondering if you make a scat pic of her just saying...


Hay RR, you could take that recent non-scat image you put up on palcomix "Nipple don't work that way" and maybe make it nipple scat? I can see that you already find nipple penetration weird but which is fine. It would just be another layer of a spicy meme. But seriously as weird as it sounds I'd ready love it if you do actually make it.


As interesting an idea as that sounds, I'm not sure if I ready to be known as the guy who drew Raven and Starfire with shitting nipples. I'll think about it .


I was wondering if you could give us a hint on how the scat pics look like?


1.) Star Butterfly just letting it go outside because she is unaware that this isn't normal on Earth.

2.) Isabella having an emergency and trying to hide from her friends.

3.) A random request.


Just so you know, we all appreciate what you're doing and I personally don't want you to feel pressured by all of the requests and such you're receiving.



My dude, DON'T do the shitting dicknipples. You're a treasure, and I'd hate to lose you, like Suni "methodically" decided to do, after "Gas ze chus" and "Pony making teh poops".


Can we get more Loli scat? Seems rare :p


NOW THATS ONE COOL ART PICS YOU GOT THERE RR I THINK I MIGHT DIE OF MASTURBATION. Also be careful for some anonymous here tend to just order artist around so be weary of that Also they can be haters too


I second this guy's second request with Isabella.


I just realized I replied to the fucking artist and this stuff is actually in the works. Holy fuck I'm retarded but ALSO very happy.


Hey, RR, would you ever consider doing any farting related content Or edits to your other images so it involves it? You could keep pee in there to so it becomes a pee fart too, I would love to see something like that from you one day :)


Here is a request for you if you feel up to it. Dipper feeding Pasifica his shit. she would be a prissy thing and bitch about it the whole time shes gulping down a thick log. maybe she has to do it to make up for all her bad behavior.


If I'm allowed to make a humble request, how about Abby taking a dump while Ty watches? They are from the cartoon show called "Grossology" and the art style is the same as most of the stuff you've drawn already, RR.

I was thinking the scene could go 1 of 2 ways:
Either Ty gets a hold of the ray gun Lance Boil used in the episode "When Ya Gotta Go" to make anyone hit by it get diarrhea, with Ty using it on Abby for his own amusement.
Ty convinces Abby to take a dump in front of him for the purpose of studying the process of defecation, as the show they are on is about learning various gross bodily functions and other similar things.

If anyone reading this has not seen that episode I mentioned, go check it out right now! It has lots of desperation, stomach aches/grumbling, farting (both regular and toilet farts), and even pooping sounds from Abby!


I agree with your opinion and at least there are people here who remember that episode of grossology



I'm honestly just surprised nobody's done anything SOONER with Abby from Grossology.


I'm just waiting for the call if RR will make her.


I'm just waiting for the call if RR will make her.


Does anyone know if there is some kind of gallery for western scat art (like pixiv) where i can browse this kind of stuff from all different artists?


Does anyone know if there is some kind of gallery for western scat art (like pixiv) where i can browse this kind of stuff from all different artists?


File: 1491322415483.png (535.1 KB, 1131x1450, Isabella Will Do Anything ….png)


Isabella is cute as hell. You can just tell she's showing off for Phineas.


File: 1491501908786.png (1.09 MB, 1280x1246, tumblr_olnp0oC8JQ1v5otvfo1….png)

My first upload here. I'm afraid because I don't want anyone attacking me for my.. uh, tastes.


I'm sorry but this is a thread for RR Scat art so you're probably going to have to delete that and upload it somewhere else.



I gotta agree with what >>16815 said... HOWEVER, I do like what you did. We rarely if EVER attack anyone here. We're pretty chillaxed (usually).


Um I don't want to be rude but you can. Make your ow. Western scat topic with artists you know,and scat pics made by them but this ones for RR.


Glad to see you post here! Been a fan for quite some time.


I don't really mind. It's an open board, and I will only update occasionally anyway.

Work has been exhausting for me this past week and it's going to be a bit before I get a break to finish something.


lol That's not me


I wonder if your done with your board exam Mr. Tenuous just saying for a concerned fan of yours


Hey RR. It's cool if you don't currently have the time to cater and/or spoonfeed a longtime fan. but I was wondering what software you use and how your drawing process is usually like. Also, could you possibly make some dirty edits of a few of your recentmost PPG pictures? I just figured I'd ask since you say they take little effort and time. I'm a fucking lazy inconsiderate asshole if you didn't figure it out by now, sorry RanRan.


Would it be possible for someone to post Winx Club scat porn? Preferably with some eating. My favorites are Flora and Tecna, but others would be cool too.


Wow this page is quiet I wonder if anyone's here?



we scared him away with our incessant requests


Or he got burned out cuz I saw in his palcomix account there was a lot of art he made like 9 pics and he said he was going to work hard until he got exhausted
Maybe he's just getting a bit of R&R


Or he got burned out cuz I saw in his palcomix account there was a lot of art he made like 9 pics and he said he was going to work hard until he got exhausted
Maybe he's just getting a bit of R&R


File: 1492036135940.png (545.57 KB, 1456x1440, Pacifica's Generosity.png)

I'm still here. Work has been sucking my life away for the moment. If it is any consolation, I have been reading the requests and I have been working on one off and on. Abby Archer from Grossology.

Here's a quick scat version of a recent pic by me of Pacifica from Gravity Falls.


Awesome pasifica pic. shes super sexy and i can only imagine dipper about to take a bite.


if it isnt too personal, what is your work? don't have to be specific, but i am interested in what kills the artist's soul.


File: 1492073247638.jpg (113.46 KB, 1200x946, d6b83aa2a23f0e56aa24c3e6c0….jpg)

Yes, so much YES!
This is my fav RR pic btw


ETA for that isabella piece?


File: 1492200952858.png (906.71 KB, 1896x1440, Isabella's Backyard Emerge….png)

How about right now!


And if I may make a request of everyone here. Can we avoid uploading my scat content to places like paheal? I would appreciate it since it seems to generate a strong negative reaction from most people there. The reason I made this thread was to keep it contained in a place that wouldn't mind this sort of stuff. Obviously I can't stop anyone after it is uploaded here, but it would go a long way towards keeping most people happy. It would certainly make me less hesitant to make this sort of stuff.


hot damn. girl really needed to go. awesome picture dude.



Frankly, fuck Paheal.... so wish granted. I won't post anything there (then again, I never did). ;)


RR, Scatboru is such a place to post. It is centered on it. In fact, most of your work is on there as a way of preserving your past work.


Your right RR I have seen a lot of negative reviews in paheal and lots of rude comments man people don't just respect on what you do


People at rule 34 paheal such huge hypocrites in my opinion. Gore and such is ok to them yet scat gets them "triggered". I decided to leave Rule 34 because of it to find "greener pastures". For a time, I was writing scat fiction. I was thinking of making a Pokemon scatfic featuring Ash's mother when I lost my password and email account. For a while, I didn't know what to do. One day, I found a place called Scatboru, which centered around scat art with no persecution. It was in it's infancy when I joined it and decided to put scat art of artists that were not around anymore like Malachi.


On one hand, I would say just ignore the idiots on Paheal, but at the same time I can understand wanting feedback and getting discouraged when nothing but idiots who can't even actually articulate something like criticism come in and just say "I hate this disgusting shit" despite literally having to be braindead to not see the scat from the thumbnail alone.

Something to consider, you should request that your works (including the non-scat ones) be removed from Paheal and include yourself in the list of disallowed artists. If the people there can't appreciate the scat works, then they don't deserve to see the vanilla/futa stuff either.


The reason people on most boards and forums forbid scat is that it is both fringe and cringe, just like furry and guro. Ostensibly, it evokes the strongest secondhand embarrassment and disgust among the three, with regards to people who do not possess the paraphilia in question. It's the bottom bitch of vomit-inducing fetishes.

Paheal receives searches from herds of meatheaded normies inquiring after vanilla porn of a specific cartoon character. The character is the emphasis, not the fetishist fantasy in which they are portrayal. Imagine the exasperation when dozens of unwitting pedophiles in search of images of young Pacifica are assaulted by the sight of her prairie-dogging a huge log of shit.

We have more than enough space to share our sparse smattering of content by huddling around our existing circles anyway, so I see no reason that we can't remain, effectively, in internet exile from other communities of perverts. To force the issue and flaunt shit pictures where they aren't wanted would be tard rage. Or just retarded.

In other words, just do what >>16921 says.

However, trolls are often responsible for sharing scat pictures as bait, so it's not always a dumbass with good intentions.


Requesting Lily Loud doing a poo poo



Ok, I can't fully speak for RR... but I'm PRETTY sure he won't do toddlercon.


What about Lori loud she's kinda cute



Considering he's done plenty of teenagers and lolis, I have no doubt that he'd happily do it, when he had the chance... but I'm STILL not going to speak for him, regardless of my hypothetical answer.


Sick bastard.


>>16953 Are you that person who kept requesting for Tommy Pickles? If so, then take it elsewhere.


File: 1492402235788.png (903 KB, 2099x1440, 6teen - Caitlin On Volunte….png)

No scat in this one, just a young volunteer helping a desperate guy relieve his bladder. Probably on the edge of relevant for this thread.

I was messing around in paint, trying out some new things, and out this came. Took a little over an hour to complete this. Not too bad imo.


Caitlyn might just be my favorite when it comes to your art. An idea for a naughty pic could be Caitlyn pissing into some cups and serving it to unsuspecting customers, after all she does work a lemonade store right?


Not bad and that's pretty awesome painting ya got their RR


Love Caitlin! RR, have you ever considered doing any farting images? Specifically Caitlin or an edit?

There was a part in the show where she actually farted and pee farted on the toilet in one scene, I would love to see your take on those scenes, the pee fart one preferably :p



An employee of a Lemonade Kiosk... ingesting some "lemonade". lol ;)


I'm I remember correctly RR you were planning on making a star butterfly scat pic? I wonder if its almost done or on hiatus... Just wanted to know


>inb4 RR just do a SFW pic of Lily to spite this toddlerfucker



I won't lie, that would be HILARIOUSLY brilliant!


Hey, RR, could you please make some Winx Club scat porn, of Flora and/or Tecna (or maybe Bloom)? Preferably with some eating.


Requesting Lila Sawyer dropping her business.


Could you make some scat of yandere chan from yandere simulator


Could you make some scat of yandere chan from yandere simulator


Bumping this for motivation. GO RR YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Aw man it became silent BUMP AGAIN FOR MOTIVATION


Please stop, RR will return when he does.


IS there any complete Rar file or other archive of RR's stuff out there?
Love the art style and would love to see something like that.

 No.17175 could u maby make a scar edit of this pls it just looks like it wants to be a scar version


Maybe* and scat*




File: 1493569457384.png (463.08 KB, 1460x1080, 4112b1571bccbf6ca69bc9eaf7….png)

somefhing new


I will probably upload an updated archive sometime here in May.

I'm working on some new, non-scat stuff right now, however I might be able to fit this in.

Just a quick update: I do plan on getting around to the one of Star Butterfly right after I upload a new set I am working on to my thread here in a few days. I also have the basic line-art done for Abby Archer. After that, anything is possible. I usually don't like to set time-tables because I like to take breaks sporadically.


Ok, since it's been about a week, I'll bump this up. :)


Well he DID say he was making non scat related art. Check on his palcomix account I saw three pics involving raven from justice league vs teen Titans. Maybe he has more soon before he finishes both the star butterfly and Abby archer pics


I'm sorry to say that it might be a bit longer. I've been throwing 100% effort into my most recent stuff and also putting myself outside of my comfort zone. Instead of taking hours to finish something, it can take the better part of a day. Right now, I am working on a few more non-scat things. Some of them are requests from /aco/.

However, I will try to finish a scat image here very soon. Please be patient.



We'll be patient, RR. I just wanted to bump this, weekly/semi-weekly: Nothing more.


I was wondering RR. What was your first website where you posted your first pic
Because i saw your art come out of rule 34 but then I saw your art pop up it different websites I was wondering where did you start?


File: 1494609977431.png (480.27 KB, 1540x1440, Star Thinks Marco is the W….png)

Here is Star doing something in a place she doesn't know she shouldn't be doing said something. It was a fairly quick one, and I feel it is a little "weaker" when compared to some of my other work. I didn't want to go too overboard on it, so it is fairly simplistic.


I was mainly posting on the wwoec forum. With that gone, I'm over on the palcomix forum. It's fairly low traffic though, so I'm considering alternatives.

I've been looking at tumblr, but I know I would have to walk a tightrope to do that when it comes to content.


Nice star picture. i love the fact that shes somewhat annoyed by his question. ahhhh different cultures. Heres a request for you. marco feeding star his shit while being super embarrassed about it while star is thinking about how they do this on mewnie all the time so why is he embarrassed?


Could you do an edit for your latest candace and stacy picture? Also, do you actually use MSP to make your work or were you making a funny?


you could try pixiv


File: 1494625947197.png (143.64 KB, 2560x1377, MSPAINT.png)

I was going to upload the full scale version to show you that it is, indeed, drawn in MSP. However, I guess this site doesn't want to support images at a 8209 x 7669 resolution. Here is a sample of the full scale instead.


File: 1494645127776.jpg (21.01 KB, 458x342, Phil.jpg)

Was going to say this. Even if you just do what KSA has been doing and mostly using pixiv as a dumping ground (ha ha), it would at least allow you the least amount of restriction given how tumblr is shitting on anyone who does loli, and places like Hentai foundry are picky as fuck about who they accept, and don't allow loli anymore (at least nothing overtly loli).


I wonder why wwoec died? Any who what are you planning on making after this anyway RR?



You should SO try Pixiv, like Orph said here >>17410



As for the pic being weaker... I don't disagree, but what do you think can be done to make the pics impact stronger? Maybe a smaller panel showing Star from the front (full-body, or bust-up to show her face?)?


Can we get more Gwen from Ben 10 scat/pee/fart please RR? She hardly gets that kind of treatment from artists, which is a shame :(

I know you've done one scat pic of her already, just wondering if you could do a few more please? Maybe a straight up using a toilet one or something :p


Hey, somebody on Palcomix tell RR that Gurochan is back up! X)


File: 1496351226819.jpg (319.17 KB, 800x600, 280309 - All_Grown_Up Ange….jpg)

I would love to see more scat/efro artwork of the girls from All Grown Up, this pic is pretty much all there is out there.


This, I'd love to see some scat related Gwen lewds, not into fart or pee though, but she taking a huge dump outdoors with that big ass of hers while teasing the viewer would be great!


File: 1496731110281.png (1.3 MB, 1286x3099, image_8239.png)

This picture desperately needs to be altered, RR!



... is anyone actually going to TELL RR, on Palcomix, that GChan is back up?!?!?!?!?


I'm sure he already knows. He's probably just taking a break, give it another week.


Hes on hiatus right now so better off waiting. plus if you guys keep pressuring him hes gonna quit on this and then we ll be back scrapping across the internet to find a decent scat porn



Hey, I'm not "pushing" anything onto RR. Hell, for a while we were good friends (until wwoec died, and I just didn't have the drive to make an account on Palcomix).

The only thing I'm pushing is somebody to check up on him, and that's that: If he's on hiatus, then he's on hiatus. Shouting for him to do things won't make him end his hiatus faster (and even that, that's pretty damn wrong thinking that that WOULD [which it wouldn't] make him end his hiatus faster).


Quit it, you two.



Uhm... we're not arguing?


Well anyway... atleast we got a plan B. RR states that he will use his palcomix as a way to communicate to us if he has a scat pic available and he lljust post it to scatbooru so no worries



Ok. Cool. That's all I needed to know. Thank you. :)


Man this has been silent for awhile i wonder if its ever coming back


It's only been a month since he dropped the Star pic, geez.



I agree. I mean, I have ADD, and even I have a better sense of patience.


man he must have alot of things on his mind. it feels like hes like going through something i guess?


I've just been picking up more hours at work recently. Please be patient, I'm going to have some time off coming up her soon.


Please some scat Gwen
Also don't rush, it's nice to see you're still around


Not bad it actually does almost look like RR but the peeing looks a bit of in position just my opinion


File: 1498903874234.png (316.46 KB, 1287x1440, Jinx Pit Stop 1.png)

While we're waiting for RR to return I made an edit to his latest Jinx piece to create a sort of 4 page CG set. I really love Jinx (she's my fave TT girl) and this image RR made of her is just awesome! Would totally love for him to do more Scat/WS of her. Really sorry if I'm not allowed to post these here :p

Page 1...


File: 1498904316278.png (319.38 KB, 1287x1440, Jinx Pit Stop 2.png)

Page 2, I actually had a bit of a struggle to create a fart that would fit RR's art style, considering he actually doesn't do farts so I'm unsure. I would be very interested to know/see how RR would handle farts for his style or for this particular scenario though?...


File: 1498904344276.png (343.91 KB, 1287x1440, Jinx Pit Stop 3.png)

Page 3...


File: 1498904372675.png (395.32 KB, 1287x1440, Jinx Pit Stop 4.png)

Page 4.



Well, I'm sure anybody whose complained that farts don't have a color to them would be pleased (especially since you made Jinx's a little wet. ;) ).


Hey thats pretty good including the fart plus it bumped the thread up


i wonder if RR does anime pics?



He's done a few anime pics, but he's, afaik, done one that's scat: It's of Videl from DBZ.


wellits been like a month or 2 so itlooks like RR is really busy huh?


Or quit. Or dead.


Stop being pushy. Bump the thread so it doesn't die and let RR get on with his work. Being pushy gets us nowhere and definitely won't make anything happen faster.




RanRan usually has a lot on his plate... a little something called "Life". When he posts, he posts. Being pushy or going all "The thread is dead" isn't going to help anyone or anything. This isn't a gaming forum.


>MSpaint is dead on the newer OS
Man, that's just crazy to think, given how the program is old as hell.


bump, so that the thread doesn't get deleted.

It has been a while but I'm not complaining. He'll be back. I just hope things are working out for him. I truly love RR's art, both the usual and scat related. He did so many pics of characters I like (and you do too!) that we can never sing enough praises to him. From the Powerpuff Girls to the Teen Titans and Gwen & Ben, he has delivered an amazing amount of content. I'm certain many boys were first introduced to a special hunger and desire to kneel and open their mouths after seeing his work, especially when it comes to newish characters like Gwen or Pacifica.

And speaking of new stuff, I'm kinda surprised there hasn't been many scat pictures of Star Butterfly or TLH. It's to be expected boys and men want to worship Star Butterfly, kiss her feet and beg her to piss and shit on them or in their mouths, but I'm amazed TLH girls haven't gotten that special humble attention. We've even seen Lynn shitting on the toilet, which was a wonderful mouth-watering scene. An orgasm is inevitable after witnessing such a beautiful tomboy doing something so private.

Anyway, a bump has been made.



... There's scat from The Loud House (not a lot, though)... you just have to look for it (hint: check The Loud Booru).

Besides, if you want more Star Butterfly scat and The Loud House Scat... you could always, oh, I dunno... WRITE SOME FICS, PUNCHY!!!!!!



Only theoretically. I'm working insane hours at an insane job, so when I get home I'm wholly worthless. Maybe someday.

Either way we should be glad we get any content at all. I know about the Booru though.



I said what I said as an aggressive jab. I've grown past you. You'll never do anything written.



Wonder how RR is doing





>The most overused "insult" for the past 2 years that everybody on the internet uses.

Get new material, something that has ACTUAL impact.



RR art thread, not your personal salt thread.


Let's now discuss the possibility that RR actually lives in England and has been arrested for underage drawings.


What? Gtfo of here! Talking about that shit, if you don't like it then leave!


What an ignorant deduction you have there.


Please delete this post, it's terrible.




That's kind of a funny idea. In reality, I have just been busy with work this summer. I'll eventually get back in the mood again and make some new stuff as I always do.


Wow... well THAT came outa nowhere. Anywho what work do you do anyway rr


Good to hear from you again RR!


Is there a place we can download all your previous material?
I would love an RR archive, scat and non-scat pictures


Make a patreon fuckface


I'm making one on Sadpanda


lemme know when you're done :)



Yeah, because CLEARLY calling the artist "fuckface" is gonna get you what you want!



well duh obviously


Don't be a dick.






Waiting for random to post since he's back from hiatus


RR you should have discord account just in case you go lost from here


File: 1508841592373.jpg (465.49 KB, 1000x1414, 2016-07-09-snapchat-milf-g….jpg)

maybe RR could make a scat version of this?


I love Shadbase drawings. Unfortunately he doesn't draw poop anymore.


yeah, shame he never made a scat version of that one.

BUT, now RR can save the day!


Well, I guess he wants to be paid for "extra" works; not sure if he likes to draw poop.


File: 1508859103633.png (713.8 KB, 2221x1440, Raven's Personal Toilet.png)

Here is a scat version of a recent request I fulfilled. The original is of her just licking Raven's ass, and can be found on my thread on pal. It's a very basic image that I did in a couple of hours.

I do plan on making some new scat stuff soon!

As always, I'd prefer to keep my stuff here, so if I may ask ever so politely, please avoid posting my scat stuff in places where it is going to be frowned upon by most people.


love the new scat pic. raven and star fire are a great pair for scat. i hope we can see a scat version of the gravity falls pic you did as well.



Shad is a true Edgelord. He LOVES scat... his "normie" fans, otoh...


All right, RanRan. I'll make sure anything scat of yours stays here, on my hands.


Glad to see you are back man?
Is it okay if I have a suggestion for a piece?


Are you sure? I saw only 2-3 draws with poop inside from him. (2 of them were women with c*ck)

I hope in future to see more from him about our fetish. (maybe with Fantastic 4)


Look him up on the scatbooru you will find a page or two


Didn’t mean to add that first question mark


I'll keep my eyes out for anything else that's posted. Good work, Ran!


Could you do a beast boy version as well?


As in Beast Boy eating Terra's shit?


hey RR what happened to the abby archer pic you were gonna make awhile back?if its still Ongoing let us know.


No star fire eating beast boy’s shit because he drew her eating both bb’s and raven’s ass


Don't die on me, thread!


File: 1509458666270.png (370.13 KB, 1515x1440, Abby Indulges In Her Publi….png)

Abby raising public awareness to the fact that girls do poop.


Finally some Grossology scat thanks based rr


Very nice






I'm the one who requested this. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it's good. My original comment is >>16760


HEY! thanks man i also asked him aswell but im sure no one noticed :(


requesting blackfire scat if you're okay with it.


Saw a cool pic of jackie lynn thomas in RR's
Palcomix wonder if its possible to make a scat request aboout it


RR said on the palcomix thread to give suggestions for other star vs characters and since I am too lazy to make a placomix account I will just say it here
In an episode marco accidentally spilled cologne on his ass while preparing for his date with jackie then jana told her to sniff marco’s ass so some good ass sniffing or eating could come from that plus maybe a fart or scat version


Oh no no no no. No more gay pics ive had it already


How is male and female gay?




So what if people like boypussy? Calm down


Plus I never said princess marco


Might I suggest Tracer using a squat toilet? Love the work keep it up RR! Don't let any idiots here discourage you.



Are you fucking kidding?! RanRan barely EVER makes shota scat! And if he wants to, let him. Some of us here ARE bi and like some cute boys.

Do us all a favor, and don't turn Gurochan into a 2nd Shadbase: Be more accepting of a fetish that people NORMALLY abhor, regardless of the gender of the shitter!!!




Basically, RR, whatever you wanna make and send here- do so. Straight, gay, loli, shota... whatevs.



well thats the end of that arguement. but lets just wait till RR returns im sure he went back to work already


Love this, is their some where I can find more?


in his palcomix account. sadly he wont be back for awhile cuz hes working


b u m p
pls no die k thanks



It's only been 9 fucking days! Calm down!


File: 1513022567882.png (914.06 KB, 2560x1440, Mall Butts Reveal.png)

I know I am notorious for suddenly disappearing without a word and suddenly popping up without warning. However, I figured I will provide a small update here.

I have been working on something during my spare time for a while now. I don't really want to give away too many details, as I am uncertain if it will turn out how I have planned. It is very much a WIP; even the title, and hopefully the picture makes it clear what's going to be the focus of this game.

Now, I'm sure there will be people asking why I chose 6teen as my source material for this project. After-all, why not use more popular shows with great female characters like Teen Titans, Star Versus, or even Kim Possible? I could easily start up a patreon like everyone else and bring in the cash right? Well, I won't rule that out entirely... However, I figured that if I am ever going to make a game in my spare time for free, it will be about something that I like. And I feel that this is more of a test to see if I can really pull it off. Until then, I don't want to feel the burden of "obligation" when it comes to working on this. In short, I am doing this for myself and at my own pace.

No ETA right now. In fact, don't ever expect me to give a time frame as I don't plan on revealing much else about it until I finish it. That's just the way I work. Until then, I still plan on uploading other stuff both here and on my palcomix thread off and on. Right now, I am committed to finishing this project, and so far it seems to be coming together nicely.

Now, I sure some (all) of you are wondering: "Will there be any scat content?"

I will say yes. However, that isn't the focus of this project. It will almost certainly be a hidden part of the game that has to be unlocked. I don't want to make the game so niche that only a few people will play it.

One final note:

Personally, I don't mind any discussion, comments, criticism, ideas, and/or suggestions to be posted here about my little project. However, I do think going overboard with it might eventually violate this boards rules and result in a closure of this thread. I will read them, but keep in mind that before I even drew this "reveal," I already had everything in the game planned out from beginning to end on paper. Though I will not rule out implementing a good idea if I see one. Until then, I will return when I have something new to share here.



Firstly, welcome back, RanRan bud (p.s. I finally made a JabArchives profile).

Secondly, you're making a GAME?! Whoa! I don't want you to spoil a thing, as far as what will happen, but I will ask this: Is this a Point And Click, a "Collection" game, or a "Dating" Sim, or something else? Other than that, I get why you'd want to make this a bit more mainstream/mostly vanilla, as far as some indie love goes, and I'm ok with that. Update us on YOUR time, not on ours. :)

Lastly, take your time dude. We always know you come back, every couple of seasons. It makes me happy knowing thing.


Awesome, something to look forward to.


Sounds cool.
If I had to say, the scat shouldn't be too hard to find, but simply locked behind an obvious enough obstacle that not only will it helpfully tip off those not into it, but be easy for those who want it to find without needing to do pixel hunts or whatever like some games. Could be fun to play on some of the stuff from the show, like how Jen has that allergy that makes her shit her guts out, maybe the player can influence the kind of poop she has.

All in all, neat idea to balance it between the stuff you're known for with a touch of some vanilla sex and whatnot.


Hey wow RR, I can't believe this! This is such good news, I'm glad you chose 6Teen because it's great for this sort of material, I don't know if it's going to be an RPG or flash type game, but if it's going to be RPG or something similar it would be perfect for toilet desperation events with Farting, Scat and/or Peeing.

Considering how much the show itself has the girls in situations that lead to farting, peeing and pooping scenarios, the game has potential for quite a bit of toilet related content. I have a quick suggestion, instead of unlocking the toilet, scat, peeing or farting scenes, what about having it as optional, as in turn it on or off in settings or something? That is, if it's possible with your plan. And I think you should be fine posting the game or info here, the only major rule to watch out for is posting IRL stuff.

Ill look forward to more info on it :)


Words "game" and "scat" aren't common to read together. Thank you!

In case you can play some mittsies game where the scat scenes are covered by an option on prompt and people can choose to watch them or not.


My god those butts are literally giant Moons waiting to get demolished


It is very much in the same genre as Princess Trainer by Akabur. Though it focuses almost entirely on anal-training the three girls.

This game will have three primary stat categories for each girl, each category will feature three sub-stats that will add up to an over-all score for the catagory they are listed under. Each girl will have a category they are "gifted" at. In this sense, the girl will start with a bonus in their gifted category at the start of the game. They can improve it quicker than the other two categories and maybe even exceed the maximum score in special cases. This plays into a three-tiered difficulty system I have planned for the girls. For example: The three stat-categories are MIND, BODY, and ANUS. MIND is divided into three sub-stats: APPREHENSION, INHIBITION, and RESOLVE. This is Caitlin's main category, as I see her as the easiest to manipulate and also the most willing of the three girls. This makes Caitlin the "obvious" choice to try training first, as she is most likely the most willing participant. However, I want there to be both pluses and minuses to picking each girl first. For example: I plan on making Nikki the hardest to train simply because of her personality. However, doing her first might come with certain perks that lead to an easier time training the other two girls. Not picking Nikki might turn her into an antagonist you must deal with, slowing down your progress with the other two girls.

It is my hope that the game will feature a point system that will give you an end-game score which can be used to unlock more hidden stuff the higher your score is. The more stuff you accomplish in an efficient manner, the higher your end-game score will be. Certain thresholds must be reached to unlock special actions/events such as more extreme content during another play-through.

And with that, I have probably dumped a bit more information that I would have liked, but I hope it gives you a sense of what this game is about. The game has an end goal you are working towards, and training the three girls is the main ladder you climb to reach it. It might be a bit ambitious sounding for a first game. However, it won't be my first game. (More on that at a later time as I will eventually post about that and this game on my palcomix thread.)

Currently, It's most likely the scat content will be an unlockable feature acquired at the end of the game. Probably earned after playing through it once as stated above.


Hey RR ive been curious but how long do you actually work? since youve been always busy like till after last Christmas


>Currently, It's most likely the scat content will be an unlockable feature acquired at the end of the game. Probably earned after playing through it once as stated above.

Huh, I would have figured it'd be tied to anus, but as an option that could be ignored at the player's digression/interest. Still, hopefully there'll plenty of it to enjoy for those of us hoping to see the girls squeezing out thick logs. Even if it's just still images with some sounds or whatever, I'm all for it given how tricky it is to come by games with it (or at least ones that are worth playing despite the usual language barrier/difficulty).
It's also neat how the girls could wind up as antagonists of sorts, could be a fun way to break them down with some kind of humiliating finisher.

In any case, it'll be great to see how this progresses. So by all means, do take your time and don't worry if you have to place it on hold for other things.


When the game is finished, where will it be available to play/download from?
Just wanna know because obviously gurochan isnt the most reliable site around.


Copro scenes will be nice, especially forced copro, domination.


b u m p




File: 1516196436464.png (384.4 KB, 984x559, D2U8j94.png)

can someone at least make a zip rounding up all the stuff randomrandom did at the former resolution and quality it was posted?

fucking trying to find a Jynx pic to edit but I always end up finding grainy resizes and the shitty (no pun) edit crown in edit unsung did.




Was it NECESSARY to post up a pic with a fucking swastika on it?!?!?


This but less angry and more confused


Could I say maybe a have a code to unlock scat from the beginning if that's not an issue


Pretty sure it's just a joke about the positioning of Goku's limbs, though a bit of a stretch compared to other gag images where a character's posture could be joked as looking like the swastika. Not sure why it was included in that guy's post, though.


b u m p


Bumpitty boppity boo
Hey RR I think you should really consider using tumblr or pixiv because I really do see what you mean by “less traffic” because I want more people to experience the great lord’s offerings to us mortals


File: 1520402082892.png (198.21 KB, 1037x594, 1517022348640.png)

Does anyone have the third picture in this set? Second picture is maddie sharting, and the third im guessing is the scat version. Someone posted the entire series on another board, but of course they couldnt/wouldnt post the scat versions. I just want the last maddie scat picture here.


Man do most of the art in this thread look like ass.


Are you sure you are on the right thread there bud?
Are you sure you are on the right thread there bud?


Technically RR did want to make this thread all about wetern content so it still alright. Just try to ask from another thread next time


My bad, I dyslexically overlooked the rr before rule34 and thought this was just an open western thread.


File: 1520691231456.png (420.81 KB, 1339x1440, Jackie Fights the Power!.png)

Jackie, from Star vs. The Forces of Evil!


OMG! This is a great one RR, thank you. Happy to see you back in action again ^___^


The lord blesses us with the best star vs girl


Not counting princess marco of course



Hey, not bad, RR. Welcome back, bud.


File: 1520991451405.jpg (240.61 KB, 976x1188, jadefaces.jpg)

Great to see you back in action.
Wanted to ask, ever thought about doing something with Jade Chan? She had some great expressions, and combining that with the big poos you draw your girls with would be quite the sight to see.




File: 1521244585389.jpg (125.54 KB, 1191x1600, wendy111.jpg)


What the fuck is that doing here?


I would think that Wendy's would fall under the category of rule34


This is RR's thread




File: 1522992815803.jpg (1.94 MB, 2263x1600, c92a14bdaac1c6c00b6bf03207….jpg)


LMAO are you still acting like you own this board, you silly fag?

Read >>21449 and calm your autism. Plus understand threads arent a limited resource.


Stop being an troll. This is a thread for RR (The artist) and his western art, the stuff you're posting is not RR's artwork, references are fine if he's doing a request for you, but he isn't is he?. Now if only we can get a mod to remove the images you posted.


Yesterday, for a while, I had the opportunity to delete or edit lots of messages in this board. Maybe a bug. :D

Anyway I agree with you: this thread is for RR arts even if this entire board isn't moderate. Probably the best solution would be sponsor sites where RR upload his works and receive commissions. Here we can talk about them without be so strictly.


We should make a separate western thread so people who think this a western thread can fuck off.


File: 1526107576063.png (377.83 KB, 1175x1325, 68097460_p3.png)


Where did you find this at? Source please??


Where does RR primarily post for his scat content? Would that be palcomix too?


Nl. He confirmed this is where he will place all of his scat posts. But he is AFK for now just be patient as this always happens here. And also he is making a game so he wont be able to do request now.


Maybe the RR in the title of this thread should be changed to RandomRandom so it would be more clear that it was for his art and so fewer people mistake it for a general Western scat thread? If it's possible to change the name that is...


I dont think that would help as everyone already knows this is randomrandom's posts and that those who post here pretty much just ask questions.
Besides he made a post saying hes fine with it.


Hey rr I understand if you dont want to answer due to fear of getting doxed but I’m just curious of what you do for a living since it takes up a large chunk of your time


Im also curious. In a post on your palcomix said that you were fine with your job because it paid good.


Is there a post to put edit works?


No there isnt but you can make one


If it is an edit of one of rr’s works then sure
And >>17792
Are edits and where aloud on here



File: 1532881743388.jpg (66.41 KB, 1200x675, 306.jpg)

More scat with Gwen Tennyson, please RR!
(Only shit if possible, not really a big fan of watersports or farting, but everything is welcome)



this site keeps fucking dying
might as well give up on this thread


I dont thinks so, as soon as RR is done with his game there is the chance he could do more scat pics if not he could just do a secret stash on his palcomix or WWOEC before.


Keeping the dream alive, and never giving up on this thread.


RR, you are still my favorite artist. RR's butts are the best butts. I dont post all that often, but i want to thank you for sharing all the great artwork, and I hope its still something you want to do.


(P.S.- still super excited to someday see your Mall Butts game)


in my opinion why not a discord server. phantom202, Science2311, angeldarkstories, and many more have gone there due to the stupid tumblr purge and its worth it


File: 1554479903102.png (1.04 MB, 2560x1921, 6teen's Nikki and Caitlin ….png)


File: 1554479951062.png (970.29 KB, 2560x1921, 6teen's Nikki and Caitlin ….png)


heyy, thanks for coming back with a good gift, random


yo RR, Gurochan seems to let older threads stay unbumped
so keep in mind in case you need a new thread










File: 1574853425885.png (529.59 KB, 1440x1220, 1489857458205 (1).png)


Video is private. Cant seem to watch it


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