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Hey, I like the Milfs, and I like the scat, so why not combine them together? Also, since there was a Loli thread, I wanted the older women to get some love, as well.


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Also, it would be awesome if there were Milfs with the liquid shits and/or desperate diarrhea.



What does that mean?


MILF means Mother I'd Like to Fuck


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Some MILFs are in the BBW thread because they often get pear-shaped when they get older.


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We all know Dexter's Mom right?


Bump!! Save the Milfs


The source, please sir.


It's from the


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Good Ol Timmy's Mom


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From the "Starless" anime.


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Right in front of her children.


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Motchie likes to take existing characters, then make them a few years older.


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Cattleya MILF is best MILF


Bump. This needs to keep going.


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art sauce? I have seen this guy's art a while ago but I forgot his name


Anyone have the pic of the milf in glasses on a train, looking uncomfortable? To be more specific, there is an x-ray of her gut showing a massive log in her intestine that wants out


Yokoyama Lynch I bilieve
I found his stuff here:



Thanks for this. Inspired me to gorge on some G-Panda.



Is that... Anmo Night?


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#15592&#15593 source?


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Z-ZubrowK, is that YOU?! 80


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