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Filthily disposing of a vore victim! kinkier the better!


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mmm source please? where can i find other pages!?



Yummy let's have more of this!


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#15895 I was hoping for Blanc to do that.


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this thread is amazing, more please


Don't let it die!


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tried to upload that picture twice, cant do it. Sorry


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Sometimes if a file is very large, you get a blank space instead of an uploaded image. If you have a smaller version of the image, you can upload that.


Moar x.x


I do know some good artists who do this but i only see three that i like


That's all i know so far... you can find them in aryion.




i do not like vore but i do browse vore boards just to see who draws the bathroom scenes

there is a game called nyan adventures which is the only decent rpgmaker vore game i've played. you play as a carnivorous catgirl. every time you eat someone or something there are unique descriptions of the digestive stage of what you ate when you transition scenes, up to bathroom desperation. then you take a shit.

or you can get eaten and usually get shat.
note it's all text, basic rpgmaker graphics mostly.

it has long info dumps, over-involved plot, extremely badly designed gameplay, but still pretty good shitting scenes, and since i like seeing buildings with bathrooms and using bathrooms i was amused for a while.

of course then i got bored and used the rpgmaker decryptor and rpgmaker to just read all the bathroom events. krystan the succubus apparently can never eat you even though she describes having just shat out a nymph and has the bucket right there.


File: 1500573865297.png (97.43 KB, 768x936, Newtonne-381667-scat.png)

Gonna do a slow bump pace
Apologies if I post any retarded or lolcow artists, I'm not wary of that sort of thing.


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Would someone mind to translate the picture into english?




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Source? ^^^


you can find it in nhentai just type unbirth scat then look for the two girls


Thanks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




oh yea



"Hehe, a young lady's
stool doesn't stink does it?
Now especially for you,
sniff as much as you want, and tomorrow I'll
push you all out my guts too!"

That ComicSans of a kanji font though.


File: 1532366228154.jpg (286.36 KB, 854x1200, 68106531_p4_master1200.jpg)

more in this gallery

posted in this as well:

doesn't seem to be a surefire way of finding vore disposal on pixiv for of-age man eating women doing their business, though


Do you have the full thing?




File: 1534782885957.jpg (410.58 KB, 1280x1813, dcvfgb1234_397139_The_part….jpg)
one of the better drawn new toilet scenes i've seen in a while


God has left the server

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