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bonus points if it's in secret

>Fupoo did a secret scat commission of Annie for someone at Hentai Foundry

>Pochincoff publicly did EFRO porn of Drossel von Flugel, rest is just piss of the two mechs from Virtual-On
>Roymccloud has a private tumblr for hosting scat art (or what he and Pdxyz called "pie")
>Perverted Bunny (or Spazkid during his prime time) did a joke pic of VGcatz, especially with Leo's obsession with chocolate
>Sunibee is heading to fart territory since tumblrettes got triggered over the "gas the chuus" pic, might go all out with Salazzle anytime soon
>at Roy's scat tumblr, Pdxyz recently did a pic of Kammy Koopa eating shit

do tell me your stories, anons. don't be afraid


File: 1479754595247.png (1.93 MB, 1800x1800, eed1c9c5e8575847e2bc9e3f31….png)

with all the vore shit they do

i'm wondering if TheBoogie or AngelTheCatgirl ever did scat porn out of curiosity?

also, Lazei is going to scat territory now


File: 1479757412990.png (1.03 MB, 1200x1436, 07_k2_3.png)

Roy McCloud, Yowesephth, Nezumi, Yokkora, Radiohead, Gemuo, Oreteki, Irekubadou, MZT, SomeVelvetMorning, Rampage, etc etc


man, i wished he was still around at /trash/

too bad the speedy shitposting drove him away


does fupoo still do stuff anymore? would someone be able to get scat from him


File: 1479971437140.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x900, 1.jpg)

rampage is my favorite i'm actually one of his regulars though my commissions are marked anonymous i'm responsible for most all of the league girl scat stuff


It is a damn shame. Probably my only chance to have a hyperscat request done there.

I like how Rampage draws turds but I really hate all the porn faces and futa he does.

Do you know if he's willing to draw furry? I saw some tiger girl he drew ages ago but I've never seen furry scat from him.


File: 1479999361345.jpg (195.21 KB, 1050x1052, MrsMonSct.jpg)

s2x does commissions. and are where you can reach him.


he'll do furry definitely, the shemale and faces sre commissioners doing we all like how he does them pretty much
good luck getting in an opening though the last one was filled in 5 minutes i got in second for it


Any links?


Will he do Puchimas as well?


Well I didn't plan on commissioning any time soon so that's not a problem for now.


if it's those anime things I'm really doubtful


leshawk is an amazing hyperscat artist, but i'm sure you've heard of him already
i recently found a pokemon fart-fetish work by sunibee, so who knows, they might succumb to scat too :v


What makes you doubtful about that?



You mean the "controversial" Gas the Chus drawing, right?.


lmao yup


he probably won't do the style and he doesn't do lolis


Drawing about Puchis from Puchimas fall under loli category? I thought just because a character is drawn in super-deformed style doesn't mean the drawing belongs in loli category.


What about Z3R0


Fupoo is currently doodling on swapdoodle via twitter

Man i forget to do a scat thread on this for swapdoodle


Malachi, among all the other things he's done, HAS done a few scat pics, here and there.... drawing every girl like Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Sally Acorn, Katara, Toph, the girls from Strawberry Shortcake (the early 2000s version), Eliza Thornberry, Sailor Mercury, Chihiro, and Ingrid from Street Fighter. Sadly... I haven't seen him in 3 years... not sure if he WILL come back, any time soon.

RandomRandom loves drawing anal pics with various toon girls (and a few anime girls)... and he HAS done scat pics, too. The Wonder Loli pic that's a POV "from below" view, with her squatting to shit? I requested that one. ;)

Shadman HAS done scat art in the past... but with the recent swarm (or samefag) of sjw-ish trolls... either it won't happen, OR, knowing Shad, he will make gross art to drive away the "vanillafags".


I kinda doubt TheBoogie has done any scat art.:He's more of a shortstack/cumflation/softcore vore kind of guy. The closest thing you may ever see if of a pic of Meloetta he did half-squatting over a simple squat-toilet, teeth gritting and everything. And yes: I requested that one, too.


spazkid did at some point



SUPPOSEDLY Suni HAS done scat art... and keeps it all for himself to see; nobody else. Suni has tons of drawings and sketchdumps that he HASN'T disclosed to the public.


How would you know?



He's stated dozens of times, on his own picarto streams, that he has a lot of stuff that he doesn't feel comfortable showing people... and only, earlier this year, admitted that he SOMETIMES likes scat (but he's more of an ass/donut guy, obviously).


>and only, earlier this year, admitted that he SOMETIMES likes scat
All that needs to happen is for it to be hyper and it's a dream come true.


Could you post the pic boogie did anon?


It's on Scatbooru.


File: 1480631944712.png (348.23 KB, 1280x1920, acb26f058d728f3666862cfcaf….png)

well i'd be damned...



Yeah. I requested a soft "implied incoming scat" for TheBoogie to make... he normally will NOT make scat pics, but, since that day I was pretty damn low, and he did this for me FOR FREE (and mind you, he NEVER does art for free unless you're an art buddy of his). He did it out of kindness and sympathy... and I'm thankful he made it for me.


for anyone interested in the latest pics i bought from rampage with dialogue added let me know


Yes please.


File: 1480665854205.jpg (151.72 KB, 1024x1024, I3KEnSKh.jpg)


File: 1480665875525.jpg (110.54 KB, 1024x768, d9sneVeh.jpg)


File: 1480665899846.jpg (159.83 KB, 1024x1024, NKz56yKh.jpg)


Thanks. I'm not into futa or those faces though (already brought this up), but it's appreciated anyway. The dialogue seems to be typical cheesy porno/hentai-tier, but maybe that's what you specified for.

I love the bowl of turds in the last pic though. Something really appealing about the two contrasting logs mixed together.


Does anyone have PC-Engine's/vatrus/MEGAmorrison's scat stuff saved, with his blue-haired OC and whatnot?


File: 1480982160973.jpg (164.35 KB, 1280x1580, tumblr_oe566vzMWE1vgb4ppo1….jpg)

There's this artist I found call Churnurg and he's becoming my favorite. He also draws dirty and unwashed cocks too so that's a plus for me



... TheBoogie doesn't HAVE a "secret stash"! Sunibee does.


that's one of my requests from him love his stuff he had an old blog but it got deleted twice


Rampage is an artist I want to commission myself, though last time he opened, it was while I was sleeping and it ended within only five minutes.


you have to be ready the second he posts it


TheBoogie does a bunch of vore and other extreme shit

There's no way he doesnt have a secret stash somewhere in his cave



Except TheBoogie has said, time and again, that he's not into scat. Stop forcing a thing!

And as for his vore, he's into SOFT vore (eating a tinier someone whole, to get digested), not hard vore (chewing up a living being, blood and guts mashed by teeth, the eaters shitting out the rest).



Also, could it KILL YOU to NOT multi-post?


File: 1481700636108.jpg (106.26 KB, 540x382, tumblr_oi590pDVEp1vcm308o2….jpg)

Phobos does. You can find him at Scatboru and he has tumblr.



Is it really SJWs attacking shad? Most I see is just idiots saying he has the "worst anatomy" and whatnot. And while I would say it's fair to say that shad's anatomy isn't always great, it's ridiculous to treat his stuff as the absolute worst when things like muscular Simpsons porn and other extremely disproportionate stuff exists.

And yea, it's a shame that Malachi has vanished. I loved his Sailor Moon doujin, and would gladly pay to see him do a full on series with each of the Scouts.


>Guilty Gear
I'm fucking laughing right now



Well before that, it was assholes harping on how he had a constant string of drawing Loli art, instead of drawing their precious Incestables comic (their OCD passive-aggressive demanding just RUIEND the comic for me, entirely)... and they started pulling the "Call everyone who likes loli a p@dophile" card NONSTOP!



Ugh, that was me who posted, btw, Orph



Yea, it's pretty fuckin sad when people just say "pedo" even when the characters are teenaged and thus the ~proper~ word would be hebephile. Even then, that's pretty hypocritical that they want incest stuff with an underaged girl, but cry foul when the guy does girls of around the same age or younger.

Oh well, internet is full of total retards.



And sociopaths that'll do anything to get what they want (even sabotage).



And YES! They want their fricking incest comic with Vi, whose a fictional teen (jailbait) girl, but GOD FORBID I want to see more Alejandra from Overwatch, because that makes ME "deplorable".


we're all deplorable.



I was being facetious. Don't ruin the joke.


does anyone know where the pic fupoo did is?


it's was a secret commission (or "comish", in his own silly language)

you'd think he show? at least he admitted he did one.


honestly i dare someone to publicly ask him (or DM him) on twitter about the pic

you already know what the obvious answer should be.


>when you find Modeseven's secret stash


File: 1482021174118.png (57.65 KB, 391x356, tumblr_inline_ni2h1uooq21r….png)


File: 1482034302322.png (43.07 KB, 279x239, tumblr_ohgn71fXIn1vyomkso1….png)


File: 1482081945212.png (54.21 KB, 387x469, ee265266-cd5d-426a-a47a-1d….png)


File: 1482103438015.jpg (25.03 KB, 500x293, Erect.jpg)

mind sharing a good slice of the stash?


File: 1482134573019.jpg (45.21 KB, 640x480, IMG_20161218_023701.jpg)


This isnt a secret, Kaminitro does good scat

Especially the zelda and princess daisy pics he done long time ago

Not sure why he teasing all of the sudden. Did he go into the dark for his scat stuff recently?



He sort of did. He made a cryptic message on his tumblr that leads to it.



It's not to cryptic... if you can understand code AND read. ;)


File: 1482205686729.png (205.9 KB, 300x386, 1479520719315.png)

fuck it

this is too complex for me



The secret is on the bottom row.


because it's clearly not a code dummy

seriously, fisheyes?

he probably hid it in the archive or his patreon.


File: 1482210410644.png (1.05 MB, 924x918, 1461700510434.png)

>he hasn't figured it out
it's not even super secret

here's a big hint for you:

see this? -> _

now go find the link


File: 1482210546794.png (18.28 KB, 375x257, Screenshot from 2016-12-20….png)

holy fucking shit

i was so stupid


File: 1482210818735.jpg (38.69 KB, 1024x768, whay.jpg)

>just discovered it
holy SHIT

this is some some THICC crap



Hehehhehheeahahhahaaa... yup... right click and click "View Source", man.... Neopets (the website/franchise) used to do it a LOT, to hide secret shit from the code illiterate for extras/games/other things.

This was back when HTML coding was a budding art. lol


File: 1482472417565.png (150.6 KB, 423x458, 00.png)


Info on sunibees stash?



I wish these damn artists would just post the stuff they draw and not angst over it so much.

Angst angst fucking angst, its so obnoxious for people who actually want to see it.

I'd really like to see sunnis stuff too but I just KNOW if it got linked here he'd delete fucking everything. Artists just LOVE to delete fucking everything. Sometimes they don't even have a reason, they just delete all their shit and keep drawing the same thing for literally no reason. Just woke up one day "yaknow I think im gonna start fresh loltoobad guess you should have been a porn archiver"



>>14919 "poop is normal"

THAT one isn't


Like i said on /trash/

Modeseven's way of hiding his scat stuff from normies by:
>making a secret tumblr for it (no popular tags in sight)
>make a cryptic post on the safe tumblr with a clue/link leading to it
>name of tumblr is apart from the relative but hold close in the same time

Is the best way to cause zero problems from the sensitive tumblrina public.

Sad sunibee is such a chicken, even the whole gas the chuu stuff shown he's like that


that's retarded, like those dumb sluts on reddit who get upset when someone shares their nudes on another website, or they get recognized. NO DUH. you put it on the internet, you should expect and assume that people will share it everywhere. if you can't handle that, then don't post it.

you can also just lead a double internet life and have two separate usernames and try to make your styles different enough that people don't notice it's the same person or at best can only suspect without knowing for certain.



File: 1482528715715.png (231.3 KB, 1354x1334, 984207 - Mighty_Switch_For….png)


I think the blue haired oc is gone (I used to have her but new computer), but did Patricia Wagon.




File: 1482534881134.png (181.29 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oingi69IfD1s5u80uo1….png)

Here's one of her.


DUDE I have been scouring the earth for some of this stuff


File: 1482544795620.png (227.24 KB, 2247x1202, 135433688211.png)

Just skimmed through my old 10k+ image folder and found these.


File: 1482544819929.png (156.28 KB, 1135x1290, 134809752115.png)



mistakes were made.



I did the pantyless edit of that, but looking back, that right ass cheek is way too big because that was where to poop was piled up.


I'm in a conversation with Sunibee right now. He ain't giving it up.



I could've told you that. Well... from what I DID gather via his picartos.



Oh WOW... Who knew Ilima was such a kinky pervert (and he's traptastic, too). And I chuckled from the pun on his last statement. <3


I really don't get why of all the weird fetishes, this is the fetish that gets demonized.


I so desperately wish there was moar


looks fine to me...


Anyone know why that /trash/ scat thread got deleted?


I wish. Monsoona's massive ass would be perfect for hyperscat.



Because they don't like us.


Was it very active? It could've just fallen off the board. /trash/ threads aren't archived on-site, after all.


File: 1482642982030.png (165.8 KB, 1186x1449, 134695419567.png)

Merry Crimmus. I found more.


File: 1482643025066.png (61.81 KB, 798x877, 136174458045.png)


File: 1482643069411.png (169.52 KB, 1841x1337, 136373404529.png)


File: 1482643095165.png (81.64 KB, 1035x1075, 136382886797.png)


File: 1482643120224.png (116.08 KB, 835x1041, 135841934298.png)


File: 1482643143166.png (320.15 KB, 966x1345, 134369167530.png)


I want to suck your dick right now no homo holy fuck thank you

I want to draw like this in a similar style but I suck.


anything by him with nude anuses as well? doesn't have to be scat i mean like he did some other stuff that is deleted.

I like the way he draws butts...


It's a Christmas miracle!


It didn't fall off the catalog. It was on Page 5 and was outright deleted.


which one?


many people asked him for his stuff, bro.

just wait until he blows


does he/she still do scat art or went into hiding about that or something?


He changed his username twice and the second time he deleted all his scat stuff, claiming that it was bad. He was MEGAmorrison, then vatrus, now he is PC-engine. No new scat drawings. Can't find his old stuff anywhere until the nice guy in the thread just so happened to find a few of them. Idk maybe this is all of them that he did, not sure, I was kind of secretly hoping he had a whole trove that he just deleted from the internet that some random anon would be holding onto.


Has anyone PM'd PC-Engine?

Did anyone talk to him if he still likes doing scat art, but just doesnt want to do it in public anymore?


The one with the OP image being >>14893


Nah, he said he moved on from that.


Thats sad


Is Modeseven willing to draw furry stuff? I mean, he drew Ruto, which sorta counts?


>tfw great and VERY close friends with pochincoff, he shown me a secret efro/scat sketch
Right now, he not planning to show it off in public yet.

Well, "Maybe forever" according to him. But he's actually still in the thinking process.

When ever he's okay with it, i'll post the sketch on the booru.

Right now, its nothing worth. Ive seen his doujin work and it looks way better completed than his basic sketches.

I highly suggest waiting.


Sunibee needs to post his stash


File: 1486606912610.png (97.88 KB, 989x991, 1368569288.vatrus_gol.png)

Had no idea his stuff was rare. I've seen all of the ones above. I have 2 extra pictures of the blue-haired girl. Non-scat, but seeing as they are impossible to find now here you go:


File: 1486606939997.png (175.7 KB, 1108x862, 1370131741.vatrus_large.png)


Thank you I love you no homo





He'll just passively whine about shit on his tumblr/discord instead

Already loss interest on the guy



FINALLY! Somebody OTHER than me gets it! Sunibee's an attention whore... a shame since his art style is SO tantalizing.



Better than nothing. Thank you... also, Suni should know better than to passively flaunt something, and not do something (no better than cock-blocking).




File: 1488181126056.png (1.1 MB, 1893x1019, Zamasu got a master plan.png)

>it's a sunibee leak
what was his reaction?


>Sunibee: "anon says a lot of things. It's usually horseshit though (pun intended)."
>"Also it just might make me a bit more careful with what i share and with whom but not really no."



Honestly, I don't think I can continue with that particular thread... All that cancer, and autism-namecalling, an the trolling upon trolling upon trolling.

It ultimately proves my point (some of the OTHER trash threads, otoh... I'm gonna stick around on).


check in /fur/ or scatbooru if you want sunibee scat

again, suni doesn't mind the leak but next time he's not going to let things slide until he's """comfortable""" over sharing the doodie doodles and other grotesque art he did


Zonkpunch/ Pantswrestler did some scat

it's fur shit so i can't post here:


oh and not to mention, he's friends with a scat drawer



Most of us have already seen Suni's "Gas ze Chus" pic set... it's one of the reasons why he's hiding again.


Bump for visibility


Pretty positive SLBx is another. He keeps saying that he doesn't like farts/scat but keeps making "joke" pictures about the subject.

I also want to say Grimphantom...I've seen him favorite some fart pics on tumblr.


Whoops I meant SB99..



ScoBionicle? Yeah, I've see a joke fart pic... but I guess he veers away ONLY because of the fact that some of his art is fetish as is (the weight gain pics come to mind).

Not saying he SHOULDN'T do fart/scat, but I can respect if he's staying SOMEWHAT vanilla for artistic reasons.


Zombiecat, SquidBiscuit, Riis are a few.

Sunibee's already drawn scat porn. There's a Rainbow Dash pic that got leaked.

He's still there. He just doesn't go to the drawthreads anymore.



"Drawn scat porn", and "one leaked scat pic and hoarding all the rest" are two totally different aspects of who does what. Suni's not reliable to pander to out tastes, and even if he did, there's no guarantee that he'll do what you want: He does what he wants.

And bringing up Yow and /trash/, I think we should find a /trash/-like board on one of the chans that panders to our tastes...

.../trash/ itself SOMETIMES BUT RARELY can be helpful, but you NEED to be diplomatic (don't piss off the other fetishists) and time yourself right (do it when shitposting seems to be a minimum)...

... I was able to get the "soiling" fetishists in /trash/ to like me by being my naturally-diplomatic, understanding self. Did it by letting them know that, even if I don't get my specific EFRO/Scat voyeur things done, I won't get mad if the soilers do (nor will I won't throw a hissy fit because THEY have a thread): We're all in this together and we have to ACT like we are. A Scat fetish is a Scat fetish.


>>I was able to get the "soiling" fetishists in /trash/ to like me by being my naturally-diplomatic, understanding self.

And don't forget humble lol.


File: 1492546191445.jpg (99.71 KB, 720x441, BORKBORKBORKBORK.jpg)

so i just learned that Shadman actually does scat (which isn't much of a surprise to me)

but some people saying he hides his scat variants in the secret page of the site

can any one mind telling me where he puts his shit at?

(and please don't ask about the whole legal site shut down shit, he's off the hook and the roblox thing was a April Fools joke of the real legal situation.)


>all gets anons getting access to secret stashes

Feels bad man.


Intolerant people who love dicks and hate scat gave Shadman shit for drawing scat. That's how it started.

To be honest that's how scat gets hidden or banned from most places because it gets the artists overly concerned about it as a result. People who just can't keep their ew gross reactions to themselves. It's just drawn porn, it's not even real, and there's far more extreme stuff out there. A paraphilia is a paraphilia. That's a sad way to react when you don't like stuff other people do really.


>... I was able to get the "soiling" fetishists in /trash/ to like me by being my naturally-diplomatic, understanding self. Did it by letting them know that, even if I don't get my specific EFRO/Scat voyeur things done, I won't get mad if the soilers do (nor will I won't throw a hissy fit because THEY have a thread): We're all in this together and we have to ACT like we are. A Scat fetish is a Scat fetish.
The soilfags on /trash/ are an insufferable bunch who hate proper scat funnily enough. There was a thread made a couple of weeks ago that allowed both soiling and scat, and all the soilfags got triggered and made their own thread because they couldn't bear seeing scat in a scat thread. Screw them.

>and there's far more extreme stuff out there
This so much. People act like scat is the worst thing ever but are okay with the likes of rape, loli, and bestiality. I hate this bias and double-standard.



I honestly am... I just talk in detail.


It's funny how the most natural things we're able to do, poop and get pregnant, are the most reviled in the fetish world.


is there a link to carafalsa's scat stash? it keeps getting leaked by fakerface45, who also uploaded those godawful doodie com pics/gifs


fakerface45 and carafalsa are the same person. He changed usernames. (MAGIC!)

(And this is why artists should *never* be ashamed of their fetishes; they can be tracked down no matter how hard they hide, even without the image community outright leaking it.)

Before the artist touches anything, they should know everything uploaded to DA stays on DA even if it's supposedly gone so unless they want to be made fun of, not worth the effort! Currently laughing at all those "deleted" accounts.


File: 1493183145897.gif (351.87 KB, 493x370, 1492432541229.gif)

>dat pregnant mom shitting


File: 1493697969418.png (146.06 KB, 640x768, 736647644236251136.png)

BMXII, Nsketch and overlordzeon are all artists who have liked pictures of scat (with BMXII liking a Rampage pic, Nsketch liking a Chocfutakun pic and overlordzeon liking a toobon_12 pic), and all take commissions (However, overlordzeon has stated that he doesn't take scat requests.)

There's also Chocfutakun, Dragoon-Rekka, fruitlessend, and bumble-borb who have posted scat artwork and take commissions.


File: 1493717038895.png (1.88 MB, 1238x1772, 65c5796b275392eb1d9f60eb64….png)

Also, Kunaboto and Mr-NDC are also comfortable with scat.


Waterproof Pigeon recently liked a scat pic by somniloquy on pixiv.>>17207


Pigeon has always liked scat but he doesn't draw it


Even though this is more of a /fur/ thing, I'd like to know where Mr.Pink keep his stash.


I'm not sure who this was, but in stream, brellom or alertmode has said that they drew a scat piece once.


That set is incredible.


>Roymccloud has a private tumblr for hosting scat art (or what he and Pdxyz called "pie")
Roy announced the tumblr to public weeks ago

go wild


according to pictures on scatbooru, ber00 does scat art. either that, or they're fakes


File: 1497221428407.gif (1.1 MB, 540x713, tumblr_orefra6MEX1vyomkso1….gif)


Is there anything Mode can't make hot


File: 1497467943143.gif (91.11 KB, 1280x1097, tumblr_orf0t5VvnI1vyomkso1….gif)

poopimation tutorial

start with seperate balls


File: 1497467966824.gif (153.29 KB, 1280x1097, tumblr_orf0t5VvnI1vyomkso2….gif)

connect em


File: 1497467987344.gif (136.7 KB, 1280x1097, tumblr_orf0t5VvnI1vyomkso3….gif)

doodle em


File: 1497468006202.gif (199.43 KB, 1079x771, tumblr_orf0t5VvnI1vyomkso4….gif)

then poople em


GENIUS!! I will take this to heart; thanks!!




holy shit these are fantastic. i'm gonna try to follow this on Flipnote 3D Studio


judging this:

i think vimhomeless might've did scat/efro before. not surprising, his obsession with dark puckered buttholes gave it away.


That specifically was a commission

And I don't think liking farts equates to liking scat. A lot of fartfags hate scat, ask 4chan.


you know what's funny?

a lot of fartfags hate scat anything
a lot of efrofags hate hyper and hard scat like smear and shit-eating
a lot of soilfags hates diapershit

all the people liking taboo stuff yet there's one except they always put out while liking the fetish



I can't stand diapers, it reminds me of babies.


Nothing wrong with having preferences. People into EFRO not liking hardcore scat like smearing/eating just don't get off on that kind of stuff (and to be honest, it really is difficult to find that stuff hot, especially if it goes the extra mile and include gratuitous vomiting). Haven't seen too many people put off by hyper stuff, though some will find the really extreme hyper (like a girl doing a turd that's wider than her entire frame) more funny than arousing.


File: 1498103638391.jpg (385.8 KB, 1200x895, tagteam scat LOW.jpg)

I offer scat/fart/efro commissions.
Fees are there:



File: 1498103944248.jpg (437.11 KB, 1200x895, tagteam fart LOW.jpg) bad, will surely add a fart version! ;3



THE Aedollon/Slimy graces us with his presence? I feel so humbled to find the master coming to us. <3


File: 1498229656355.jpg (225.57 KB, 1200x873, ece1909541fd89d5e9d05a910b….jpg)

>$140 + $60 for color

Considering the going market rates, I think that's fair, but that's too rich for my broke NEET blood.

Also, I love this Emilie.


File: 1498449742877.png (568.91 KB, 750x1334, Scat.png)

Vin actually does scat stuff tho and he/she's doing a scat commission at this moment of time.




*Megaphone breaks*


We have a list of artists who are OK with scat, based on likes from pixiv and tumblr:
andr01d-art, blackless-b, ictiosis, kikirism, lewdliquidn, mastr7up, msvondran, strikeafterdark, zaxsworld

There is also a list of western artists who have done scat artwork, but most of their drawings are lost or only in patreon:
ber00, goophilia, kerikeri-san, lollipopcorn, muffinfetish/tentacle-muffins, pcengine/vatrus, supersatanson, xxoom


I get this feeling the scat pic from vimhomeless is gonna be a male... AND I HOPE IT ISNT!!!


File: 1498513212883.jpg (67.02 KB, 595x553, 06450278057eecd764f519f012….jpg)

Apparently Shiin has drawn scat, unless this is an edit.

Anyone know where to the find the full thing?



As someone whose bi... I dun give no fucks! lol


File: 1498549095473.png (1.58 MB, 1788x2225, ssPOO.png)


its clearly an edit

the person who originally posted that said it was an edit they did



Paperclip has some bad stuff uploaded the patreon-only page of

Friend of mine at discord said there's some scat stuff and other dirty shit there

Also, the fact he's accepting anything right now so its no biggie


File: 1498937276046.png (68.66 KB, 358x130, 63478726_p0.png)


File: 1498937762923.jpg (75.33 KB, 380x400, tumblr_op6sqv7BDr1wnptkco1….jpg)

Bumble-borg's secret tumblr was taken down, but here's a cache of it.


File: 1499136057796.png (723.48 KB, 1184x1138, tumblr_osh8d8RsSn1vyomkso1….png)


Wow. Happy 4th of July to me.


File: 1499265651907.png (388.96 KB, 1184x1138, tumblr_osizg6tYqa1vyomkso1….png)


File: 1499278166169.png (246.97 KB, 989x954, tumblr_osizmqG9581vyomkso1….png)


File: 1499278192719.png (236.38 KB, 989x954, tumblr_osizmqG9581vyomkso2….png)


File: 1499278211324.png (284.75 KB, 989x954, tumblr_osizmqG9581vyomkso3….png)


File: 1499397140345.png (196.37 KB, 650x805, tumblr_osp73zW99s1vyomkso1….png)


File: 1499488494375.png (67.3 KB, 256x256, 49d5d385-e929-4e01-cec2-a5….png)


Mode is posting way more scat than I ever expected him to. It's glorious.


People actually found that blog? I got the impression that it was pretty unknown, kinda surprised when it was taken down.



There's a bit more than what's on that tumblr page, but I won't post anything he didn't post himself out of respect.


Ah damn. Hopefully he posts some of that stuff one day.

I don't want another Sunibee to happen where private art gets posted and he reconsiders sharing with people.



I doubt ANYONE will be another Sunibee, considering, before his "change" he was being an attention whore on his twitter. He's already made a name for himself... just not a good one.


Seeing one of his cute characters release a fat log will be the greatest thing ever


should you bother?
not like a ton of people frequent the scatboru or this board to know this artist does scat stuff

reminder that it's tumblr who took it down and they've benn ban-happy as of late


Since Mode is into scat I'm sure he comes here.


File: 1500131459315.png (275.77 KB, 898x783, 452BA373-AFC2-4613-81FC-BC….png)


File: 1500364215277.png (752.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-18-03-2….png)

he goes by as "Teku" now

ive search all over the internet and found only a variant of a scat commission he did.

meanwhile, people still bothering with the Strawberry Shortcake joke and just reposting the same shit over and over again


Wait, he's done more than just one?!


File: 1500540075735.png (264.65 KB, 2723x2135, Gwen lets it out.png)

There's an artist called BaldyBoy in the art board here and seems to be capable of making some pretty neat Scat and WS stuff.



He posts here.


File: 1500612347993.gif (402.55 KB, 720x617, tumblr_otf0qaUMWk1vyomkso1….gif)


yes. he was always open to scat and did plenty of more. but his scat are hidden in places

which why i ask for some help


File: 1500635095415.png (362.83 KB, 793x1009, 0daf66d5-6938-4a43-838e-16….png)

>modeseven even does fart


a good man named soda_zer0 does plenty of butt stuff
once's he is done gathering what he had sketched for years, i'll ask if i can distribute them to the scatbooru
he's also a big fan of nezumi so also expect some real meat too


looking at roy's scat tumblr, mindnomad probably does scat.
saw his bunny self-insert in one of the pics there too


nezumi? holy shit that sounds great, i hope he agrees to share!



I remember Soda! Haven't heard from him in a while. Normally only pipes up when he finds new Nezumi stuff. Though, last I heard he was getting into 3D and some of the stuff he shared with me was great!


eh, so we both know soda.
mind if you could familiarize yourself just a little bit?


Lets just say I'm one of if not his only mutual on pixiv


can you guys link his pixiv?



I see two. You did any works?
cause the yoshi butthole look delish


Nevermind. Soda told me who you are.
Nice Yoshi butts btw


i had imagined something a LOT different so let me ask something, what nezumi are we talking about?


File: 1500867797467.gif (5.03 MB, 504x692, 9b7f4a0f42237f4eb345ed3180….gif)



File: 1500871934155.png (271.15 KB, 1248x1300, amazon1_3q.png)

Thanks, heh. I'm getting a tablet in a couple of weeks so I'll be able to start drawing again.

<More Nezumi


Literally none of them have done it for me besides the Zelda girls pic. He draws the turds differently, and they come out of either underage characters or hideous-looking women. Very disappointing.


Would hurt to ask or more Zelda buddy-dumping at least?


File: 1500943831009.png (323.21 KB, 1280x943, tumblr_otmeazttO81vyomkso1….png)


He probably wouldn't draw it in the same style.


>waffle and anais


File: 1501087189357.png (150.45 KB, 892x999, 2010042414013016f.png)

Herro has released a new a furry efro pack, if anyone is interested


doubt it


i keep trying to reach him but it's literally fucking impossible to do so
any suggestions





Mode is very particular with his tastes. He will only draw hyperscat.


He draws a tonne of shota, dude.


File: 1501563880356.gif (447.84 KB, 720x540, tumblr_oty6fhJrxk1vyomkso1….gif)




File: 1502126802520.png (422.43 KB, 1280x1321, vim.png)


File: 1502298778028.png (616.16 KB, 1703x1758, Untitled-1.png)




File: 1502360784502.png (1.69 MB, 2113x4552, Meg1-3.png)

You're lookin at it


You're getting better. Love the hairy parts.



Superfluous nipples and a beauty mark on the ankle. Fascinating




AND I like how you made one nipple an "innie" and the other an "outtie" (referring to show mentionings).


Love the art and the hairiness and I am excited to see what you draw next


The beauty mark on the ankle and extra nipples (or pimples, I guess they were called?) were shown/mentioned in the show as well.


She calls them "moles" which is understandable if you've seen a real life example.


File: 1502604976022.png (4.55 MB, 5689x2550, Soul Sisters TKO0-5.png)


You got a Tumblr?


File: 1502617354453.png (576.8 KB, 1601x2207, request.png)



File: 1502741832481.png (1.44 MB, 3231x2267, Meg and Hayley2-1.png)


File: 1503186502159.png (414.73 KB, 1430x924, Yowesephth Meg0-2.png)

Yowesephth Redraw


I found him on hentai foundry and his latest post was on 8/19/17
He is also accepting commissions, including scat ones! Christmas has come early


File: 1503456477647.jpg (163.12 KB, 642x1020, IMG_1580.JPG)


/ O U R G U Y /



Tch... so he's not dead, huh? He's just decided to leave for FIVE YEARS!



Sorry... I'm just being extremely bitter.


At least he didn't renounce the fetish and lifestyle or anything cowardly like that. We both know how that's happened with some artists, only for a few to then turn up later doing the same old stuff and acting like they didn't turn into all-mighty jerks because they got scared of the fetish for a short time.


I sent Malachi a commission but he hasn't replied yet, it's been a week now and I'm starting to believe he's either ignored me or stopped doing commissions suddenly and not told anyone (He only started doing them over a week ago).

I mean, all he has to do is let me and other people know via email whats happening, just say something like "Sorry, I have a lot of commissions going on at the moment Ill let you know when I'm ready to do yours" It's not hard to send that to someone.

Sort of getting the feeling that he's stopped the commissions for some reason, maybe it's too much for him to handle or something, who knows? I just find it very frustrating is all :(



It's not that. Malachi has a tendency of... vanishing... for no reason... for long bouts of time.



True, as much as I begrudge him on some things, he certainly HASN'T abandoned who he is in some "Holier than thou" attempt for moral brownie points, only to go back to his thing, like nothing happened.

I may not like that he vanished for long bouts of time... but he at least doesn't hide from who he is, and supplies with quality fetish work.


Do you guys have examples? The only artist i can think of right now is Polar-Thunder/FrozenDiablo.


I made this
Audio starring Meg. Ends in femdom.



What even is this (Dropbox won't let me sample it)?


To an extent there's Sunibee, DangerDoberman, DarkHatBoy... a more tragic example would be ButtercupSaiyajin (or BCS, for short), but she's dealt with legitimate mental and emotional breakdown, so I don't group her with the others.


It's a WAV file. It's only 17MB if you want to run it as a temp file.


File: 1505426716878.png (391.99 KB, 1280x1280, hayley dumping out 1-1.png)

Uploaded it here


File: 1505674653567.png (397.81 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_inline_owetldJe0Z1t….png)

This guy does tons of fart and scat audio stuff. Definitely worth visiting.


File: 1506131619087.png (17.21 KB, 177x177, tumblr_owls0vajXk1rf13iko6….png)

... Everyone, please support this artist.


File: 1506131898178.png (47.94 KB, 128x128, avatar_a4bfc682e44e_128.png)

Guess who also jumped on the bandwagon?



Merunyaa deactivated her account.



File: 1507746338352.png (764.75 KB, 1122x1017, tumblr_ow81twP0jj1vyomkso1….png)


File: 1507746356742.png (437.12 KB, 1154x1042, tumblr_ownbc6wps41vyomkso1….png)


File: 1507746372277.png (520.21 KB, 831x1221, tumblr_oxlnbrXYrz1vyomkso1….png)


File: 1507746389413.gif (221.29 KB, 423x787, tumblr_oxlpjpFe3s1vyomkso1….gif)



Merunyaa is still on Pixiv


File: 1508125245548.png (109.6 KB, 273x340, 2cd5ae93-2631-4e49-cebc-25….png)


Churnurg, make a pixiv and twitter already, damn


1.churnurg is done making art
2.he had a pixiv


File: 1508202101710.png (91.83 KB, 320x326, tumblr_inline_ohuwf6zlgl1r….png)


1. Since when he said that? And why?
2. You know the name at least?


That sounded like an absolute no. Why bother?


1-3 to 4 months ago
2-he deleted it


It was that long since he made that anoucement?


man i liked churn. i wish i knew what happened. i hope he's okay. if anyone ran him off i hope they fall under a bus.


File: 1508261943609.png (223.48 KB, 800x480, K6iDiArBtIBUoa5DJsuE4AMRKn….png)

Thank fuck sunibee came back home



Don't expect that to last for long, and don't expect him to willingly share ANY scat stuff (if there IS any) so easily.


Yeah same man I had been following churn since he was “anonymous scat sketcher” here on the art critique thread and it was quite sad


File: 1508293178692.jpg (534.22 KB, 640x480, prease understand.jpg)

fuck fuck i posted the wrong image

doubt it, i just had a great talk with the man. he needs to keep his "don't give a fuck" stance and things will come to fruition.
personally its critical beggars at /trash/ and dummies at tumblr keeping him from sharing his taboo art.

but not problem anymore since he doesn't need the tumblr anymore when twitter exists to post his SFW stuff or blog tweets and FA for his NSFW stuff.

also, a nicole hyperscat piece exist, but that's all i publicly can say for now.



I'm a firm believer of "Talk is cheap!". He can say whatever he wants, but his actions will be what ULTIMATELY shows what he will do.


File: 1508535479783.png (2.81 MB, 2560x2048, b7cf0578-1cb5-46a6-c64e-27….png)

How much do you wanna bet it's an edit of that Nicole enema pic?


File: 1508653834485.png (242.01 KB, 613x773, muff001A.png)

Here's something I asked Malachi to do. I am thankful he did this.


File: 1508701726108.png (123.37 KB, 267x238, 009a77fb-7ed4-46ea-c676-32….png)

Recently just uploaded some stream recordings of Rampage and Mr-NDC (!)


i actually wanted to ask Malachi if he can do justice for Muffet web scat porn

where can i easily contact him?


honestly, likely



He has his contact email on Hentai-Foundry.


oh sweet
thanks anon


File: 1509133762324.jpg (287.3 KB, 1430x1800, muff01.jpg)


No problem... also, here's a larger one with lens effect.


Bumping because Chocfutachan used to post here.


if you see an artist that blacklists scat on their nono list BUT leaves the "still negotiable" right by it, they most likely did scat/efro art.


bump for interest


File: 1510719765009.png (4.45 MB, 2340x2800, f2ab1f8798cf9e9a9a838b95ab….png)

BarretXIII recently just did another scat commission... after four years.


saw a scat variant of his Mugman pic on discord


that was an edit
don't even dare to ask him too


So uh...where is that archive of Churnurg's stuff someone in the other thread promised? Anyone want to share what was on his pixiv and tumblr?


I'm so happy to see him doing scat again. I never thought he would come back!


i actually almost forgot
give me a few hours to round it up


File: 1513010978281.png (1.21 MB, 1280x1855, tumblr_ojf3m64J5f1vgb4ppo1….png)


All I saved was his pic of Sunibee's Gooze. With an anus THAT big and THAT protruding, I'm shocked that there's NO scat pics of her (well, that are accessible, anyways)


File: 1513130660767.png (995.93 KB, 2048x1317, 26febd85-d2da-4a55-ca61-74….png)



wait, is bastard-hive churnurg? that art style looks similar.


That was uploaded to his tumblr a while ago I am pretty sure it said “messing around with a friend one night and came up with this idea” something like that


no way that's him, but i welcome anyone that passes on his style and idea thinking


File: 1513495657357.png (245.56 KB, 409x457, 1496966268227.png)

i apologize for taking so long to do this!YYQgTbJL!FgPu3kmrhInVGL2kIU352wioLxgZvOPe4EKBKJOnV-E
also, i have some stuff from Churnurg's old "locked out" tumblr but i forget the name.
it's not scatsketcher and its not nothing0here/churnurg either, so help me jog my mind


Thanks a fuck ton man


File: 1513746701894.png (484.66 KB, 1280x575, tumblr_p0ua1toFqU1vl5w4qo1….png)
... did everybody knew exactly who this was when they first saw it? Cause if they are going anonymous, hopefully we might see a blog soon from them in the style like VimKinkful.


I have no clue who that is. Give the deets.


File: 1513910546736.png (2.41 MB, 2016x2648, f3e519fa-a80a-46e9-c6a8-77….png)





got a feeling Vim chickened out on posting that scat commission publicly
also, to keep the thread lively, what artist you "wished" that did, by extent, EFRO? secretly or not.


even though he hangs with a bunch of big artists that drew doodoo currently or in the past, its still on his big nono list.

also, I wish he wasn't too jerky either.


File: 1513924988359.jpg (1.24 MB, 850x3943, __dave_lizewski_and_mindy_….jpg)

my personal pick is gashi
this was drawn as a sick joke, only diarrhea and vomit. but my guts are telling me he's does has a degenerate soul piercingly screeching inside him.


File: 1513953221911.png (336.21 KB, 1100x1007, 1498957674952.png)

I'd like to see scat in Nyxondyx's style. She's a vore artist who draws herself as a pred quite a bit. Maybe some disposal?

[creep] She also has bad IBS according to her twitter. I recall a story of her having an accident while at the beach. Her gas and turds must be delectable. [/creep]


Sunny Sundown



Those that I wish did EFRO?

Sunibee (even if I don't like him as a person)
VimHomeless (lol)
Kurata Ichiro

Those that I wish did more?



actually vimhomeless DOES do Scat but you need to do a commission if you dont want it to be a trap or even nudge him to do it


File: 1514056662248.png (126.28 KB, 2045x1007, Manga Beerus.png)

nothing much here but i found churnurg's old tumblr!dIBSTCDT!UejtvVSKUEvsvQ3MCKrcZiws46HHvfT6tjaolFJ81kE
don't get your hopes up, the tumblr is absolutely dead as sunibee getting locked out out of his.

here lies another full-on scat artist


and i wish there was an artist that draw likes mutsurf/exed_eyes except he draws a ton unique scat and internal colon stuff instead


Anyone got an e-hentai to upload and catalog all that churnurg art? I would hate to see gurochan get taken down and loose all that art forever


File: 1514844123636.png (1.14 MB, 1146x1098, f53d38c157f8083ad30904aa2e….png)

only because he started doing watersports and anuses more often
though something tells me he already does scat porn, just in private


I would love for bc to do scat


File: 1515043451483.png (2.88 MB, 3840x2160, biggest mistake ever made.png)

Keijimatsu does. how i know?
look here: (drew some Curly Q doing a poot)
and look here: (RoyMccloud, a big scat artist, drew one of his secondary OCs doing shit)

im sure he doesn't want too many folks to know he's pro-EFRO, not worth the risk to ask. but its there!

also, due to mental bullshit and self-loathing, he decided to fuck off from the internet again, breaking up with everyone he knew and nuking his blogs.
also, fuck Teckworks for what he done to our boy just a month and a half ago. Dumb catfucker. (wished someone drew scat of his characters out of spite of his ego)


Wait, I thought that was common knowledge? He's definitely liked some scat posts on tumblr before.


He's really dodgy when he wants people to know he's a efro enthusiast


Which one of you put Modeseven's scat art on exhentai?


Those fucking babies are downvoting the hell out of that gallery lol


It was someone on a discord server. Came on briefly to draw some gift art for a few people, then decided not to stay. I could find their discord tag if I searched hard enough but IIRC they specifically requested anonymity when posting this art elsewhere.

It wasn't a scat/guro-focused server anyway so I don't think the artist draws any of that.


File: 1516958119672.jpg (24.81 KB, 400x400, oHZxq8is_400x400.jpg)


>tfw he was there and didn't care



sakusakupanic is willing to do scat stuff, but its gonna cost you extra in terms of extreme fetishes she want/has to draw

her website's commission page even had a description on doable kinks with guro included, so you lads better start asking her to do it.


File: 1519989080727.png (321.08 KB, 670x1752, goddamnit.png)

This is why we can't have nice things.


And whom might this be?


This is from Ber00's tumblr.

He did make a tumblr for his scat artworks, but it was either deleted or hacked. On the very last pages of slashgashhhh's tumblr has an archive of most of his works (as well as on scatbooru).


I mean, he has every right to decline commissions, it's just shitty that he would rather pander to his regulars and listen to public outcry rather than doing stuff that he, more or less, has already done before, streamed on Picarto and enjoyed drawing for a while.

I feel sorry for those who had their commissions declined. Maybe he might make another "ber000" tumblr.


Key word there is "most" I've actually lost at least a hundred bucks in commissions and a decent amount of requests because of his regulars being shitheads. Not to mention I had to actually claim two requests to get one scat pic because of them too.
Fat chance I'm pretty sure all the whining toonfuckers were the ones to either complain or spam report the blog meaning the chances of him ever doing scat again are slim

I've got a really sour spot for berm and his regulars currently because I was also told I could get a scat commission soon only to have it denied by I'm guessing a bunch of whiny kids not wanting to see shit next to all their turbo tits Vicky porn


tumblr is the absolute worst now. Forcing users to sign in to see adult blogs and actually getting rid of them on your dashboard feed PERIODICALLY.

Have you tried messaging him on his pixiv?

which one of your fags bugged him to where he shouldn't do it


Is it me, or is most Western art really bad? I mean, to the point of being ugly? Just look at the Western scat art on Pixiv and compare those to the Japanese or Asian art: the difference in quality is amazing.


It is just you (and a handful of other people).




Most of the art here look really bad. I've seen some good Western art, but those are a minority.


File: 1520243366981.png (2.86 MB, 2595x1994, StreamStramVariant_trim.png)

recently got this piece from graphographer over on Tumblr they don't really have any limits for commissions so if you want som


Love mobile guro and how it just doesnt work at all. The finished sentence is "if you want something really filthy he's amazing for it if you've got the cash"


File: 1520669259969.png (2.14 MB, 2048x2172, 4f504151f4441ee6b2f088e7af….png)

Who else is really happy that Blackless is starting to do scat? He and Dragoon-Rekka are my favorite artists at the moment (who just opened up a new tumblr!)


I am pretty sure I posted this before but if anyone here has an e-hentai account would you mind uploading all the churnurg art from >>20760 plus the new pics on albatross’s tumblr?


File: 1521565626942.png (193.87 KB, 562x596, tumblr_p5tn7ujiLI1x9a1rpo3….png)


File: 1521770049806.png (86.15 KB, 381x399, tumblr_p5jof9GmuE1x9pasko3….png)


Phobos is worth every penny.


File: 1522706326789.png (427.15 KB, 854x480, hit btfo.png)

>mfw it was a personal commission

no wonder this wasn't on the vimkinkful blog
show was over long time ago, kek


fuck the siterip on 8chan's /hentaiporn/ thread even says there was a scat variant
how in the fuck its still missing from public at this point?


Can someone PLEASE tell these people he had a scat tumblr before


File: 1523986437489.jpg (50.69 KB, 848x480, absolutely cuck.jpg)

this isn't "actual" scat but more to non-fecal EFRO shenanigans but just today The Helmet Guy announced on twitter he was going to do a vore-related character.
some of his followers threw a tantrum over what he wanted to do despite the fact everything will be low key as hell
he also questioned if releasing the eaten dude was shat out unharmed like if the burger wasn't digested (i.e. soft/non-disgestive vore)
everyone okay'd that, but the sensitive idiots STILL gotten through the sound barriers
now he backed out """"for now"""" (probably never)



File: 1526122215623.png (114.41 KB, 400x273, hurr durr don't crush muh ….png)

why didn't you niggas tell me the one of the download's broke!dIBSTCDT!UejtvVSKUEvsvQ3MCKrcZiws46HHvfT6tjaolFJ81kE (churnurg's old tumblr)!YYQgTbJL!FgPu3kmrhInVGL2kIU352wioLxgZvOPe4EKBKJOnV-E (churnurg's resurrected twice but now dead new tumblr)
here they are again

also for what i know he gone due to the sensitive assholes of tumblr, now hiding with his big buddies on discords.
that's a shame but at least i know he's okay. just relax man



Nobody could tell you the downloads were broken.... because Gurochan was down!


untrue, its been up for months
long enough before the site crashed again!




When did he ever make scat art?


ask him dude


Proof or it didn't happen.
The artist makes it very clear each time he opens commissions he doesn't do scat.


Lenbasisky just deleted all of his accounts. It's a shame, since he might be the type of artist who might of loved to draw scat porn...



Noill follows a few scat artists on twitter


he's also obsessed with anal and butts
wouldn't be surprised if he's thought about it but doesn't want to scare fans away.
his art style is distinctive enough that he probably can't really draw something and pretend its not his. too bad. i think his work would probably be the kind i like (butt emphasis during natural functions)


Yeah I prefer "cartoony" scat art more on top of that


Seeing all these big artists follow a scat account makes me happy


Noill DOES follow and hang with artists that draw scat/efro, even his best buddies that isn't named gats or colo
but that doesn't mean he's pro-scat even pro-efro, just like Boogie who draws whatever the hell he wants.

he's also a bit of an asshole if you put him on his bad side, so don't ever dare ask if he ever did draw dirty stuff or even ask his buddies by proxy, even if you're close to him.
he will get VERY angry.


man, i wanna keep watching his stuff.
but all of the sudden he putting his IRL trapshit onto his scat stuff now
goddamn it





you list it yet don't even have evidence you do scat stuff
i'm guessing he got commissioners like Simplify6 or Plas on their leash to do private scat for them, like VimHomeless.


the "top secret scatfag" conspiracy is R E A L


>Cubesona's there too

>lilmoonie doesn't even like or draw scat

i guess they follow him for his trap stuff, i guess?


not actual scat but lol, noill's buddy made this
he knows how people gonna think of this image amyways


File: 1534696985827.jpg (8.83 KB, 228x221, LAFFIN.jpg)

>closely hangs out with sunibee, modeseven, shadman, fupoo, nezumi, and so much more art people guilty of drawing poop

>not already knowing this


Dryadex is streaming his new piece for the Ponut Pack now.


dangerking11 on tumblr will not draw scat anymore, but allows for piss and toilet scenes and scenes that strongly imply scat.


he never posts it and prefers to keep it on the down-low but if you look at his commission info he does say he's okay with drawing it. I should know, I commissioned him myself for some and was quite satisfied with the result.

I'd post the commission in question but he asked me not to credit him for it and I respect that decision.


That's very admirable of you. (+1)


Iunno if it's secret but apparently witchbitch on furaffinity is waffleng
Does lots of eating scat through tubes and stuff


>so i just learned that Shadman actually does scat

sounds like the only interesting stuff he would do.
needs more scat less political garbage no one cares about



Well maybe if the The Incestablefags and the Normiefags didn't ruin Shadbase... maybe he would've.


File: 1538177921627.png (110.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_peyz59oXaL1xbpdjyo1….png)


Dryadex just streamed his artwork for the next Ponut Pack 4, which is a halloween-themed Pinkie Pie.

I believe the last one was Rainbow Dash themed.


File: 1545107997271.png (862.05 KB, 1600x1589, 1c50e1617f6b3856901dcdfed4….png)

I don't knnow if he draws it regularly, but Imago mentioned that he was ok with drawing scat. He posted a censored version of this on his tumblr during the whole NSFW purge. I asked him for the uncensored and he sent it to me :D


File: 1545108037878.png (862.05 KB, 1600x1589, 1c50e1617f6b3856901dcdfed4….png)



He doesn’t draw it, but Gloss likes it too.


Spazkid is drawing farts again


>moonie's cockslut is a scatbro


> Imago
literally who?


slobstash, TrinityFate's """"friend"""", draws plenty of doodoo
(it's really an alt account, heed the rules before he nukes shit)



File: 1551135875826.jpg (23.43 KB, 416x416, kono deeezel-da.jpg)


File: 1554017070433.jpg (1.46 MB, 1912x3145, a8967ee7d979bfd68ae0d0b62c….jpg)

Does anybody know the websites that this guy's in? According to scatbooru, the name of the artist is 'mayo'.


Majaliscat's patreon is gone
looks like they're quitting scat works altogether and focus on their game


does this thread even bump on the front page anymore?
i thought it was deleted at first


i think it works now



i heard around on scatboru and paheal that Dsanhentai also drawn scat in the past
but the way it sounds, it might've been for commission purposes


gurokapuku deleted himself after being harassed around by someone who probably didn't like his weird freakshow guro stuff
it was around the same time Doppel had to clear his pixiv because he didn't like how excessive the censorship is there (he didn't mark out the dicks enough, RIP)

his FA, his HF, and his main pixiv
all gone

i tried to message Gurokapuku at the very last minute, but he refused to reply sadly.
this is the remnants of his stuff, while you can find more on the Furaffinity archive (maybe, i never gone to this FA)


i love how he immediately chickened out after posting some twitter bird scat and the cake fart one


File: 1562352812954.jpg (1.21 MB, 4095x2959, D9zPJs1XsAARwi6.jpg orig.jpg)

Living under a rock now, are we?


File: 1562397440322.png (351.28 KB, 612x574, the guv' is 'ere.png)

while im happy somebody got Spazkid to draw more Topaz/Rouge…

your filename screams twitter yet its not the cropped one Spazkid posted on twitter

mind explaining that bit, anon?


among the stuff he posts monthly, i haven't seen this one actually


>he doesn't know about his alt

good god, step it up laddies


File: 1562438793314.png (153.03 KB, 237x285, whoa.png)

>he set up an archive on top of that
hell yea
spaz becoming less of a hack now


and holy shit, fix the formatting on posts
they are not supposed to look squished like that


Angel is actually G with a lot of degenerate shit but she wants you to find that out on your own:


I know it's belated but thank you so much! I wonder why he would delete it though…..


no idea


File: 1563340495193.jpg (16.84 KB, 480x360, Patrick BOO.jpg)

i just got word that Meru_Nyaa isn't sharing her diaper and scat works anymore and manage to nuke that shit from her MEGA.

this is what happens when you become too mainstream within your fame on art, you start going full cuck and trashing out all the goodies because your current audience won't like it.
kinda like how Shadman doesn't draw or let Spazkid draw scat variants anymore or frequently because of his current infamy now.

then again, she wasn't even into scat in the first place, which is worse.
i've got what i gotten, so good riddance.


File: 1563366382348.png (2.05 MB, 2000x2000, 4c5eac07551b66b6d7183a3f6f….png)

It's all been purged recently. Wish there was more the art style is adorable and the scat looks fucking nice


File: 1563563484899.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, joker this.gif)

its kinda hilarious she thinks this will get people to forget she did "commissioned" diaper and scat art
we'll always be around telling tales of what the artist has sinned during their glory and earlier years

that said, she lost a good 50 bucks monthly from me.


the amy commission he did was fucking good


not confirmed, just speculation

YuumeiLove is awfully suspicious on the anal stuff he draws (see the Extreme Ghostbusters comic he did)
also scat isn't listed as one of his Don'ts on his HF page

maybe he forgot, but who knows


he's also inactive for an awful long time


is there some way to see some kind of big list of who is accepting commissions for what types of scat and who is not

artists and entire sites show up and disappear so quickly, it's hard to keep track of


i was doing that
but i get the fear of people sharing the list around to where it becomes some bad shitlist for artist.

and once they see it, they'll just reconsider their open scat interest in precaution



did ANYONE saved all her scat stuff?
all i got was just the boring diaper art at Exhentai


i hate QuinNSFW and Teckworks stupid egos, but i was around when the mess happened.

reading both of their cases with the dude, Keijimatsu just had another episode and was being selfish and clingy to another artist again.
Quin was defending him because Teckworks was being a prick with the other prick (Quin), but he really finds Keijimatsu in a awkward spot as well.

Tec decided to dump him because of his creep attitude for the better, but that ended up Keijimatsu to implode himself. which he regretted according to one of his tweets.
Now he's just hiding at Discord with people that still accept and understand him.

also Keijimatsu doesn't follow Quin on twitter anymore, so i think Quin shitty's ego got to him back further killing their friendship. (Yikes)
Quin has a looooong history with bad relationships with artists and people, so its not surprising.


>artist said it was over $150 for that
that's pretty fucking cheap




is nastysashy just done? i saw him say it's "gross" but he's uploaded it to e621 and drawn his self-inserts doing it. more info would be useful


File: 1568279478425.png (1.36 MB, 2401x1964, 8c5afae7686726028bda001083….png)

argentos got a bunch of diaper art on the twitter @SophiePoof63, but then this alt shows up.



About damn time.


File: 1568633254036.jpg (152.5 KB, 1951x1864, 1568443214.sainthebeast_4i….jpg)


File: 1568633303152.jpg (28.88 KB, 400x382, 33037023@400-1568443283.jpg)

some Vim out in the wild.
hope he and Argento are gonna get real instead of staying evasive pussies about this


actually he will only do this if you do a commission besides he stated this all the way back from 2017


wait, did he official released that?
i do know that one other scat commission he was talking about was voluntarily privated


Argento/Sophie isn't really a chicken about, but he wants to find a chance to post his proper scat art one day

he also do guro art too but i think he's not going to bother posting that any day however


we knew he done scat since 2017 though



has the mill gone dry?


Commissioned this faggot once, got basically scammed. Never the fuck again.


File: 1575993675395.jpg (386.97 KB, 1280x1657, 8d458cd4b010b0de0769a0166f….jpg)

Wonder if anyone could help me. Majalis had wiped all his scat works. Art has remained, but some lovely stories vanished and even google can't find them.

I fancy a particular story about a sorority initiation and "don't close your mouth pledge". This pic was the illustration for it.

(the story is quite good)



Thanks. Those I have found already. Of course I tried web.archive. I'm interested in *that* one I didn't find.


I remember reading that story myself. Went something along the lines of she didn't need to actually swallow the girl's shit, but the ease she accepts doing it shows she isn't fit to be in the club and instead only serve as a toilet for them.



Yeah, exactly. She failed the test but was approved for even more exclusive position. "Girls like that are precious" or something along those lines.



I searched and searched (I wanted to read the story again myself) but this is all I could find… if you put segments into quotation marks and search Google theres two tumblr pages that seem to host the story but each has no form of backup or webcache :/

This might be a hopeless search unless somebody saved it to their hard drive.

This was it. She just had to go through one more hazing, and she’d be in. Kori had memorized the pledge, she’d learned the sorority’s history, she’d endured some light hazing, and now, she was almost there. When Talia, a senior collegiate, told her to take off all of her clothes, she knew it was going to be a challenge. When Talia started to strip down herself, Kori made a little mousish noise, but continued to pull down her pants.

Stripping down naked in front of everyone was embarassing enough, but watching Talia disrobe made it all the more embarassing and surreal. When they were both stark naked, Talia told her to get down on her hands and knees. Once she had, Talia turned around, dropped to her knees herself, with her ass in the air, and told her to keep her mouth open.

“Keep that mouth open pledge. No matter what,” she said, and Kori began to have serious hesitation about the whole thing, but she kept her mouth open, even as Talia scooted back towards her, until, rather firmly, she pressed her balloon knot against Kori’s mouth and settled into place.


Thanks. That's a start.

>unless somebody saved it to their hard drive.

That's what I'm hoping for and that's why I'm here.


(that's his post lol)
and tell the full story lad


Majalis stopping on drawing scat fucking hurts. Shit was so fun, but something just clicked
same with shadman, but that sellout wasn't gonna stay forever.

also there's rumors of Simplify6 starting to move on from commisioning scat of his characters
something about getting some big unwarranted attention and disappearing from some servers
which means no more art of his dog knight and kobold ;_;


I remember that Dazol did a scat set back in 2011.
Then they wiped almost every trace of its existence.



That also explains why we don't see anything of his Pokemon characters anymore.


The cancelation of the Majaliscat patreon really is unfortunate.. I tried going to the forum of Majalis's new game and asked if there was any scat content in it around a week ago, but my thread got deleted. Not sure why. Sad days.


just popping by saying SimplifyPM officially retired from the scat community due to change on interest and desire of different attention of the characters he commissions.

in fact, i don't see a separate page
to his stuff any more. All of it is "flushed out". (heh…)
Anybody could start an archive of his commissioned work at Exhentai?


wouldnt hurt to look again
2011 shit tend to be easily found in old as fuck booru galleries like Sankanku.



that really sure aged well, hah


he's still into scat. As a matter of fact, he's still commissions them but not share them anymore.

however he cleared a lot of his contacts that were mostly there for that than his normal/NSFW stuff or actually interacts with him frequently.
he's also aware he could've just pull another handle to separate his scat presence to there, but that's gonna take a good effort to establish all that, hence why he's moving on now.

i hope that kinda clear things about this problem. there's still a lot of people opening to scat and there's still people commisioning them or open to that.
Simplify6 shouldn't be the only one to pull the ship, and i do hope some other furfag comes in and take his mantle.




Blank page. Is it down? It's not sadpanda, just nothing. I have logins and all.


Hey, there it is, what I asked for here >>26749!



But that particular story seems to be incomplete.


The irony is that it's the only text that isn't full.


File: 1579557534582.jpg (255.03 KB, 1280x1233, 506.jpg)


This is what we have now.


File: 1579557573130.jpg (477.53 KB, 1280x2202, 507.jpg)



Sucks butt too as I remember reading the full story and still remember most of how it went.

Kori ends up swallowing Talia's shit and at the end she meekly asks if she's in then all the girls start laughing and mocking her telling her she didn't need to do any of that and revealed she doesn't have what it takes to join the club but instead serve as a slave girl for it.

…At any rate I def downloaded the torrent of the collection at e-hentai incase that too goes away.



i've updated it
soon i'll update it again but with really old stuff


xxxx52 recently started posting commissions of stuff I thought were beyond him recently there was some fart stuff in there and everything


Hey if you were the one who commissioned from blargsnarf would he allow scat commissions? I've seen his work and there was a PB set involving her poop candy.


Shiina Nami. But it seems that he has abandoned pantypoop stuffs.


Polyle recently just drew some scat.


this is GastricTank's scat/weird blog

always knew GT was drawing some shit in the sidelines


File: 1585574018454.png (1.27 MB, 2401x1964, Sophie_x_Andy_-anon-_no_ma….png)

have the colored one done by the commissioner himself.
how do i know that? i talk with the guy i only modified the name of the file to not show his name nothing else.
and to think i ended up on here trying to find the simplify comms lol


Im really glad they do scat, and not just hint at it with diapers.

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