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bonus points if it's in secret

>Fupoo did a secret scat commission of Annie for someone at Hentai Foundry

>Pochincoff publicly did EFRO porn of Drossel von Flugel, rest is just piss of the two mechs from Virtual-On
>Roymccloud has a private tumblr for hosting scat art (or what he and Pdxyz called "pie")
>Perverted Bunny (or Spazkid during his prime time) did a joke pic of VGcatz, especially with Leo's obsession with chocolate
>Sunibee is heading to fart territory since tumblrettes got triggered over the "gas the chuus" pic, might go all out with Salazzle anytime soon
>at Roy's scat tumblr, Pdxyz recently did a pic of Kammy Koopa eating shit

do tell me your stories, anons. don't be afraid
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among the stuff he posts monthly, i haven't seen this one actually


>he doesn't know about his alt

good god, step it up laddies


File: 1562438793314.png (153.03 KB, 237x285, whoa.png)

>he set up an archive on top of that
hell yea
spaz becoming less of a hack now


and holy shit, fix the formatting on posts
they are not supposed to look squished like that


Angel is actually G with a lot of degenerate shit but she wants you to find that out on your own:


I know it's belated but thank you so much! I wonder why he would delete it though…..


no idea


File: 1563340495193.jpg (16.84 KB, 480x360, Patrick BOO.jpg)

i just got word that Meru_Nyaa isn't sharing her diaper and scat works anymore and manage to nuke that shit from her MEGA.

this is what happens when you become too mainstream within your fame on art, you start going full cuck and trashing out all the goodies because your current audience won't like it.
kinda like how Shadman doesn't draw or let Spazkid draw scat variants anymore or frequently because of his current infamy now.

then again, she wasn't even into scat in the first place, which is worse.
i've got what i gotten, so good riddance.


File: 1563366382348.png (2.05 MB, 2000x2000, 4c5eac07551b66b6d7183a3f6f….png)

It's all been purged recently. Wish there was more the art style is adorable and the scat looks fucking nice


File: 1563563484899.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, joker this.gif)

its kinda hilarious she thinks this will get people to forget she did "commissioned" diaper and scat art
we'll always be around telling tales of what the artist has sinned during their glory and earlier years

that said, she lost a good 50 bucks monthly from me.


the amy commission he did was fucking good


not confirmed, just speculation

YuumeiLove is awfully suspicious on the anal stuff he draws (see the Extreme Ghostbusters comic he did)
also scat isn't listed as one of his Don'ts on his HF page

maybe he forgot, but who knows


he's also inactive for an awful long time


is there some way to see some kind of big list of who is accepting commissions for what types of scat and who is not

artists and entire sites show up and disappear so quickly, it's hard to keep track of


i was doing that
but i get the fear of people sharing the list around to where it becomes some bad shitlist for artist.

and once they see it, they'll just reconsider their open scat interest in precaution



did ANYONE saved all her scat stuff?
all i got was just the boring diaper art at Exhentai


i hate QuinNSFW and Teckworks stupid egos, but i was around when the mess happened.

reading both of their cases with the dude, Keijimatsu just had another episode and was being selfish and clingy to another artist again.
Quin was defending him because Teckworks was being a prick with the other prick (Quin), but he really finds Keijimatsu in a awkward spot as well.

Tec decided to dump him because of his creep attitude for the better, but that ended up Keijimatsu to implode himself. which he regretted according to one of his tweets.
Now he's just hiding at Discord with people that still accept and understand him.

also Keijimatsu doesn't follow Quin on twitter anymore, so i think Quin shitty's ego got to him back further killing their friendship. (Yikes)
Quin has a looooong history with bad relationships with artists and people, so its not surprising.


>artist said it was over $150 for that
that's pretty fucking cheap




is nastysashy just done? i saw him say it's "gross" but he's uploaded it to e621 and drawn his self-inserts doing it. more info would be useful


File: 1568279478425.png (1.36 MB, 2401x1964, 8c5afae7686726028bda001083….png)

argentos got a bunch of diaper art on the twitter @SophiePoof63, but then this alt shows up.



About damn time.


File: 1568633254036.jpg (152.5 KB, 1951x1864, 1568443214.sainthebeast_4i….jpg)


File: 1568633303152.jpg (28.88 KB, 400x382, 33037023@400-1568443283.jpg)

some Vim out in the wild.
hope he and Argento are gonna get real instead of staying evasive pussies about this


actually he will only do this if you do a commission besides he stated this all the way back from 2017


wait, did he official released that?
i do know that one other scat commission he was talking about was voluntarily privated


Argento/Sophie isn't really a chicken about, but he wants to find a chance to post his proper scat art one day

he also do guro art too but i think he's not going to bother posting that any day however


we knew he done scat since 2017 though



has the mill gone dry?


Commissioned this faggot once, got basically scammed. Never the fuck again.


File: 1575993675395.jpg (386.97 KB, 1280x1657, 8d458cd4b010b0de0769a0166f….jpg)

Wonder if anyone could help me. Majalis had wiped all his scat works. Art has remained, but some lovely stories vanished and even google can't find them.

I fancy a particular story about a sorority initiation and "don't close your mouth pledge". This pic was the illustration for it.

(the story is quite good)



Thanks. Those I have found already. Of course I tried web.archive. I'm interested in *that* one I didn't find.


I remember reading that story myself. Went something along the lines of she didn't need to actually swallow the girl's shit, but the ease she accepts doing it shows she isn't fit to be in the club and instead only serve as a toilet for them.



Yeah, exactly. She failed the test but was approved for even more exclusive position. "Girls like that are precious" or something along those lines.



I searched and searched (I wanted to read the story again myself) but this is all I could find… if you put segments into quotation marks and search Google theres two tumblr pages that seem to host the story but each has no form of backup or webcache :/

This might be a hopeless search unless somebody saved it to their hard drive.

This was it. She just had to go through one more hazing, and she’d be in. Kori had memorized the pledge, she’d learned the sorority’s history, she’d endured some light hazing, and now, she was almost there. When Talia, a senior collegiate, told her to take off all of her clothes, she knew it was going to be a challenge. When Talia started to strip down herself, Kori made a little mousish noise, but continued to pull down her pants.

Stripping down naked in front of everyone was embarassing enough, but watching Talia disrobe made it all the more embarassing and surreal. When they were both stark naked, Talia told her to get down on her hands and knees. Once she had, Talia turned around, dropped to her knees herself, with her ass in the air, and told her to keep her mouth open.

“Keep that mouth open pledge. No matter what,” she said, and Kori began to have serious hesitation about the whole thing, but she kept her mouth open, even as Talia scooted back towards her, until, rather firmly, she pressed her balloon knot against Kori’s mouth and settled into place.


Thanks. That's a start.

>unless somebody saved it to their hard drive.

That's what I'm hoping for and that's why I'm here.


(that's his post lol)
and tell the full story lad


Majalis stopping on drawing scat fucking hurts. Shit was so fun, but something just clicked
same with shadman, but that sellout wasn't gonna stay forever.

also there's rumors of Simplify6 starting to move on from commisioning scat of his characters
something about getting some big unwarranted attention and disappearing from some servers
which means no more art of his dog knight and kobold ;_;


I remember that Dazol did a scat set back in 2011.
Then they wiped almost every trace of its existence.



That also explains why we don't see anything of his Pokemon characters anymore.


The cancelation of the Majaliscat patreon really is unfortunate.. I tried going to the forum of Majalis's new game and asked if there was any scat content in it around a week ago, but my thread got deleted. Not sure why. Sad days.


just popping by saying SimplifyPM officially retired from the scat community due to change on interest and desire of different attention of the characters he commissions.

in fact, i don't see a separate page
to his stuff any more. All of it is "flushed out". (heh…)
Anybody could start an archive of his commissioned work at Exhentai?


wouldnt hurt to look again
2011 shit tend to be easily found in old as fuck booru galleries like Sankanku.



that really sure aged well, hah


he's still into scat. As a matter of fact, he's still commissions them but not share them anymore.

however he cleared a lot of his contacts that were mostly there for that than his normal/NSFW stuff or actually interacts with him frequently.
he's also aware he could've just pull another handle to separate his scat presence to there, but that's gonna take a good effort to establish all that, hence why he's moving on now.

i hope that kinda clear things about this problem. there's still a lot of people opening to scat and there's still people commisioning them or open to that.
Simplify6 shouldn't be the only one to pull the ship, and i do hope some other furfag comes in and take his mantle.

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