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I've had some scenarios in my head that I've never actually seen depicted as a scat porn or hentai, that I'm wondering if anyone else has seen. This picture is the best kind I could grab that's close to this:

Any scenarios where a shy couple is put into a situation where the girl has no choice but to shit on her bf or gf?

Is there anything where a person kidnaps a couple, then ties them up in such a way where the guy is on the ground and the girl has her ass in his face, or is sitting on him, and the person tells them that he's not going to torture or kill them, he's just going to observe. He'll feed them and everything, but won't remove them from that position.

The scene goes through a mental progression where at first the couple is angry, thinking about how to escape, the guy acting tough and being sympathetic, but then as the hours go by, the realization of the issue where she's going to inevitably shit on him dawns on them.

It would be an almost mindbreak scenario, for the girl mostly, but also possibly the guy depending on how disgusted he is.

Really, looking for any scat situations where the two people are forced to doing it to each other, with a third party getting off on watching it take place.


I've had this exact fantasy myself, bumping for interest


Forced shitting and farting is my thing. I have some art to share reflecting it when I go home.

You scenario sounds awesome except that I would want it to be a lesbian couple. Other than that, 10/10 muh dick is diamond. I would love to read a literature piece or art on it.


agreed. great scenario. where's the writefags and drawfags at?


There is a story close to this scenario on /lit/: a girl being forced to shit:





I wanna see this as well.


Fucking hell you could have said it was guro, it hardly fits your description of it, she doesn't even shit in it.


my bad anon, faulty memory.


Sad to see nothing has been done about this yet.



Well, when your fetish is universally abhorred by most people (even the guro people), you tend to be more reserved and withdrawn to contribute.

Or, ya know... find somebody who can write and commission them (or even do a trade for art for writing: Some do that).


I guess you're right.


>>13885 Well there is a manga on exhentai that I trying to find where a guy is trapped on elevator and the girl has to use the bathroom. So the guy ends up being her toilet. I don't know if this is you fetish but I like these kinds of stuff. There is also another one where a girl next door go to the protagonist house to pee but his toilet is clogged, so he end up being her toilet. Not quite what you described but that's what I thought it was.


Interested. Do try finding those and linking 'em


Hey, I'm MechaBlade. I used to write scat stories, but I don't much anymore. Most of the scat stories revolve around women being forced to shit while men are watching, though never on a person. One of my best reviewed stories is "Ashley's Little Show", where terrorists force a student to shit in front of the class.

Not sure about gurochan's linking policy so let's see if this works:


Omg, thank you for writing stuff like this! I'll read it next time I fap. Which other ones are like that so I can move onto them once I'm done with this one?


loved it. Do you do comissions? This was great, just wish it had more farting.


loved it. Do you do comissions? This was great, just wish it had more farting.


I think a girl was forced to shit on her boyfriend in the first episode of Night Shift Nurses.



That 2nd-to-last paragraph in "The Eighth Wonder" was GOD-TIER!


bumping because i am also interested in idea


somebody take this idea up


think you'll ever go back to writing these type of scat stories? just read it, that was incredible.


i'd like to see this as well


I'd like it if the girl were chained to an outhouse-like toilet box, with her boyfriend trapped in the box below, staring up at his girlfriend's butthole. And she's being overfed fiber and laxatives and beans, and she has no choice but to urgently fart and shit all over her boyfriend.


sounds great, but I would like it if it was a lesbian relationship. at this point though... i'd take it either way. wish we had more writers tho... :'(



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