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Something I commissioned from Majalis (Dark). It's a girl with her head turning into poop. Would love to hear someone write a horrifying story about this


hot. any more like this?


They said they'll be making more version to it later this month


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Any more to this?



'Fraid not, that's the only one I can see on their Pixiv Page. But I didn't look too hard, so maybe you'll get better luck?

Fair warning, there is a lot of... well, gore on their page, so if you're only into scat, be warned


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Majalis (Dark) finished my qt space girls' heads into poop comissions!


anything else like that? I can never find anything like that, doesn't even have to involve scat


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Great does this artist have more poop tfs like it?


Can you post the image? I don't have an FA.


It's just:


Oh, my bad, didn't read the posts above it.


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Your posts didnt show up because you prob used .png. Use .jpg mate, we do wanna see what you have to share tho!


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Okay, it just won't let me upload the other one and I don't know why


can u link it?


Yeah, here's a link to the source of the image that I couldn't attach



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Would love to write something for you about this if you want to brainstorm with me. Have a bit of a backlog currently when it comes to writing though so I wouldn't be able to start right away. I really adore the concept though and would love to brainstorm about it.


Hell ya! I'm the guy who comissioned it and would love to see a story on it.


Do you have a discord or another place we can talk?



Fire me an email

I can give you further contact info from there such as my discord.


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Someone's commission from Imaranx.


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Majalis did a full color version of my poop ray commission :D


Omg, so dark but hot :9


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any more of shit like this? actually got me hard.


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Made by Elysium Bliss


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Why this has yet to show up, I will never know....


Why this has yet to show up, I will never know....


If you're posting a picture, make sure it's not png. Those pictures rarely show up. Use jpg


There was a series of images I found a long time ago and never found again. Basically it was a bunch of cow/women hybrids that were in some kinda field or something shitting. One person wasnt brainwashed like the others and was aware she was a hybrid shitting and someone who was watching them through a monitor alerted some higher up. The images were black and white and there was maybe 2 or 3 and they werent really continuations of each other but had the same premise


Interesting. Would love if someone could find that.


Glad to see gurochan back. Missed fappping to this thread


This reminds me of this one idea I had for a doujin. See, this bog-standard D&D party go out adventuring, but the healer (chick or trap) gets eaten. Turns out, though, she has a blessed amulet of Lifesaving +1 dipped in unicorn piss, so instead of dying, she emerges as a poop golem.

So then they have adventures and do stuff like repairing her wounds with their crap, using her as a latrine so that she gets chubby from all the excess mass, and so forth. She sneaks into an orcish palace by disguising herself as orc poop and sneaking along the floor like the T-1000. Just, that kinda thing.


That sounds hot as fuck. Please try finding it


Would like to see this found.


So gross. Love it.


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is there more to this?




I remember a black and white drawing with a bunch of cow-humans with wide anuses shitting on their own. Of of them was still self aware and tries talking to another which only moos. Haven't seen the pic in a few years now though but it'd fit here probably


I remember a black and white drawing with a bunch of cow-humans with wide anuses shitting on their own. Of of them was still self aware and tries talking to another which only moos. Haven't seen the pic in a few years now though but it'd fit here probably


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Heh, feels strange seeing people upload some of the crappy stuff I've drawn in the past. Might as well contribute with some of my finds on the net. Enjoy.


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More like this?


More like this?


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>>20859 well this is a SHIT start to 2018 :^)


I'd flush that naughty turd girl




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Something I commissioned, more art like it here:

www furaffinity net/gallery/eg2g/
www hentai-foundry com/pictures/user/eg2g





Hey, I know the folks from /s/ don't usually go to /lit/ because there's barely any scat content here, but I think the people following this thread would be interested in my new story there.


god i wish there was more like this.


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anyone interested in roleplaying something like this?


Sure, what’s your ideas?



Some of these could be done surgically or with pseudo-science, others would have to be magic. I'm fine with either as long as the details of the transformation are very fleshed out.

>transformation into an asshole attached to either a women or perhaps some kind of genetically engineered creature that constantly shits

>transformed into intestines colon and asshole within another living creature, all lined with taste buds hotwired to the victim's brain

>transformed into a subhuman creature that subsides on shit, like some kind of foul insect or pig like thing

>shrunk down and transformed into some kind of pathetic parasitic thing that lives in the reeking bowels of a larger creature

>transformation into an anal suppository or anal suppository delivery device

>transformed into a living fleshy waste processor, toilet, sepetic tank, or even an entire pulsating biological sewer system

>transformed into a creature that's little more than a colon and tangled mess of intestines attached to an oral opening and brain

>trapped into something akin to a living fleshy woopee cushion/shitbag

>transformation into literal shit, still sentient

>body destroyed and soul churned up into farts trapped within a device or another body

If anyone wants to reach out to me to discuss these ideas or hear what I've come up with in great detail they can reach me at



>transformation into an asshole attached to either a women

Have I got the story for you.>>24167


^ I fucked up, the url is


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