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Please don't tell me this game is is some guy going into some cave and instantly gets transported into peeping into girls pooping into toilets with recycled sound effects and it's title screen shows the exect same castle as the 9000+ freaking games made using this engine...........



If they change the "castle image" do you think the game could be better? XD

The problem is the RPG maker that allow everyone to make games but only few can make good game. (MuMu factory is a good example)


Played the demo, seems decent, DropBox please? :P


Oh yeah this game, i saw this when the site was down, demo was interesting, someone be so kind as to upload it please?


Bum !!! Please someone dropbox this? :)


It doesn't work for me.


Can someone share this please? Bump!


Bump? Download link please? Mega/GD?


SUPER BUMP !!! please? :(




Bumping again


Little bump!?


Bumping again





Well, could someone at least Dropbox/Mega the game?


Nobody has it.


Which is why we're asking someone to buy it.


yeah but I think you can wait to bump this topic every 3-4 hours. XD

Sadly this game is on "english" side on that site from few hours ago.


Really? No one wants to buy this for us?


Could someone just buy this already? I know it's not going to be that detailed of a game but it still seems interesting.


All right, here it is. There were three other games made by the same developer and they were all really cheap, so I got them too. The one posted on this thread is "School Girl Calamity". Unfortunately, the actual shit in the game is censored, as it is with every game. But, if you're still interested, here's the link: hXXps://

The other games links are as follows:

Karaoke Bar: hXXps://

Highschool Girl: hXXps://

Girl: hXXps://

Hope this helps! Enjoy!


Thank you very much, Jason. You're a saint!



Error - 492





Links won't work :(



Yeah i got the same problem


They all gave a similar error


Maybe try to change your locale to Japanese?


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Wait. How did you get that in english?


File: 1476558378835.jpg (160.69 KB, 816x625, ss2.jpg)

oh I've been semi translating it, on my free time.

by semi translating I mean I just been using machine translations and then rewording it to sound right, I don't actually know how accurate it is, but it should be at least in the ball park.

if anyone that knows how to actually translate Japanese to English wants to help, I'd really appreciate it, there's not really a lot to it.


New game from the same developer just released, DropBox or GDrive please anyone?


>No CG
Not worth it.


:( that is sad. They made games without good graphics.



Looks pretty similar to the last two links in # 13221, which were pretty good, especially those stomach rumble sounds...

And apparently it's on sale right now lol


>>13112 HAve you finished your translation? Can you share it?


This! Looks good to me!



Can you share the link again?
I realy need this game


would anyone be interested in helping me translate this?


Sure. Also, try to see if Visual Novel Reader works first; you can copy whatever it translates, then fix it up.


Sure. Also, try to see if Visual Novel Reader works first; you can copy whatever it translates, then fix it up.



I've gone ahead and translated some parts, though they're incomplete and many of my lines are far from exact translations.


I hate to be that guy, but can anyone rehost the game? the dropbox 404'd


Could someone upload it again?


I second that, someone please reupload ?


File: 1521304049620.png (207.28 KB, 818x622, xede3.png)


Gonna add a sentence or two in the translation document, but i'll do it in a third column since i'm such a noob I refer a dictionary and grammar guide for nearly every word and phrase.

If my attempts to help are actually impeding the translation effort, please let me know.


That is, the column to the right of the two English translation columns


other than just refering to the list, is there a way to make the game have english translation for what has been translated?


File: 1522112523812.png (154.54 KB, 1774x694, tttt.png)

The only way I know to make the game have the english translation is
1- Get RPG Maker MV
2- create a new project in RPG maker mv
3- go to the new project and search for a file called "Game.rpgproject" ,
copy that file
4- paste Game.rpgproject in this game's folder (as shown in the
5- open Game.rpgproject in your game's folder with rpg maker mv and
replace each line with the english translation (screenshot 2 )
6- save and enjoy =)


File: 1522112604305.png (562.33 KB, 1915x929, tttt2.png)


(screenshot 2)

Here's a download link of the Game.rpgproject too!f8El1Yqa!qZsa4WURVu5xRMdrzEaVv2mMP5IKBbUPduTF54EFuIg


Soooo... Wouldn't it make more sense for one person to just do that then upload it for everyone else?


No. Even if some of us know how to do that it doesn't mean that they have time to spend in it.
If they have time it would be better if they learn to make a new game instead of translate this one. (not the best game)


I was one of the guys doing the translation, but I kind of lost interest, also my laptop was reformatted so I lost the game anyway.

With that said, I'm willing to help out and finish the translation if there's still interest.


Up to you, really.


Well, I'm still interested, or at least I'm interested in translating more scat games in general. I can't really get into just some flat CGs without the desperation aspect etc.


These games, famous because of castle image at the beginning, aren't good enough. They have good ideas but lack of graphics, animation and poop scenes ruined everything.


To this date, not a single scat game has ever surpassed a shitty 2007-era "diarrhea girl" flash game from ogigames.

And you know why? Because it's basically a Girl Shits simulator. Seriously, give me an updated version of this old game. Preferably with more options of character, shit, fart, and bowel rumbling opportunities.


I don't agree with you. That game was quite simple and there aren't any view of her asshole or poop. Also audio was a mix of different scat sounds one on/after another.

Peeping ninja Plus from MuMu is better. Some old Kusoge games are better.
RPG games with scat content aren't good enough because of the limits from RPG Maker. Crotch groups made good games but there aren't any animations and "survival" could not be the best for fap. :D
Our big problem is money: scat games don't sell a lot. What is the reason to make a scat game if only few people buy it?


I'm one of those freaks that prefers just the toilet, I guess.

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