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I thought we can have a general voice thread, instead of several threads for only a couple ones.
Let's start by summarize all the works already shared here (except the last one):

1: hXXp:// (farting)
- sharing links: hXXps:// hXXps://!75lFlbrQ!dDRMiA2kSWhGxlzSnqzGOBwUMpwfSfp0aMcSJc14Tg0
- Script of files (yet to be translated): hXXp://

2: hXXp:// (desperation/farting/scat/shitting self)
- sharing links: hXXps://!tJxDDSCC!rQOkz_GbdRTPzAGm5Wz5cb05xsHyxtrJ6UYxB0iNH0o (reuploaded on my MEGA since old link is dead)

3: hXXp:// (Anal sex with farting/scat)
- sharing links: _anal sex with farts part - hXXps://!kBQ3FTSA!R_oPnk27OQyOekWsimqP-QzsCBeAbNP_sAerziWviSE
_ scat part - hXXps://!gcpSzDCL!89TRi1qZlki8SQbmhBHGDm4DoYQNJKwES1nh0D4MMro

4: hXXp:// (desperation/farting/scat/shitting self - pic related, has multiple endings and script roughly translated)
- sharing links: hXXps:// (click the small arrow near the download button and choose "direct download")

5: hXXp:// (mostly desperation/farting/scat/shitting self - buyed by me a while ago. Not bad)
- sharing links: hXXps://!xIxUkZAL!6Fra_fUw7Eob0l_QR_ApXJ0tQXShocmivZmoz60ZjtI

Ah, if you wanna search for these kind of works on DLsite, see >>10575
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Does anybody have a tutorial on this game? I almost collected all of the areas except for 2, does anyone have a walk through for this game?


I don't have walkthrough, but I found a save game.


MANY THANKS JUST TRIED IT RIGHT NOW! finally i have been satisfied anywho got any games that involve scat in DLsite? idk which is good


need sounds of farting into someone's mouth. I like the sort of hollow noise it makes


This was actually posted on youtube, but I can't find it anymore so it most likely got taken down

But I was able to download it:



I have a request, if anyone can download and share this i would be very gratful



Does anyone have this file to share with on a different site (mega, etc)? The current link is locked behind a paywall.




hey i need help. i downloaded soukan yuugi via torrent but it keeps giving me a request to add the CD but i dont have one. is there any way to go around this?


hey does anybody have a save file for soukan yuugi?



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Severely late, but I was the original creator of the audio, and when I'm not writing, create other such projects:

Here's something I extracted earlier:!OVpERaha!jT3be1vvpSk0T5JT05H01Q
Anything with "Vmouth" in the filename should work.


Does anyone have any recommendation with good audio dramas with diarrhea?

Thanks in advance


someone has the games from gennsuifu as adolescent scat guy and seishun film toilet



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File: 1574055948811.jpg (65.07 KB, 560x420, RJ247783_img_main.jpg)

Im also lookin for gennsuifu works if anyones got and is willing to upload it is appreciated.


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hello me again with another pic and asking what the H-game is if anyone can help.


File: 1574419543970.png (841.93 KB, 963x645, Kirby 64 Scat Edition 💩.png)

Look At This



Does anybody know the name of this?


I know this is irrelevant to voice/DMM but has anybody found the name of this yet? Bee going through vndb but not a single girl matches whats on this pic



File: 1576968460924.jpg (50.56 KB, 560x420, RJ092426_img_main.jpg)


File: 1576968534366.jpg (50.56 KB, 560x420, RJ092426_img_main.jpg)

Mega link please…


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내 방귀냄새를 안 맛 겠다면, 온 힘으로 너를 고문할테니까 각오하라고~!! 흐으으으~흐응~!! 뿌우우우우웅~~!!♥ (가능하면 메가코드 좀 올려주세요…) 이렇게 부탁드립니다. 그렇지 않으면, 평생 제 방귀 고난을 겪게 될 겁이다. 후훗~♥ 그럼 부탁할게요.




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File: 1579616206366.jpeg (51.55 KB, 560x420, 97A870B3-3849-414B-88AD-F….jpeg)



Hentai-share. Voice-work.


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Got it yet? Trying to download via



does anyone have this? it would be greatly appreciated.


I got you fam. You just need to create an account on thisvid. When you do tell me your name and friend request this guy:
I will tell him your a friend of mine so he accepts and then you can watch the video u looking for. And btw everybody here listen. Most of the videos are on thisvid that are scat related and have hentai scat games.


If he rejects you, send it again until he accepts you but he will when he sees my message


>>27311 yeah, I knew about that. I'll let him know though, that might up my chances. Thanks.


I hope youre name is camrin on thisvid because i sent him that name.


it is not. its slimyeel I believe.


Hey dude, i downloaded the game and the save data but i just cant load the save data in the game. Could you help? :P


Does anybody have an english script for this(it can be japanese also)?
If you have the whole audio please link that also :3


thanks so much dude, he accepted. honestly didn't think this was that active but I stand corrected. many thanks.


No problem dude, if you need anything else just ask. Btw, some ppl on thisvid wont accept anybody exept users from their country. Its most the japanese ones. Idk why :[


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Does the person who made this (takeuchi reona) still makes scat content? If so, show/link me his recent work. Thanks in advance.

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