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Post your writings, captions and writing suggestions here

Dumping some of my OC
Please critique!


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File: 1466599813229.jpg (521.42 KB, 800x1731, The filling with sound.jpg)

Also attempted to add onomatopoeia to the first one
Tell me which one you like the best


Whoo these are nice captions,
I hope to see more of you.
I really like the last one where you add the dirty noises she makes
Its personal preference but i do like that in an caption

If i can request something i'd love some femdom toilet kinda once
If that is up your alleyway


Short captions and what >>11692 said would be really good.


I don't know it is femdom but I like writing about men who are forced to endure the smell of women who goes shitting. Dunno if that counts as femdom.

But an issue is that I just find it really difficult to write such captions because in most pictures the women just dont have the look in their face to make it look like femdom. They always have this surprised or embarrassed look in their face that doesn't make it related to femdom or my previously mentioned fetish. But ill see what I can do

How short is short? Are any of these captions I have made short to you?



Hmm, maybe you can use the pics you've been finding with embarrassed or pained expressions to use for stories involving women who held it till the point of bursting, or maybe they didn't mean to trap the man/victim with their smell, but they can't hold it anymore. Otherwise, maybe if you go through exhentai or 4chan and search scat in game-cg or image set of artists usually they have more relieved expression from what I remember.

Either way, I'd love to see more if you enjoy writing these stories, and for that matter, they may be a little short to be refereed to as a full story (since there are some on DA that span for dozens of pages) but it's definitely longer then most captions I've seen, so I'd call them short stories if you're gonna compare, but I personally don't care. Honestly I just enjoy the premise and situations you create, and it's a bonus for me if you include onomatopoeia, but anyway I'll definitely keep my eye out for this thread, and please post any links if you upload stories elsewhere.


>How short is short? Are any of these captions I have made short to you?

No, they're a wall of text actually.
You should make some short captions, like 40 words or less.

Unfortunately english is not my first language and I have no idea what to write or else I would contribute to the thread.


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Allright ill look into to it
And thanks¨

Maybe I have something for you right here


File: 1468152592093.jpg (334.99 KB, 1105x700, A constipated guard 11.jpg)

OP here with another one
Not quite satisfied with the ending
Might do a rewrite one day


This thread seems a bit old but I thought I'd drop off this guy's page since he's done quite a few fart, scat, and other caption work.

This page might be something the OP of this thread may be able to use to better share and organize his work.


>>13297 Dude, thanks! I've been looking all over for stuff like this, and was kinda disappointed to see the thread die so quick.


From what Precure doujinshi is the picture from?


Yeah, unfortunately there's not much stuff any where near as detailed and as good as all the OP's stuff, but these pics do have some good dialog at least.


Thanks for the critique
I will have a new caption ready in a few days


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As promised



I love the desperation in this one! think you can do more like this? maybe in panty poop?


File: 1473705454915.jpg (482.33 KB, 2257x1500, 1_Dinner.jpg)

For some reason I thought I'd try my hand at creating some art by mish-mashing some images together using Gimp. I apologize for the uns-ourced art, especially the backgrounds. Let me know what you guys think, and any possible improvements!


Cara's urges dinner force her to make a decision.


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No need to dig a hole when she's this far in nature!


File: 1473705636515.jpg (254.36 KB, 2251x1500, 4_Slow_Start.jpg)

Cara's food isn't done causing her trouble...


File: 1473705707261.jpg (303.12 KB, 2251x1500, 5_No_Compromise.jpg)

Perserverance is a virtue.


File: 1473705749142.jpg (263.74 KB, 2251x1500, 6_Victory.jpg)

She's halfway empty!


File: 1473705791402.jpg (284.4 KB, 2250x1500, 7_The_Gift.jpg)

Cara's diet gives her some welcome reprieve.


File: 1473705871099.jpg (277.25 KB, 2250x1499, 8_Completion.jpg)

Cara wants to fully clean her pipes.


File: 1473705918918.jpg (265.57 KB, 2251x1500, 9_Abandonment.jpg)

Cara cleans up continues on her way.


File: 1473705955239.jpg (95.59 KB, 1441x960, 10_Rebirth.jpg)

If a girl poops in the forest, and no one is around to see it, does she really leave anything behind?


File: 1473706009803.jpg (385.17 KB, 2251x1500, 2_Decision.jpg)

Looks like i forgot to post the second picture :/



Awesome! I love the plots you develop around these pics! If theres anything I would have wished for it would be that the teacher dragged the student into the bathroom with her as revenge. But otherwise it was perfect. I'll be looking forward to your next piece of work ^^



This was inspired! I've been looking for an image sequence like this forever - the in-depth detail and description of Cara's emotions and character really set this apart. Thank you for making this!


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Probably from 3 or 4 gurochans ago.


File: 1477105315759.jpg (286.65 KB, 827x1200, 1214787625498.jpg)

Also from a long time ago


File: 1477105452179.jpg (278.47 KB, 839x1200, 1214787646070.jpg)


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I didn't make any of these.


File: 1477105554039.jpg (250.37 KB, 531x750, 1214787748831.jpg)

s2x made many pictures with captions, and they can be found in the BBW threads.


File: 1477105626742.jpg (362.63 KB, 690x983, 1214787830868.jpg)

Ever been to
It has many stories and they could be adapted into picture captions.


That picture is so hot as a concept (girls being forced to fart against their will and being embarrassed), any more to it /like it?


Do you have japanese version of those?
That must be one of the works of artist inode that deleted from pixiv




(C66) [M (Amano Ameno)] Ichigo MAX% 2 (Ichigo 100%) [English] [kusanyagi]
(C66) [M (天野雨乃)] いちごMAX% 2 (いちご100%) [英訳]


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Based off the file name, I got this from 4chan's /d/ board a few years ago, and I think you guys should have it


File: 1498343575671.png (620.91 KB, 1000x850, Zelda's invitation.png)

A relevant image. Got it on a /d/ thread when their mods weren't stupid cunts about caption threads.


File: 1499740429322.png (1.6 MB, 1050x1350, edea1.png)

A little something I had in mind for a while. Was going to do it as a more traditional "story" kind of caption, but figured that could be better saved for a more proper story. In any case, I think these caption ought to help spice up KSA's great little set.


File: 1499740452705.png (1.66 MB, 1050x1350, edea2.png)


File: 1499740473305.png (1.66 MB, 1050x1350, edea3.png)


File: 1499740530989.png (1.68 MB, 1050x1350, edea4.png)

Final part.


File: 1499779466920.jpg (698 KB, 1024x1024, 153_151.jpg)


File: 1499779557248.jpg (678.38 KB, 1024x1024, 155_153.jpg)


File: 1499779750387.png (178.06 KB, 804x973, 20090220231542-2.png)


Everyone here is shitposting... HA


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Hmm. Hello boys, my name is Emily, and I thought I'd write something for you, because I understand you like girls pooping, and I have the same fetish! Well maybe it's different for you, cause you just like watching girls going to the bathroom but I mostly like doing it . Although after looking at some videos I started to get turned on by it too, cause I think about if it were me like it's secondhand pooping or something. Anyway, I got curious about it recently and started searching online about girls pooping, and I found out about Joyangeles and efro fetish, cause I wanted to find out if there was a fetish for just pooping, not all that "hardcore" scat stuff, which I don't like. I found this site like a few weeks ago and after thinking about it I feel the temptation to tell some stories and stuff so you can jerk off! I actually specifically prepared for it by loading up on fiber and gassy foods, so I can give you a live description. (For reference, I pooped twice at work earlier today, and I felt like I needed to go real bad constantly, but I mostly just keep FARTING. I counted and I farted 7 times while typing this paragraph. Still feel like pooping. When I do, I'll describe it in detail. 8 times!)

I guess I should describe myself so you don't picture some hairly ugly guy. I'm 5'4'', white, dirty blonde hair, which is kinda longish, and I'm a little chubby. I mean I'm not REALLY fat, but just a little. I have a slight belly, but I'm sure you'll be pleased to know I have an enormous ass, and big boobs (H cups ) that hang like udders when I'm on all fours. :3 Hopefully that makes up for it!. Oh and right now, I'm naked, kind of perched in my chair at my desk, like in a squat. I'm basically letting go completely, my plan is to poop right here, so I laid magazines down under my butt. My butthole is kind of spread out, I wish someone were licking it right now! Is that something you perverted guys like to do?

Okay, so about um two years ago is when I started having this fetish. The reason is I think because I suffered a long time with REALLY bad constipation, since I was a kid basically. But I never really did anything to like treat it except take laxatives, which helped me be able to poop when I was backed up, but they didn't solve the problem. I also didn't talk about it with my doctor or anything, since I Was embarrassed, obviously. So, I got a new doctor and ended up confessing to him the problem and he had me start on a new diet to get more fiber intake, and also told me to start taking fiber supplements (like Metamucil). This like DRAMATICALLY changed things, like almost overnight, it was like flipping a switch on, I went from pooping once a week to pooping multiple times a day just like that! It also gave me constant gas, all day, everyday. (Case in point, I seriously just farted again. And….again.)

The reason I got a fetish for it was weird. I didn't always enjoy pooping, it was actually horrible for me, but since pooping became easy, I was so (haha) relieved that it actually was like a religious experience, or an orgasm. Just getting it out of me felt so pleasurable, it actually turned me on. And it got worse and worse, and I started fingering myself when I pooped, before during and after!

Btw I just got up to go answer my phone, and when I stood up I got the most INTENSE urge to take a dump. Even though I would definitely regret it, I basically just tried to poop on the floor as I walked, but all that came out was fart fart fart fart fart. It subsided for now.

This made me want to poop even more, and so I started intentionally overdosing on the fiber. The more I pooped, the more I enjoyed it, and I found out that being desperate makes it feel even better. At first I didn't care about farting really, but for some reason my brain (or pussy!) started to associate it with the pleasure of pooping, so I started getting wet in public just from cropdusting everywhere. Not only was I stinking the office up, I was secretly getting aroused by it too! So I also went online and looked up what foods give you the worst gas (based on my research, and my uh personal experience, the biggest gas producers are kashi cereal, fiber one bars, and raw onions. obviously last night and this morning I binged on all three, like completely stuffed myself).

I wasn’t really sure what to do about the whole situation. I’m obviously not going to tell my boyfriend about it, even though I really want to. I mean I tried sort of “testing” him by being weirdly open about pooping and farting, to see if he got turned on by it, but I get the impression he just thinks I’m a disgusting pig. Then again I’m not totally sure, since he never gets too upset like you would expect him too.

Okay I just pooped twice in my chair while typing that last bit. Two smallish sausages, about 6 inches long each, sort of laying on each other like a pretzel shape. Felt good, but I don’t feel any different at all! I’m still pushing, trying to poop more. And fingering my wet pussy!

Anyway, even if my boyfriend had an efro fetish I’m a little unsure what I want to do. I just get turned on when I take a dump, and it makes me all horny, like Idk, maybe he could try to stick his cock in me while I’m on the toilet, if I put my legs up? I haven’t even tried asking him to give me analingus, which I want SO bad (yes I know it’s weird that I basically want to fart on his tongue, also I just pooped another small turd, hardly noticed at first cause it felt like a fart). Most of the things I feel like I would want to do are just fantasies that would probably never happen (I like to imagine I’m living in a big house with a bunch of sexy girls who also like pooping, and we just poop and fart around each other all day while our boyfriends jerk off on our asses and we all have orgies together while farting, etc...)

I’ve just been so frustrated, hence posting here as an experiment. I mean even though I like pooping I'm still the same otherwise, so I like guys and dicks and normal sex stuff, you know, so I'm not sure how to express this weird fetish, especially when my boyfriend doesn't know about it.

Well this is getting long. Oh I’m pooping more! Just a little bit of like mushy string on top of my pile. I still don’t feel like I’m done pooping AT ALL, and I can’t cum yet, so I figure I’ll tell a real quick story, just a short one for now cause I’m worried about the character limit.

Last year, I went on vacation to somewhere with a beach (won’t say where), with my “posse” (my friends, mostly from work). And since they obviously don’t know about this weird fetish of mine I actually didn’t want to be taking huge gassy dumps around them all the time, so I stopped taking my usual supplements and such. But the irony is this made me constipated, which meant after nearly six days of no pooping, on the last day of our trip I suddenly REALLY needed to poop. (Speaking of which , I’m really letting loose now! It feels so goo d , I don’t know how much exactly I let out so far, it’s so mushy its hard to tell how long it is, ill finish the story and after describe my pile when it stops coming). anyway, even though I had not been able to go for so long, I had to hold it practically ALL DAY in the car on the way home, just to not be embarrassed. It was night time when we got back, we had carpooled there, when my bestie dropped me off, I waited for her to leave and IMMEDIATELY lifted up my dress and pooped in the yard! It was so noisy coming out I thought I would wake the neighbors! My boyfriend was really confused the next day to say the least when he found the pile I made.

Okay, I don’t feel completely done, but I stopped going. I also stopped typing for a few minutes to make myself cum! Anyway, I made a huge mushy pile on the magazines. Squatting definitely wasn’t going to work, I could tell almost as soon as it started back up again because it was piling too high and would touch my butt, so I had to stand up and bend over. It’s just a big soft pile of mush, which kind of started falling off the front edge of my seat towards the end. Wow I just farted AGAIN and a little bit more accidentally fell on the floor. Oops. And I farted again. And again. And AGAIN. I’m gonna have to cum again at this rate. Anyway um it’s kind of hard to measure how big it is, I have no idea how long it is in terms of like inches, it just turned into a huge pile of mush. I guess I could weigh it but I don’t have a scale. It’s a lot. Farted again. I’m not sure if I’m done yet, but if not I probably won’t go again for at least a few hours anyway, so I guess that’s it for now! :-*


I don't have anything against you but your story could be delete because this site is for anime/hentai or H-games involving scat and pee. Real stories or real person are not allowed.
But... :D you can add your stories to a picture (anime/hentai) like other did in previous posts for this thread.


File: 1505745247175.png (88.55 KB, 1486x1256, certificate to redeem 1 (o….png)

You fool.

I just completely made that shit up.

Based on true events though, as unlikely as that sounds.


I like you and your stories. When people want to share their bathroom stories like this, they often post to
You can also read thousands of other stories there. The site has its own search function so that you can find the types of stories you prefer.


Sorry for shattering the grand illusion. Should i write more?


Well, next time I suggest you to be clear about that because rules are rules and your post risk to be deleted.

You can write more if you want of course, I didn't write that don't like it.

Ps: choose a nickname so we can recognize you :D


File: 1506019331087.png (244.67 KB, 1606x744, emily dumping ass.png)


I have an idea for some writefaggotry. I wrote the emily post to sound semi-convincing to enhance the erotic factor. I want to keep doing more of those and develop what must laughably be called a plot, wherein the parallel narratives of my various efro queen OC's collide. But i dunno.


File: 1509187203934.jpg (810.9 KB, 830x1174, うんこサンタさん.jpg)

This Santa Claus, please.


Hi Guys,

I'm the guy who put together the comic using stolen pictures about Cara having a nature poop about a year ago. I'm getting excited about the new "Crotch" game so I made another: A girl ends up using the same spot as her friend for a camping poop. No sooner than she had finished passing her bowel movement onto the ground when she realizes she hadn't adhered to polite woodland defecation procedures :)


File: 1519392688985.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Oops.png)

№21287 picture didn't attach.



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