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hi /s/
i have studied a little japanese (am still a total beginner) and decided to translate a sequence from a Kitani Sai comic that i have never seen in english

enjoy and do give me some critique if you know japanese well

link to comic
e-hentai org/g/405593/4de413a1e7/
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Swallowing Large Amounts of Shit

Looking for any stuff with either girls/guys swallowing a lot of shit, having their stomach bloated out from eat it, or maybe x-ray pics showing it going down their throat.
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Western cartoon toilet thread

This one is from 6teen, as the show has a number of toilet scenes. Also please refrain from using fanart because I want to keep it official.
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Comic toilet thread

American comics where girls can be shown using the toilet?
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Hentai Movies or Series which involve Females Pooping, Peeing and/or Farting

Hey guys, i always have trouble trying to find these scenes, and thought it would be mutually beneficial for us to share them here, try and list the name of the Hentai and a small description of the scene, a pic would be nice too :p

Ill start us off with an easy one, but one of my favorites:

Isaku Respect ep 1 - about 10 mins in,

A pink haired girl needs to pee and uses a toilet, a bit later her friend with black hair needs to pee too and ends up using a toilet, when she finishes peeing she lets out a small fart, it looked like she was about to poop but ended up letting it slip out before being interrupted by the pink haired girl which also ends up farting too near the end of the episode.
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Interesting site.

More interesting stuff for you guys can be found at Im to lazy to copy all that. TIme to watch some shit.
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At the brink

Pictures of girls "at the brink" (ie: "touching cloth", the point of no return. The transition point between "desperation" and "accident").

Bonus points: picture of girl's anus with the imminent load peaking forth.
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Mischievous scat/pissing (on toilet floor, on sleeping people, in the pool, ...)

Girls pissing mischevously
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Let's bring back are good old fashioned toilet thread.
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Human centipede

Does anyone have images of humans centipede?
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Forced/Non-Forced Human Toilet (Hetero, Maledom)

I had a thread for this up awhile ago, but, it seems to have disappeared.
Anyways, I'd like to see pictures of men using girls as toilets. (Please no vomit, I'm not into that.)

There seems to be not a lot of pictures like this which is sad. I guess the demand isn't high enough.
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Thought we had a pee thread, guess not.
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RR Rule 34 Scat Works (Mostly Western content!)

At the suggestion of some, I have decided to start a topic here for my scat work. I will try to update occasionally, in the mean time, here are a few new scat-oriented versions of some of my work. If this breaks any rules, go ahead and remove this thread.
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Noticed that a lot of korean cartoons have a lot more toilet scenes than western cartoons, so I made this thread to post and compile toilet scenes from korean cartoons. Feel free to share if you find one
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Lolicon Scat Thread

Hello. This is the OP of the previous thread for lolicon/rorikon scat material. I've decided to make this new one for titling reasons (as well as others). Posting in this one is preferred over posting in the old one but do as you will.

This thread is here for users to provide and/or enjoy lolicon scat material, including but not limited to urination, defecation, flatulence, etc. The lolis should not be womanly or appear to be over the age of 18, hence loli or lolita.

Tasteful futanari/trap content is welcome. Oversimplified chibis and shotas are not. (Futa/trap lolis must appear feminine enough to be considered lolis in lieu of shotas.)
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new diarrhea thread

wow gurochan is coming back
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Male toilet comics

This thread is the male version of

Looking for scenes from comic books (superhero, vintage porn, etc.) of men defecating or sitting on the toilet.

Feel free to look at examples below or in the female variant for inspiration.

First scene is from Deadpool: The Infinite Gaunlet issue 5
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Disney Scat Thread

Needs more disney pics
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Excretion Management

I'm sorry if this has been posted before, but I would like to have this kind of topic, I'm not sure where to post this either /f or /s but I think better put here since these kind can get messy

Basically a subject, male or female's excretion hole being managed/plugged and they can't do it by themselves unless someone else does it, machine or manual by key, anything goes. If there's a detail of what's going on inside them, they are recommended as we could see what's prevent those device being ejected by their own due to lack of 'anchor' inside them.

Doesn't have to be just bdsm related, even if they are free to walk but as long as these device is inside them preventing them from excrete by themselves are okay as well.
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tubes must be inserted into ass or mouth but apart from that there is free game

ass to ass (would VERY much like such pictures)
ass to mouth
human centipede
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Post it here if it's a grown girl using a potty made for a child.
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I Made This, Because I Seen Adeleine & Ribbon Appear In Kirby Star Allies
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Vomit Thread

Noticed there doesn't seem to be one.
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Looking for an artist.

Can anyone link my the artist for this picture?
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some doodle of mine
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Thread revived from the old Gurochan.
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On the bed

bed = perfect place for relieve
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Kiai Neko Manga Source

Where can I see the manga it came from?
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what are some known artists, or artists that you know, does/did scat/efro art?

bonus points if it's in secret

>Fupoo did a secret scat commission of Annie for someone at Hentai Foundry

>Pochincoff publicly did EFRO porn of Drossel von Flugel, rest is just piss of the two mechs from Virtual-On
>Roymccloud has a private tumblr for hosting scat art (or what he and Pdxyz called "pie")
>Perverted Bunny (or Spazkid during his prime time) did a joke pic of VGcatz, especially with Leo's obsession with chocolate
>Sunibee is heading to fart territory since tumblrettes got triggered over the "gas the chuus" pic, might go all out with Salazzle anytime soon
>at Roy's scat tumblr, Pdxyz recently did a pic of Kammy Koopa eating shit

do tell me your stories, anons. don't be afraid
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Femdom shota pissing

Such pictures like anyone?
I want to find a place where I can post my pictures.
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Need help finding hentai

Ayanami senyou-bin onna
Ayanami Dedicated Woman.

Found an image on pixiv that's a cover of a hentai. Would like to find out if someone has a copy of it or a link to it.
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Holy fuck somebody translate asap
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Vore Disposal

Filthily disposing of a vore victim! kinkier the better!
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Casual grossness

People doing gross stuff in a way that implies it is normal to do, in a context in which it would not be.
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Peeing animations (video of attached image)
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Scat/Piss Animation

This released this week for anyone interested. Google translate says:

"I produced a short animation of married toilet voyeurism. Characters are five young people, Arima, Hosokawa, Matsudaira, Nijo, Naito. All will urinate / defecate, so please refrain from those who are not good at that. Movie playing time is 7 minutes."
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Army thread

Girls as soldiers pooping
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Fart/scat voice works general [from DLsite/DMM] - post your requests here!

I thought we can have a general voice thread, instead of several threads for only a couple ones.
Let's start by summarize all the works already shared here (except the last one):

1: hXXp:// (farting)
- sharing links: hXXps:// hXXps://!75lFlbrQ!dDRMiA2kSWhGxlzSnqzGOBwUMpwfSfp0aMcSJc14Tg0
- Script of files (yet to be translated): hXXp://

2: hXXp:// (desperation/farting/scat/shitting self)
- sharing links: hXXps://!tJxDDSCC!rQOkz_GbdRTPzAGm5Wz5cb05xsHyxtrJ6UYxB0iNH0o (reuploaded on my MEGA since old link is dead)

3: hXXp:// (Anal sex with farting/scat)
- sharing links: _anal sex with farts part - hXXps://!kBQ3FTSA!R_oPnk27OQyOekWsimqP-QzsCBeAbNP_sAerziWviSE
_ scat part - hXXps://!gcpSzDCL!89TRi1qZlki8SQbmhBHGDm4DoYQNJKwES1nh0D4MMro

4: hXXp:// (desperation/farting/scat/shitting self - pic related, has multiple endings and script roughly translated)
- sharing links: hXXps:// (click the small arrow near the download button and choose "direct download")

5: hXXp:// (mostly desperation/farting/scat/shitting self - buyed by me a while ago. Not bad)
- sharing links: hXXps://!xIxUkZAL!6Fra_fUw7Eob0l_QR_ApXJ0tQXShocmivZmoz60ZjtI

Ah, if you wanna search for these kind of works on DLsite, see >>10575
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Visible digestive system

Got some with food in various states of digestion?

Poop filled rectum and accidents are fine too.
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Random Scat

Random scat pictures.
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Cant find a story

I read a story a few months back on archiveofourown about a girl who had a pheromone that caused other girls around her to have diarrhea, i cant seem to find it
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Looking for this long lost Hentai CG Collection

One of my favorite artists たれハム released a CG Collection called メス豚二匹を同時調教してみた that went off sale shortly after releasing. I have scoured far and wide for it and I cannot find it. Maybe someone else will have some luck here, I'm even willing to pay for it lol
R: 4 / I: 1

Help finding a hentai

I remember reading a hentai a while back and was wondering if anyone could help me find it. All I remember is that it was about a queen or princess that had to start eating scat due to a famine hitting her country.
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this site is not opening! appears 403 Forbidden

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Zoo scat/piss ( non anthro )

Any bestiality scat/piss hentai?

It's hard enough to find rl vids/pics but zoophila with femboi/girl hentai characters pls.

This is my fetish.
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Post your writings, captions and writing suggestions here

Dumping some of my OC
Please critique!
R: 37 / I: 33
gurochan is very slow right now
this can be new toilet thread but women going in other things like buckets, pots, the ground outside, w/e is all fine as long as they are just disposing their waste in as civilized and normally a manner as they can
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Scat Covered

Pics of Guys or girls completely covered in scat.

I like pooping and all, but just being totally covered is what I love
R: 2 / I: 1

sunibee scat

a sunibee scat piece of art that him delete months ago
R: 13 / I: 9


Making a mess
R: 104 / I: 67

Forced Coprophagia

I am surprised there is no real tread for this fetish
I bet alot of people here like this since the DNE one is rather populair

I personally prefer forced but hay
If you wanna put normal Copro in here np go ahead
What ever floats your boat

Captions are also allowed.
POV images are allowed like mine.
I love seeing it comming at me thats probably the best thing about this fetish xD

Probably my favorite manga
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Scats Mangas Collection

This site ( shows all the manga scenes in which there are pooping girls, but it is hard to find the mangas in which these images appear. So I would like your help to be able to find these mangas (for free) to see them.
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Modest Scatbooru Collection

Enjoy this selection of GOOD SHIT, free from the MS Paint Touhou and pictures of Pokemon in diapers which plague the site overall :
R: 7 / I: 5

Pissing / shitting on corpses?

Anyone has pics of girl pissing or shitting on corpses?
R: 8 / I: 3

Mother & daughter

More fun together
R: 406 / I: 343


more diarrhea
R: 247 / I: 172

Consipated Girl Fetish... New Version

Nha, Third thread of Constipated girl.... Let's do it again!
R: 20 / I: 3



also E-Hentai will still be around for 6 months but god forbid if we lose all that exhentai shit by the next hour
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Nintendo scat and ws - Reborn (again)

Now let's just hope it stays that way.
R: 19 / I: 14

Coprophagia/Shit eating

We've got a thread for forced coprophagia, but surprisingly none for general coprophagia. All shit eating pics are welcome here, but especially consensual/willing, since there's already a forced thread.
R: 422 / I: 374

Panty-pooping/wetting ~ The re-bulging

All messes, accidental or otherwise go here. Diapers will likely get their own thread later on. But any kind of underwear/pants soiling is accepted.
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Does anyone have this download link?
R: 1 / I: 0

A link to the artist?

Does anyone know where to find more pictures by this artist?
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Toilet Paper Tongue Thread

post pics of the subject getting their dirty anus thoroughly licked clean by a willing/unwilling participant.
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virtual school girl enema

Do you guys know where this video is from?
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Your favourite scat pic/s

Here's mine. Drawn by mayo
R: 29 / I: 25

Panty Poop Manga

I would like to dedicate this thread to manga about panty poop. Post your best ones!
R: 43 / I: 35

De-Ja II toilet scene

So I heard that theres a old game named De-Ja II back in the 90's and it was said it contained a scene where a woman was using the toilet some even say it was multiple scenes. Does anyone have any screenshots of said scenes?
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Does Anyone Have This MuMu-Factory Game

MuMu-Factory "One girl's day"

Was wandering if anyone could post either a mega file link or some other download file link?
R: 63 / I: 5

A game
R: 0 / I: 0

Amputee or body modified toilets

No chance of escape. Stories also appreciated.
R: 9 / I: 3

3D Modeling and Posing

Can't seems to find any thread about 3D stuff... anyone here create 3D scat?

This is what I've made
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JoJo toilet thread

Post fanart or links to fics that have female JoJo characters using the toilet
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any one know the name of this game?

any one know the name of this game?
R: 4 / I: 0

Could somebody leak this?

Or at least post it on exhentai?
R: 40 / I: 3

crotch has a new game coming out

it's on an unihabited island again
stars lesbians
there's a demo
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There's this artist who goes by the name StrikeAnywhere. They used to do scat stuff but they have stopped upon becoming more mainstream, or so I thought. Now I'm learning that they are apparently still posting scat stuff under the name StrikeAfterDark.

The problem is that when I try and find the page where they post this stuff I can only find their main page, so I'm asking here if anyone knows where it is.
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Scat Channel and Group on Telegram

If you use Telegram we have a growing chat which you can find in the pinned message of this channel!
R: 93 / I: 40

Transformations into poop / TFs with poop

R: 15 / I: 14

School girls pooping

Post your favorite school girl pooping drawings here! Diarrhea is preferable.
R: 54 / I: 34

Milf Scat

Hey, I like the Milfs, and I like the scat, so why not combine them together? Also, since there was a Loli thread, I wanted the older women to get some love, as well.
R: 13 / I: 9

Fart scenes (mangá/anime/cartoon séries/comics) includes farting in defecation

Could you help me by giving hints of scenes of girls farting? Valuable manga, anime, comic, hentai and cartoon series. Scenes of girls farting on defecation also counts! In case of animes and video media, tell the time of the scene where the fart happens.
R: 29 / I: 22

Elf Girls

Let this thread be about elf chicks. And that includes elves who are clearly fucking elves but aren't explicitly called elves for whatever reason (looking at you, Zelda).
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Full picture?

Full Picture?
R: 14 / I: 0

Ume-Chan RPG Walk Through

Was wandering if anyone could create some sort of guide or walkthrough for this game if possible? I would be willing to help if needed.
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Shitting while giving birth
R: 4 / I: 1

Source ?

Does anyone know the source ?
R: 2 / I: 1

Trap scat

Anyone got any trap scat? It’s impossible for me to find
R: 11 / I: 10

Upset Stomachs

Post your bloated/gurgling/churning guts in here
R: 38 / I: 25

comics toilet thread 2

only have one scene to add
but previous thread does not bump

aca los maistros 38 was just posted, and there's another scene where a guy hides something in the bathroom only for his girlfriend to come home desperate to shit
R: 29 / I: 24

Toilet Cartoon

Toilet Cartoon
R: 1 / I: 0

New scat game by kamebeya

I tried the demo of this relatively new scat game and it looks very promising. Could anyone here please share the full game?
R: 10 / I: 3

quitting scat

Scat was the first thing I masturbated to, for years it was the only thing I masturbated to and despite changing my habit in the last couple of years probably 99.99% of my fapping sessions have been to scat.

I have decided to quit scat and so far I'm doing well but I am wondering if this shit has given me behavioral problems or brain damage or something.

Should I quit scat all together or just don't touch it for a year or two?
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there was this one benevolent anon a while ago that posted an archive of scat pics before gurochan became .cx
does anyone have it?
sorry, if this is posted in the wrong place and /req/ would be the more appropriate place to put it
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Male Scat Reborn

let's start again!
R: 3 / I: 3

shit on dick/shitty anal

any pics like this?
R: 0 / I: 0
Anime girls on the toilet on tv anime
R: 7 / I: 4

Hat Kid farting or pooping or being gross

R: 0 / I: 0

Cookie Run Omorashi

This thread is for the rare and elusive Cookie Run omo! CocoaMouse made this little morsel.
R: 5 / I: 5

tenuous oddity scat

hey, please post any of your tenuous oddity scat comics or pics, or even links to more pics/games
R: 17 / I: 13

Desperate to Pee

I couldn't find a plain ol' desperation thread so I'll make one.
R: 4 / I: 3

Image's source

This image's source
anyone knows?
R: 8 / I: 0

Peep Nin from mumu!LvxAFSrJ!_08py7L48evvEry3T5stlQ

If someone wants to upload a full save that would be amazing.
R: 16 / I: 15

BKOB (bucket use)

a long time ago someone drew windows 95 as a beautiful woman in pasties relieving herself in a bucket. one of the pixiv tags was "bkob"

i could tell from the google translation it was supposed to be an acronym. couldn't tell exactly what it was supposed to be
R: 1 / I: 0

Magical/teleportation bowel filling

Hello all, I asked about some stories on /scat/ about a year ago maybe, one of them was a teen girl who was part of a program where she got paid to dispose of the waste of wealthy customers through a teleport to her guts, another was a woman who magically took in the waste from people around her so they didn't have to shit anymore. Somebody found both of them for me but now that thread has been purged somehow and I can't find the links. Can that kind soul help me again? I'm also interested in any other works regarding this theme. Thank you in advance <3
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Can anyone translate this?
R: 180 / I: 140


Let's get some sexy stink goin' on
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Gay Scat Partner M/M needed.

Kik: JayLovesTheEvo
R: 4 / I: 1

Scat Lovers Discord Server
R: 2 / I: 1
A new cg
R: 0 / I: 0

request please!

I want to see this character diarrhea in the bathroom!
The name of this character is sabiura ran of Murcielago!
R: 0 / I: 0

What the Game?

What the Game?
R: 0 / I: 0

What the Game?

What the Game?
R: 1 / I: 0
Post a scat image, then write a little story about it! (I debated whether to put this in /lit/, but since it's scat based and has images, it goes here.)

The teenage girl walked hurriedly towards the bathroom, derriere obviously clenched in fecal desperation. As she came in view of the door, I saw her freeze and a look of panic cross her face; she had obviously let a spurt of feces escape into her panties. However, she regained control and went into the bathroom. I followed.

In her urgent desperation, she had not even stopped to lock the stall door. I opened it just as she lifted her skirt, about to pull down her white panties. Well, they had been white once, but now they were soiled, stained brown by liquid shit. As I flipped her around, bending her over the yellow-faded plastic toilet toilet seat, I wondered what was the cause of her digestive disturbance. Dodgy food? Another virus going around the high school? Some allergy or chronic malady? Or maybe she was one of those girls who abuse laxatives, thinking it will make them thin and pretty. If she was, that was foolish of her–anal purging causes more vitamin deficiencies than weight loss, and often swells the stomach–but she would richly deserve what I was about to do to her.

"I have a knife," I whispered in her ear. "Don't scream." Pulling aside her stained panties, I thrust my erection into her leaking anus, already lubricated by her liquid shit.

She did not scream, but she couldn't help but moan as my cock slid into her shithole. Her anus had already relaxed in preparation to release its long-held diarrhea, but she was still tight around me as I began to thrust into her inflamed rectum. Her bowels felt impossibly slick; retaining her acid slurry for so long had caused them to produce great globs of rich anal mucus, far surpassing any sour wetness a pussy can produce.

I drove my penis into that slick, stinking tunnel. With every thrust, I felt her shit splash in waves against the head of my dick. Every time I pulled out, my length was smeared, and each return deposited that smear on her raped asshole. The girl gripped the edge of the toilet seat, staring back at me as she cried softly.

I could only imagine the pain she must have been in. Goodness knows how long she must have been holding in that urgent shit–perhaps an entire class period–and then, just when she expects release, a stranger anally rapes her and plugs the sickness' peristaltic exit from her body. Indeed, that body shuddered around me, not with pleasure or sobs, but with what must have been excruciating cramps. The pressure against my glans would increase, and a small spurt of brown effluvia would escape from her stretched ring and drip down my balls. No matter her body's efforts, though, my cock plugged the escape of her pain. Instead, it had to rumble and gurgle through her squittering bowel, backwashing it with darmic agony.

"Shit on my dick," I told her. "Push like you're trying to shit it out. Make it good for me, and this will be over sooner."

She nodded at me, red-eyed and teary. I felt her girlish ass bear down, and the increased force of her diarrhea against my dick became ecstasy. Some of it sprayed out around my cock, coating my pubic hair with vile ass-jism. The deliberate effort seemed to give the girl some intestinal relief, and I regretted the reduction of her agony (a girl writhing with colic is the most arousing thing on earth, save for that girl also shitting), but the increased stimulation more than made up for it. The pleasure of the act sang along my nerves, creeping up my shaft towards the shit-plowing head of my penis. The ecstasy crested at the rim of my pisshole, and I ejaculated, adding my semen to the raging liquid distending the girl's colon.
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Scat/Emeto/Omo Easter Eggs in Normal Media

Thread for /s/-qualifying scenes in otherwise sfw/non-fetish media like games, TV shows/anime, movies, or even books.

I'll start (emeto): In the free-to-play browser game Fallen London, there's a card called <a href="">A Gathering of Gourmets</a>, where one of the choices will make you sick to your stomach ('Plums and Custard'), while another (Sometimes You Just Can't Help Yourself) makes all the other diners throw up all over the room. The text isn't very explicit, but the vomit content is undeniable.
R: 12 / I: 11

Vintage Pee Art

Who else collects this sort of art?
R: 4 / I: 4

Vintage Enema Art

I hope someone else is into this.
R: 6 / I: 2

Does anyone have a copy of that "Shalah" thread?

The poop goddess. I'm thinking of making something but I'd like the source material.
R: 5 / I: 3


Rouge scat
R: 13 / I: 12

Pissing on animals / insects

Hentai/art with girls pissing on animals or insects.
R: 2 / I: 2

Pissing with mom!

Hi, I launched similar thread to Requests but let's continue here also. My main fetisch is pissing with mom. So do you have any pics, art, comics etc where's shota and his mom (aunt, teacher, random MILF) who shows little shota how girl pees?
R: 2 / I: 1

Possible Piss Comic

Where'd this panel come from?
R: 0 / I: 0
.Anyone give anyone the latest version of this? I want it.浣腸で魔王女討伐?
This is the work of mumu factory game company.
R: 0 / I: 0
R: 3 / I: 2

Find image thread

anyone the source for this one?
R: 102 / I: 84

Boy Scat/Farts

R: 14 / I: 6

Group scat

My favorite shit

I also made an discord channel for scat
R: 2 / I: 0

Loli Toilet Thread

Loli toilet scenes from Anime/Manga/Cartoons. No art or hentai as we already have another thread for that
R: 3 / I: 0

Haisetsu Shoujo 12 is coming
Who's hyped?
R: 0 / I: 0 (sticky)


R: 6 / I: 0

Hyper scat roleplay

I am looking for a real hot hyper scat roleplay on discord, piss and vomit included if you ask.

FUN FACT: if you play a shota it adds +10 to me wanting to rp c:

R: 147 / I: 4


I'm trying to play this game and I hope someone else here can help me with that. It is a 3D game made with Unity and there many spots where pee, poo or masturbate.
I found 5 "maps" in free mode but I'm not sure if have to kill a certain number of monsters to unlock them or If I have to find some codes to use inside tutorial room.
Also I cannot understand how to unlock the achivements with CGs in the initial menu.

This game is a TPS (Third person shooter) with FPS (First person shooter) part if you push F on keyboard; to play you need a good graphic card and at the moment I can play only with 10 frame per second. This game is difficult, due to horrible camera movement and quite invisible viewfinder. Also, the monster are too fast with puzzling AI which allow them to stop near you and do nothing.
Unity itself is a problem when allow monsters to go through closed doors or spawn behind locked doors (outside playable map).

Poo and pee scene are quite good but to see something you have to fight against the two system camera because it clashes on objects and is anchored on the head of our heroine (censored). There are many outfits for her with many options but needs to pay for them with coins gained by killing monsters.

I found this game on hentai-share.
R: 0 / I: 0

Little Mantis/Kuloamaki

Does anyone have this: [Little mantis] ニオイスミレ2 のDL情報?
R: 361 / I: 152

Hyperscat 2

Thread continues here due to lack of space on the other thread.
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Anatomically-Correct Scat

This is just a typical scat thread for whatever you have with the only exception that the drawings have to follow a model of anatomic correctness. This means no stupendously oversized (or undersized) asses, tits, thighs, or superdeformation unless the rest of the character is also that fat. Perspective and foreshortening is a different matter.
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scat game!!

h t t p://
I think I found a decent game
But i can not get this game
Please help me
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Pissing with mom!

Hi, I launched similar thread to Requests but let's continue here also. My main fetisch is pissing with mom. So do you have any pics, art, comics etc where's shota and his mom (aunt, teacher, random MILF) who shows little shota how girl pees?
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Furry Boy Scat/Farts

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Scat Figurines

Oke i love these expecially the blond one

But does someone know where i can get these
i have been searching all over the internet
and besides this link nothing comes up

or maybe other scat figurines
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Innocent Scat

I've had some scenarios in my head that I've never actually seen depicted as a scat porn or hentai, that I'm wondering if anyone else has seen. This picture is the best kind I could grab that's close to this:

Any scenarios where a shy couple is put into a situation where the girl has no choice but to shit on her bf or gf?

Is there anything where a person kidnaps a couple, then ties them up in such a way where the guy is on the ground and the girl has her ass in his face, or is sitting on him, and the person tells them that he's not going to torture or kill them, he's just going to observe. He'll feed them and everything, but won't remove them from that position.

The scene goes through a mental progression where at first the couple is angry, thinking about how to escape, the guy acting tough and being sympathetic, but then as the hours go by, the realization of the issue where she's going to inevitably shit on him dawns on them.

It would be an almost mindbreak scenario, for the girl mostly, but also possibly the guy depending on how disgusted he is.

Really, looking for any scat situations where the two people are forced to doing it to each other, with a third party getting off on watching it take place.
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*Change University grades
*Facebook, twitter, IG hack
*Email hack
*icloud and phone hack
* grades change
*Wipe criminal records
*Wipe credit card debt
*MasterCard's/visa cards
*Bank account
*Data base hack and lot more hacking services in general
Among other customized services...all this are at all great rate. Results guaranteed.
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New Tokuda Shinnosuke tankoubon

Seems he put out a new tank today filled with plump goodness and plenty of scat.
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Desperate Pants Pooping Accidents ~ Couldn't Make It

Hello! This is a thread dedicated to female desperation accidents! This includes girls who can't make it to the toilet on time, and just go in their pants! I would prefer there to be poop accidents in this thread instead of piss!
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Pics of girl having shit accidents. Generally
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I need some hentai recommendations for pants filling and soaking
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Just some stuff I did

Picked up photoshop and decided to start out doing stuff, like taking poops from other art and editing it in. Inexperienced with gurochan and stuff so if I'm doing anything wrong let me know.

My work is pretty much exclusively on western art so if that's not your thing then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any comments or advice on my (inexperienced) work is greatly appreciated.
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Anime/Cartoon/Hentai/Manga scenes contain girl fart or pooping

I'm looking for community suggestions
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excretion of princess wearing chastity belt that grows

Guys i really want this !!!
But i just spend my creditcard money on a differnet game.

Which is scat related and im willing to share for anyone that wants to share this Comic with me!!!

This is what i want:

This is what you get back:
Female Adventurer, Magical Girl and Idol's Scatological Diaries

Kinda now sucks for me that that which i bought recently is now 50% discounted :/
But hay see it as buy 2 for 1 :D
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Looks like Namiroji is at it again.

Who else is hyped?
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your all-time favorite scat pic

the one that always makes you go hard really quick

I'll start with two
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Femdom scat sketch

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"Classical" Japanese Art

Art in this style portraying self-defecation.
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Self shit eating

Girls being forced to eat their own shit
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Anything like this ?

Sorry if the quality is bad but does anyone else have anything like this ?.
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Please tie me to a public urinal. Force me to drink piss from hundreds of men. Have those men use my mouth as a glory hole. Force me to lick their asses as they shit on me. Force me to wear their used condoms. Write on my body, and clamp my nipples

Or take me to a camp ground find an outhouse shove me down in it then leave me there cuffed with my tiny cock out and an open mouth gag on

Or take me to a farm have a horse rape me till i bleed. Then get shovels of manure and start filling my ass. Then cuff me an put an open mouth gag on me. Cum on me then toss me into a liquid manure pit

Kik humant0ile7
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Any Bloated Scat/Fart Hentai Pics?

Basically just any pic with a bloated chick with farts, feces or fart with implied desperation
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POV scat/watersports/fart

put your pov/close to pov, stuff in here
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Puchimas scat

Post picture of puchidols shitting taking a dump. You can submit your own drawings here.
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Brutal watersports

Brutal images with people getting pissed on
R: 3 / I: 1

Post your requests in /req/, not here.

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another toilet-related rpg that now has a 20 hour trial that looks at least really funny if not super graphic, has some kind of plot where demons stole the towns toilets and you're on a quest to get them back so people don't just shit everwhere, or something like that accoding to google translate. apparently you also have to use the piss option to solve puzzles.

once again I cannot get it to run despite having applocale installed and having followed the instructions to put AUDIO from the second zip in the WWW folder in the first, it fails to load japanese-titled script in the JS folder even when running in japanese admin
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Shitting during anal/Shitting On Dick

Anything involving women shitting on a dick on during anal
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Artist qiestions

Hi for this community. All characters are adults

I have SFW commissions for a very small price. but I wanna draw some NSFW and have questions

Is it legal to draw guru in the US?

What payment methods do u use?

Please tell me and I can give you a discount haha if it’s all good to go

Thank you very much
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Please use me like her

Im a 18 year old boy who wants to be kidnapped and raped.Im wanting to be kidnapped. Taken to a place where no one will find me and be turned into a sex slave/human toilet. Forced to be raped. Forced to eat scat. Forced to bathe in manure. Im looking for someone to do this to me.take me to a construction site or camp site porta potty, shove my body in the toilet/waste collection tank. use me as a toilet. tie me up. piss shit cum puke spit on me or in my mouth. have me wear a diaper. toss used diapers,condoms,tampons, and panty pads on me. let me eat the waste of many workers.i want to be tied up in a barn and forced to eat horse,dog and cow shit drink horse piss, and be raped by multiple horses,dogs and cows and have to lick there asses clean and be forced to lay in a slurry of poop. i need to be filled with dog shit while i get raped by a big dog dick.

Kik humant0ile7
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3d scat

Boobs Saga - is erotic game.
Check on Patreon and Steam.
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Animated Gifs

Any animated images?
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draw masky from marble hornets on the toilet straining somebody please lol
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Jumpin' Jupiter Pooping/Toilet Art

He was apparently one of the old timers (Waaaaaay back) who made great stuff. Does anyone have more of his work?
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Where is this from?

I know this is from artist john k peta, but can't seem to find the whole comic. Anyone know the name?
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scat game

Does anyone have it?
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Girls pooping/farting before/when they are killed [Guro warning]

No pissing, I think /g/ has a thread for that. It's pretty explanatory - I guess this /s/ is better for this.
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Pantypoop scenes showing the inside of the panties

Do you know any doujins depicting pantypoop that at several panels shows the inside of the girl's panties getting filled with poop?
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leg split ryona

can anyone recommend me some anime or hentai that has leg splitting ryona. some anime I can name

blood-c (pic related)
street fighter alpha: the animation
devilman amon

manga are fine too