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Brutal images with people getting pissed on
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where is more ?


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From the pixiv description: She had a crush on a classmate, but he already had a girlfriend. One day, she found her walking a puppy, and,feeling angry towards her, she took advantage of a moment of distraction and kidnapped it. She started to abuse it in every kind of way, kicking it, punching it and starving it. One day, after giving him not food nor water for three days, she felt a little merciful and decided to give him something to quench his thirst. I hope he likes lemonade!


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Well, I'm still interested, or at least I'm interested in translating more scat games in general. I can't really get into just some flat CGs without the desperation aspect etc.


These games, famous because of castle image at the beginning, aren't good enough. They have good ideas but lack of graphics, animation and poop scenes ruined everything.


To this date, not a single scat game has ever surpassed a shitty 2007-era "diarrhea girl" flash game from ogigames.

And you know why? Because it's basically a Girl Shits simulator. Seriously, give me an updated version of this old game. Preferably with more options of character, shit, fart, and bowel rumbling opportunities.


I don't agree with you. That game was quite simple and there aren't any view of her asshole or poop. Also audio was a mix of different scat sounds one on/after another.

Peeping ninja Plus from MuMu is better. Some old Kusoge games are better.
RPG games with scat content aren't good enough because of the limits from RPG Maker. Crotch groups made good games but there aren't any animations and "survival" could not be the best for fap. :D
Our big problem is money: scat games don't sell a lot. What is the reason to make a scat game if only few people buy it?


I'm one of those freaks that prefers just the toilet, I guess.

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i can understand /req/ being unhelpful. who's browsing it. no one can tell what board anything on there is from.

on the other hand who wants to post something a beggar pleads for, often without thanks or getting complaints from them

i kind of think a stronger banhammer would be good. 4chan has a rule that if you do not post at least six images related to your thread topic you are banned. that should be here. and there should be a stickied guide on how to use saucenao, get a pixiv account, and beat the panda because if you can't do those you are doomed to being a beggar.




There aren't moderators or rules here.
Req is a section for furry & guro where scat is always ignore.

People who ask here for something need to be educated, but there aren't thousand topics. I guess a request can stay here.

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another toilet-related rpg that now has a 20 hour trial that looks at least really funny if not super graphic, has some kind of plot where demons stole the towns toilets and you're on a quest to get them back so people don't just shit everwhere, or something like that accoding to google translate. apparently you also have to use the piss option to solve puzzles.

once again I cannot get it to run despite having applocale installed and having followed the instructions to put AUDIO from the second zip in the WWW folder in the first, it fails to load japanese-titled script in the JS folder even when running in japanese admin
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Audio folder goes inside folder www.
Anyway it lags a lot. Story: you are dream like in bloodborn and have to pass a maze inside mounts to reach the city, killing lots of enemies, stealing them blood to recover your HP.
I didn't find a way to reach the city ..........
Am I playing a hentai game or a shitty pseudo copy of a masterpiece?


Ah no. when you reach the city the game switch to Ace Attorney and you have to find a culprit of something.
Of course, no hentai scenes.

Sorry bro, I deleted the game because it sucks!! Don't waste your time over it.


The Ace Attorney-like part is only the first part of the game. After it, you do end up controlling characters. There are battles, but the game's problem is that the encounter rate is way too high. Luckily, the developer said he's working on a fix.


wow amaging lol


sorry this game is so lame

i find the idea of toilet scenes in an rpg pretty alluring but they never do what i really want them to.

maybe i sould make my own... but that's a lot of work.

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I would like to dedicate this thread to manga about panty poop. Post your best ones!


There is another thread for this topic. You can check it.





source of that woman grabbing her own anus to hold the poop?

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A great Judeo-artistic spirit emerges from this work, the sedimentological causes of which are very clearly expressed through a spirit of assumed megalomania that leaves one perplexed by the Latin American ideographic political context. This effect which most certainly rests on the subfrontal cortex which gives us to see a very thorough study of the electromagnetic waves having repercussions on our subconscious thanks to
this work. It is clear that the modularity below the atomic level imagined by the artist is pushed so as to make us reflect on intellectual and cultural mobility IIe but also humorous on the sub-Saharan psychic. It is also. it seems to me,
question of reflection on the modern humanoid species with an electivist reectivity see
Manichean collectivist. This could leave one perplexed by the continuity of events
existing at the macroscopic level whose gravitational and civic effect shows the
neurological connectivity that psychically affects the bipedal being. The generalissimo is also subject to: the possibility of a thesis on the
nanotechnology of gravitons with the growth of Jewish recidivism, as well as theadvanced rhetoric of mechanical power through mural and aristocratic electrification of ultra-luminic movement. We can imagine a future electromagnetic subject
from the author with a receptor cryptological commitment at the biological level of
the refractory and rheumatological volcanology of the ski nature of being in general.
Also, can we imagine a kind of theological nature of the geology of stones
not precious of which it is question against the radiobiological and exobiological luminosity that
we can observe outside the solar system. and the constellation of Sagittarius with
all the uncommitted health controversies discussed with the deuterium
present in quantity with aluminium and road atmospheric helium. He
is also interesting to look at the causes and radiological effects of medicine
non modern therefore traditional radioactive causalities of the outgrowths of the various
potassiums of the thematic patriarch with the activist industrialized port conflict in
dermatological priority of fagon extremely conscious and assumed. I also like
imagine the nuclearity at the nonatomic level of the colors with the ratio of the
very resistant frequency of nucleon and particle and these various subjects applied
previously, subsequently and astroloPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1522613579267.jpg (91.8 KB, 979x816, hatpoof_by_fruztal-dbscspo….jpg)


File: 1522613589270.jpg (240.14 KB, 1147x697, chibi_fart_d_i_y__by_paisl….jpg)


File: 1522613605240.jpg (126.49 KB, 1022x782, mustachegas_by_fruztal-dbs….jpg)

mustache girl as well i guess


i want to see more of her



File: 1414470832878.jpg (123.77 KB, 845x1200, bookworm-scat-20.jpg)


Anything involving women shitting on a dick on during anal
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File: 1484733496577.jpg (1.5 MB, 1045x1500, c6771b8b7df4e95363daba913f….jpg)


File: 1513800467911.jpg (1014.84 KB, 863x1200, 54012134_p1_master1200.jpg)


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Hi for this community. All characters are adults

I have SFW commissions for a very small price. but I wanna draw some NSFW and have questions

Is it legal to draw guru in the US?

What payment methods do u use?

Please tell me and I can give you a discount haha if it’s all good to go

Thank you very much


It's constitutionally legal. The highest kind of legal. Welcome to freedomville.

Most use PayPal as far as I know, but the smart money is in patreon.


Wrong board buckaroo

File: 1528239194108.jpg (12.65 KB, 197x256, images.jpg)


Im a 18 year old boy who wants to be kidnapped and raped.Im wanting to be kidnapped. Taken to a place where no one will find me and be turned into a sex slave/human toilet. Forced to be raped. Forced to eat scat. Forced to bathe in manure. Im looking for someone to do this to me.take me to a construction site or camp site porta potty, shove my body in the toilet/waste collection tank. use me as a toilet. tie me up. piss shit cum puke spit on me or in my mouth. have me wear a diaper. toss used diapers,condoms,tampons, and panty pads on me. let me eat the waste of many workers.i want to be tied up in a barn and forced to eat horse,dog and cow shit drink horse piss, and be raped by multiple horses,dogs and cows and have to lick there asses clean and be forced to lay in a slurry of poop. i need to be filled with dog shit while i get raped by a big dog dick.

Kik humant0ile7
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Why did you post this again?


Be safe out there, kid.


Please use me


Is there like, something you wanna talk about? Everything okay?


Im wanting to be turned into a human toilet. Forced to eat shit

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