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May 31 04:12 request
May 26 01:56 Jumpin' Jupiter Pooping/Toilet Art
May 21 17:33 Where is this from?
May 20 03:24 scat game
May 16 21:23 Girls pooping/farting before/when they are killed [Guro warning]
May 15 14:32 Pantypoop scenes showing the inside of the panties
Apr 17 14:06 leg split ryona

File: 1455422255854.jpg (153.96 KB, 1882x704, Capture 3.jpg)

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Hey guys, i always have trouble trying to find these scenes, and thought it would be mutually beneficial for us to share them here, try and list the name of the Hentai and a small description of the scene, a pic would be nice too :p

Ill start us off with an easy one, but one of my favorites:

Isaku Respect ep 1 - about 10 mins in,

A pink haired girl needs to pee and uses a toilet, a bit later her friend with black hair needs to pee too and ends up using a toilet, when she finishes peeing she lets out a small fart, it looked like she was about to poop but ended up letting it slip out before being interrupted by the pink haired girl which also ends up farting too near the end of the episode.
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File: 1558746314989.png (149.86 KB, 324x268, Capture 1.PNG)

Also this one





Here is a scene from the hentai series known as Requiem. On this scene, this girl gets tortured by a dominatrix by whips, candle wax and an enema injection. The girl shits while in pain.


File: 1563116071018.jpg (52.37 KB, 315x415, IMG_20190714_224638_888.JPG)


Post fanart or links to fics that have female JoJo characters using the toilet


What chapter is this from?


part 6

File: 1562947319890.png (983.13 KB, 1348x569, 未命名.png)


any one know the name of this game?


RJ236263 on dlsite.

File: 1557688448700.png (2.07 MB, 2000x1414, nijie298641 783385_2019012….png)


bed = perfect place for relieve
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You folks also got some bed shitting pics lying around?


File: 1561235489876.jpg (190.73 KB, 700x950, 6946358_p0.jpg)


File: 1561692517242.jpeg (1 MB, 2550x3300, Desperategasp1.jpeg)

Rogue from X-Men by Desperategasp.


File: 1562302854736.jpg (632.39 KB, 1600x2177, 69590536_p5.jpg)


File: 1562911786793.jpg (843.44 KB, 2644x3678, 52254316_p0.jpg)

File: 1536844847003.jpg (165.63 KB, 620x465, 1534558519929.jpg)


Or at least post it on exhentai?


it's 8 dollars
do it yourself but im sure someone will here regardless



Link's ded.


File: 1519446881039.jpg (262.3 KB, 560x420, RJ215534_ana_img_main.jpg)


it's on an unihabited island again
stars lesbians
there's a demo
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what program do you need to run these rpg games on win10?


RPGVXAce RTP, maybe.


I didn’t upload it, I just found it there. My PC is in Japanese so I had no problems unzipping it.


cgs are up on exhentai.


Scat is uncensored in v1.02 that came out in April. Several bugfixes too.

Uncensored CGs not up on ex yet but if you bought the game remember to update to the latest version especially if you bought it as a guest.

File: 1561303161097.jpg (663.45 KB, 1749x2000, 337901b26f208125400bc7e270….jpg)


There's this artist who goes by the name StrikeAnywhere. They used to do scat stuff but they have stopped upon becoming more mainstream, or so I thought. Now I'm learning that they are apparently still posting scat stuff under the name StrikeAfterDark.

The problem is that when I try and find the page where they post this stuff I can only find their main page, so I'm asking here if anyone knows where it is.
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I hope you find it thats some really good looking turd


File: 1562292474557.jpg (1.39 MB, 3000x2000, 5202e3320f3555879f90791ead….jpg)


I have found more just not from the source


it was on his tumblr
but you should already know that shit's gone already

i can repost his stuff on the new scatbooru if you want, but im just telling you that now because /fur/ry stuff can't be posted on /s/ unfortunately

and if you want him to post scat stuff again, i suggest you go ask him about it. i think he'll bother as long he find a good "dumping ground" to do it, hahaha



>i can repost his stuff on the new scatbooru if you want

Do it. Please.


okay then, i'll have to reorganize first
if there's a bit of a delay, sorry. im always like that

File: 1554479665849.jpg (140.04 KB, 874x701, de1b4cee4f1b74cd80ca03aba7….jpg)


If you use Telegram we have a growing chat which you can find in the pinned message of this channel!



File: 1509673075424.jpg (124.85 KB, 620x465, c7cdf081-ec52-402c-87bf-62….jpg)


This released this week for anyone interested. Google translate says:

"I produced a short animation of married toilet voyeurism. Characters are five young people, Arima, Hosokawa, Matsudaira, Nijo, Naito. All will urinate / defecate, so please refrain from those who are not good at that. Movie playing time is 7 minutes."
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it has been uploaded to the hentai shareing site now so i can download it in rar format.ill tell u if changeing the system local works. it normally does


and it works


Is there any Visual novels like seiheki dominance? I like the scat version so much.


File: 1558294554365.jpg (196.87 KB, 560x420, 1553112892252.jpg)

Does anyone have this animation? If someone had it, could someone please create a download link? Tq


File: 1507795309092.jpg (157.53 KB, 707x1000, sample-0d8340f17872e9ea7c8….jpg)


Any bestiality scat/piss hentai?

It's hard enough to find rl vids/pics but zoophila with femboi/girl hentai characters pls.

This is my fetish.
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Thanks man I do know there was also a subreddit for this stuff but I cant remember what it was called


File: 1537943362047.jpg (196.85 KB, 1024x645, Escape from dead city Mia ….jpg)

Escape from dead city Mia day 2 480 TC


File: 1538370092951.png (335.16 KB, 612x665, 1913925 - Akamaru Hinata_H….png)


File: 1538370127867.png (335.16 KB, 612x665, 1913925 - Akamaru Hinata_H….png)


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